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Eckdaten der Lerneinheit Anwendungsbezug: 67 deutschsprachige Texte Methodik: Stilometrische Analyse Angewendetes Tool: Stylo Lernziele: Installation von R, RStudio und des Stylo-Packages, Anwendung unterschiedlicher stilometrischer Analysemethoden, Interpretation der Visualisierungen Dauer der Lern via Pocket
stylometry  text  tools 
8 weeks ago
Let’s Talk about Natural Language Interfaces for Data Visualization
TL;DR: A new suite of natural language-based visualization systems have begun to emerge. These systems allow users to directly ask questions about their data and get visualizations which help answer… via Pocket
interactive  interface  language  visualization 
8 weeks ago
A Scalable Handwritten Text Recognition System
Many studies on (Offline) Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) systems have focused on building state-of-the-art models for line recognition on small corpora. However, adding HTR capability to a large scale multilingual OCR system poses new challenges. This paper addresses three problems in building such systems: data, efficiency, and integration. Firstly, one of the biggest challenges is obtaining sufficient amounts of high quality training data. We address the problem by using online handwriting data collected for a large scale production online handwriting recognition system. We describe our image data generation pipeline and study how online data can be used to build HTR models. We show that the data improve the models significantly under the condition where only a small number of real images is available, which is usually the case for HTR models. It enables us to support a new script at substantially lower cost. Secondly, we propose a line recognition model based on neural networks without recurrent connections. The model achieves a comparable accuracy with LSTM-based models while allowing for better parallelism in training and inference. Finally, we present a simple way to integrate HTR models into an OCR system. These constitute a solution to bring HTR capability into a large scale OCR system.
analysis  handwriting  ocr  tools 
8 weeks ago
Emoji, part 7: the emoji tongue – Shady Characters
This is the most recent in a series of nine posts on Emoji (?). Start at PART 1 or view ALL POSTS in the series. With emoji everywhere you might care to look, a nagging question remains unanswered. via Pocket
8 weeks ago
Proposed Group: Entity Reconciliation Community Group | Community and Business Groups
The Entity Reconciliation Community Group has been proposed by Antonin Delpeuch: Matching entities across data sources using different identifiers and formats is a pervasive issue on the web. via Pocket
api  discussion  reconcile  standards 
8 weeks ago
InFoDiTex DiscourseLab Corpus Contest
Das InFoDiTex (Universität Heidelberg) veranstaltet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Discourse Lab (Technische Universität Darmstadt) einen „Interdisziplinären Corpus Contest“ mit dem Ziel, Disziplinen zusammenzubringen, die mit „Text als Quelle“ arbeiten, und mit ihnen Kooperationspotentiale zw via Pocket
analysis  datasets  germany  hackathon  nlp  text 
8 weeks ago
On the perceived complexity of literature. A response to Nan Z. Da « CA: Journal of Cultural Analytics
At the center of Nan Z. Da's article is the claim that quantitative methods cannot produce any useful insights with respect to literary texts: via Pocket
analysis  debates  methodology  text 
8 weeks ago
Content Based Image Recognition for Early Modern Images
Archv is a tool to search an imageset to find the best matches with your seed image. This page allows you to upload and compare an image of your choice with either the English Broadside Ballad Archive imageset or a curated image set from the British Library's Flickr. via Pocket
analysis  history  images  recognition  tools 
8 weeks ago
Palestine Open Maps
Palestine Open Maps allows you to search, navigate, digitize and download historical and present day maps of Palestine/Israel via Pocket
geo  gis  israel  maps  open  data  palestine 
8 weeks ago
Creating an Animated Historical Map Function for the Wolfram Function Repository—Wolfram Blog
Geocomputation is an indispensable modern tool for analyzing and viewing large-scale data such as population demographics, natural features and political borders. And if you’ve read some of my other posts, you can probably tell that I like working with maps. via Pocket
animation  history  maps  wolfram 
8 weeks ago
Met app op stap door Antwerpen van zestiende eeuw - De Standaard
Antwerpen Oude kaarten van Antwerpen, adressenlijsten, foto’s van straatbeelden, schilderijen en gegevens van bewoners: in een nieuwe app die UAntwerpen helpt ontwikkelen, komt al die informatie samen. via Pocket
augmented  cities  culture  history  mobile  netherlands 
9 weeks ago
Digitalstrategien von Kulturbetrieben im Überblick – KulturData
In diesem Beitrag werden explizit formulierte Digitalstrategien von Kulturbetrieben in der DACH Region gesammelt. Wenn dein Museum/Theater/Festival/Orchester/Opernhaus eine öffentlich zugängliche Strategie formuliert hat, gerne @kulturdata antwittern, dann wird sie hier veröffentlicht. via Pocket
culture  germany  policies  report  strategy 
9 weeks ago
European Commission report on Cultural Heritage: Digitisation, Online Accessibility and Digital Preservation | Digital Single Market
The objective of the report is to monitor and track the implementation progress in each Member State in the five areas addressed by the Recommendation (2011/711/EU), which takes a holistic approach to the digital lifecycle of cultural heritage. via Pocket
culture  digitization  europe  policies  preservation  report 
10 weeks ago
Six Septembers Reading Group
This is the website for the Six Septembers: Mathematics for the Humanist reading group, by Patrick Juola and Stephen Ramsay. The book is available on this site for group annotation using Hypothesis, and is also available here as a PDF. Got questions? Email Quinn Dombrowski at qad@stanford. via Pocket
books  humanities  interactive  mathematics 
10 weeks ago
Knora | Knora is a software framework for storing, sharing, and working with primary sources and data in the humanities.
Knora is a software framework for storing, sharing, and working with primary sources and data in the humanities. Developed by the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Basel, and supported by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences. via Pocket
humanities  infrastructure  swiss  tools  research 
10 weeks ago
Genau, wahrscheinlich, eher nicht: Beziehungsprobleme in einem Wissensgraph | ZfdG - Zeitschrift für digitale Geisteswissenschaften
Zunächst ist festzuhalten: In einem graphbasierten Datenmodell sind jeweils zwei Knoten – die Entitäten repräsentieren – durch eine Kante – also eine Beziehung – miteinander verbunden. Unsicherheit kann ausschließlich in der Beziehung ausgedrückt werden. via Pocket
graphs  semantic  uncertainty 
10 weeks ago
Référentiels d’autorité Biblissima
Cette plateforme met à disposition sous forme de données structurées les référentiels d’autorités de Biblissima. Sa réalisation s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme Biblissima, l’observatoire du patrimoine écrit du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance du 8e au 18e siècle. via Pocket
france  geo  history  iiif  linkeddata  open  data  rdf  medieval  authority  people  places 
10 weeks ago
DAEH – Digital Atlas of European Historiography
INSTITUTIONS FOR HISTORICAL SCIENCES Academies and independent research institutions Archives and their opening for the Historical Sciences Historical Museums Historical Societies and Associations PRINTED EDITION Atlas of European Historiography The Making of a Profession 1800-2005 Ed. via Pocket
academy  geo  history  maps  resources 
10 weeks ago
Wax is a Jekyll theme designed for digital exhibitions based on minimal computing principles, and is focused on impact, durability, ease, and flexibility. Our underlying technology is easy to learn and teach, and can produce beautifully rendered, high-quality collections of image-based data. via Pocket
catalog  css  html  webdev 
11 weeks ago
5. Schweizerische Geschichtstage - Home
Die Fünften Schweizerischen Geschichtstage finden im Juni 2019 in Zürich statt. via Pocket
conference  history  swiss 
11 weeks ago
DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur – Ausschreibung 2019 für die Förderung von Konsortien
Bund und Länder haben im November 2018 den Aufbau einer Nationalen Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (NFDI) beschlossen. via Pocket
funding  germany  infrastructure 
11 weeks ago
Förderung von Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvorhaben zur Digitalisierung von Objekten des kulturellen Erbes
Richtlinie zur Förderung von Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvorhaben zur Digitalisierung von Objekten des kulturellen Erbes – eHeritage, Bundesanzeiger vom 13.05.2019 Vom 17. April 2019 1 Förderziel, Zuwendungszweck, Rechtsgrundlage 1. via Pocket
culture  funding  germany  digitization 
11 weeks ago
A digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays
NBA refs: stay in your lane. NBA players: don't mind if we do. We looked at 19 years of covers to find how Vogue represents women of all shades. via Pocket
data  storytelling  visualization  publishing 
11 weeks ago
Digital Methods and Resources in Legal History | Max Planck Institute for European Legal History
Beginning: Mar 19, 2020 Organisation: Sigrid Amedick, Andreas Wagner Location: Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte Room: Lecture hall of the MPI In order to provide an opportunity for the critical discussion of digital methods and resources in legal history, and in order to lear via Pocket
cfp  conference  germany  history  law 
11 weeks ago
Machine Learning Crash Course  |  Google Developers
Machine Learning Crash Course features a series of lessons with video lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on practice exercises. via Pocket
google  learn  lecture  ml 
11 weeks ago
🌻 The Best and Most Current of Modern Natural Language Processing
Over the last two years, the Natural Language Processing community has witnessed an acceleration in progress on a wide range of different tasks and applications. via Pocket
bestof  books  learn  lists  nlp  paper  resources 
12 weeks ago
What We’ve Built Is a Computational Language (and That’s Very Important!)—Stephen Wolfram Blog
What Kind of a Thing Is the Wolfram Language? I’ve sometimes found it a bit of a struggle to explain what the Wolfram Language really is. Yes, it’s a computer language—a programming language. And it does—in a uniquely productive way, I might add—what standard programming languages do. via Pocket
argument  computing  language  wolfram 
12 weeks ago
Welcome Japan Search to the web of Linked Open Data | Bodleian Digital Library
Japan Search is an aggregator, holding metadata on 17 million items from 38 databases related to Japanese cultural institutions. It is like a Japanese counterpart to Europeana. via Pocket
culture  japan  linkeddata  museums  sparql  wiki 
12 weeks ago
Alexander J. Kent, Peter Vujakovic (Hrsg.) (2018): The Routledge handbook of mapping and cartography, Routledge: London, New York. – Historische Geographien
This new Handbook unites cartographic theory and praxis with the principles of cartographic design and their application. via Pocket
books  geo  gis  maps 
12 weeks ago
To get started, simply paste your list of citation references into the textarea above. AnyStyle processes one reference per line so please make sure each reference starts on a new line and remove any superfluous line breaks. Empty lines are fine, though, the parser will just skip them. via Pocket
bibliography  citation  tools 
12 weeks ago
The Semantic Web identity crisis: in search of the trivialities that never were | Ruben Verborgh
For a domain with a strong focus on unambiguous identifiers and meaning, the Semantic Web research field itself has a surprisingly ill-defined sense of identity. via Pocket
debates  dev  linkeddata  semantic 
12 weeks ago
Workshop 2019 Utrecht | AVinDH SIG
DH2019’s theme Complexities asks the field “to focus on DH as the humanist way of building complex models of complex realities, analysing them with computational methods and communicating the results to a broader public. via Pocket
annotation  audio  editing  video  workshop 
12 weeks ago
Automated Authorship Verification: Did We Really Write Those Blogs We Said We Wrote?—Wolfram Blog
I wrote a blog post about the disputed Federalist Papers. These were the 12 essays (out of a total of 85) with authorship claimed by both Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. via Pocket
analysis  text  wolfram 
12 weeks ago
Historical People
People mailing list for Linked Pasts
discussion  email  history  people 
12 weeks ago
GitHub - Ludwiggle/JWLS: Jupyter notebooks for Wolfram Language Scripts
JWLS is a slimmed down version of the Jupyter bash_kernel that pipes input cells into a wolframscript Dialog[] through a temporary fifo, and it reads the corresponding outputs from the default wolframscript log file. via Pocket
dev  python  wolfram 
may 2019
DSHR's Blog: The Demise Of The Digital Preservation Network
Now I've had a chance to read the Digital Preservation Network (DPN): Final Report I feel the need to add to my initial reactions in Digital Preservation Network Is No More, which were based on Roger Schonfeld's Why Is the Digital Preservation Network Disbanding?. Below the fold, my second thoughts. via Pocket
archives  diglib  policies  preservation 
may 2019
Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries (DHN 2019)
Table of Contents Preface The fourth Digital Humanities Conference, DHN2019 1-8 Costanza Navarretta, Manex Agirrezabal, Bente Maegaard Papers Exploring the Quality of the Digital Historical Newspaper Archive KubHist 9-17 , Yvonne Adesam, Dana Dannélls, Nina Tahmasebi Creating vocabulary exercises via Pocket
conference  dh  nordic 
may 2019
OpenStreetMap Nominatim: Search
Before reporting problems please read the user documentation and FAQ. If your problem relates to the address of a particular search result please use the 'details' link to check how the address was generated before reporting a problem. Use Nominatim issues on github to report problems. via Pocket
geo  interface  maps  open  data  search 
may 2019
ADHO Geohumanities SIG conversations workshop – GeoHumanities SIG
We are glad to announce that the SIG will be carrying out a preconference workshop at DH2019. In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn about the field of Geohumanities through a guided conversation lead by the ADHO Geohumanities Special Interest Group conveners. via Pocket
conference  dh  geo  workshop 
may 2019
A Context Frame for Interactive Maps – Data Science in Place
Digital maps are ubiquitous, supporting countless online activities. Most interactive mapping platforms support three user operations to move across space: zooming in, zooming out, and panning. While using interactive maps, it is common for users to land in an unfamiliar area at high zoom levels. via Pocket
geo  interactive  maps  ui  ux 
may 2019
iSHCamp – International Spatial Humanities Sprint Camp | Dublin, Ireland | 24-26 Oct 2019
The first International Spatial Humanities Sprint Camp (iSHCamp) will be held in Dublin, Ireland, in Autumn 2019.  This camp is aimed at Early Career Researchers who have an interest in Spatial Humanities, and want to learn techniques and methodologies to further their scholarship. via Pocket
geo  learn  uk  workshop 
may 2019
DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Managing 100 Digital Humanities Projects: Digital Scholarship & Archiving in King’s Digital Lab
Managing 100 Digital Humanities Projects: Digital Scholarship & Archiving in King’s Digital Lab Abstract During the 2016–2017 financial year, King's Digital Lab (King's College London) undertook an extensive archiving and sustainability project to ensure the ongoing management, security, and sus via Pocket
centers  dh  london  policies  sustainability  uk 
may 2019
Confabulation in the humanities - Matthew Lincoln, PhD
It’s a tale as old as the “digital humanities” itself: skeptics rightly asking whether or not we are actually learning anything new by using quantitative approaches to historical questions. This is a legitimate question. via Pocket
analysis  methodology 
may 2019
Ways of Forgetting: The Librarian, The Historian, and the Machine - Matthew Lincoln, PhD
The following is from my position statement contributed to Always Already Computational, an IMLS forum that will be hosted at USCB later this month. Jorge Luis Borges tells us of Funes, the Memorious: a man distinguished by his extraordinary recall. via Pocket
data  linkeddata  methodology  quality  standards 
may 2019
Das Problem mit der Agilität | heise Developer
Vor über zwanzig Jahren konnte man bereits iterativ-inkrementelle Entwicklungsprozesse beobachten. Sie sind ein Vorläufer agiler Prozesse, die es mittlerweile auch seit mehr als fünfzehn Jahren gibt. Obwohl es Agilität bereits geraume Zeit gibt, ist bis heute die agile Transformation ein Thema. via Pocket
agile  methodology 
may 2019
Data and metadata - Norse world
The Norse World data include two types of spatial references, place names and non-names, see below. The standard form of a place name is the modern official name of the place taken from an official source such as a gazetteer, Geonames, iDAI, or GeoHack, or secondary literature, e.g. via Pocket
documentation  gazetteer  medieval  nordic 
may 2019
The acronym DODH stands for Dutch Overview Digital Humanities, a digital resource that aims to map teaching and research activities related to Digital Humanities. These activities have been initiated and are ongoing in the Netherlands. DODH consists of two components: via Pocket
clariah  dh  netherlands  resources 
may 2019
Coming Monday 1 December, Federico Sangati (FBK, Trento) will give an overview of his work in Digital Humanities at the Institute of Language, Logic, and Computation. Creating a Platform for Navigating Museums’ Visual Virtual Art Collections. via Pocket
amsterdam  centers  dh  netherlands 
may 2019
Res Obscura: The Most Wonderful Map in the World: Urbano Monte's Planisphere of 1587
At some point in 1589, a Milanese cartographer named Urbano Monte made up his mind: his self-portrait needed updating. via Pocket
geo  globe  history  maps  oxford 
may 2019
Online Publishing Prize
ARIAH is offering a new award that contributes funding to the development of digital publications. This award is aimed at scholars seeking to take advantage of new possibilities offered by digital publishing platforms for presenting art historical research. via Pocket
arthistory  funding  publishing 
may 2019
Announcing the Wolfram Client Library for Python—Wolfram Blog
The Wolfram Language gives programmers a unique computational language with an enormous array of sophisticated algorithms and built-in real-world knowledge. For many years, people have asked us how to access all the power of our technology from other software environments and programming languages. via Pocket
dev  python  wolfram 
may 2019
Deutscher Bundestag - Enquete-Kommission „Künstliche Intelligenz“
Der Bundestag greift mit der Enquete-Kommission „Künstliche Intelligenz – Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung und wirtschaftliche, soziale und ökologische Potenziale“ eine der zentralen Debatten unserer Zeit auf. via Pocket
culture  ethics  funding  germany  policies  report  ml 
may 2019
This work-in-progress prototype is intended to test and demonstrate GeoJSON-T, a GeoJSON extension in development for representing data about historical movement as well as the Place records of historical gazetteers. via Pocket
demos  gazetteer  itineraries  routes 
may 2019
“Virtual travels through space and time: the Time Machine project” at SPUI25 - YouTube
In the evening of 9 May Julia Noordergraaf (professor of Digital Heritage in the department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam), Frédéric Kaplan (Time Machine Project Coordinator, Digital Humanities Chair at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Director of the EPFL Digital via Pocket
amsterdam  demos  talk  timemachine 
may 2019
Historical Urban Population, v1: Urban Spatial Data | SEDAC
Reba, M. L., F. Reitsma, and K. C. Seto. 2018. Historical Urban Population: 3700 BC - AD 2000. Palisades, NY: NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC). Accessed DAY MONTH YEAR. Reba, M. L., F. Reitsma, and K. C. Seto. 2016. via Pocket
ancient  archaeology  cities  datasets  geo  history 
may 2019
Issue 12: Pelagios | Europeana Pro
Gazetteers are becoming a prominent tool in the digital humanities. Providing stable identifiers (URIs) for places, they enable aggregation of data coming from different digital resources (such as archives and libraries). via Pocket
europe  gazetteer 
may 2019
Research Software Citation: Cite and Make Citable | Research Software Citation
Software is an important research product. It should be cited like all other scientific products. The following guides help researchers understand present issues and cite research software correctly in their publications. via Pocket
citation  software 
may 2019
Rein in the four horsemen of irreproducibility
More than four decades into my scientific career, I find myself an outlier among academics of similar age and seniority: I strongly identify with the movement to make the practice of science more robust. via Pocket
methodology  research 
may 2019
Image and Ground Truth Resources - IMPACT Centre of Competence
The Impact Centre of Competence dataset contains more than half a million representative text-based images compiled by a number of major European libraries. via Pocket
datasets  digitization  images  ocr  text  ml 
may 2019
Systematic Analysis of Narrative Texts through Annotation
This page is the central hub for the initiative for shared tasks in the Digital Humanities. You'll find most recent news below, older posts and more information can be reached via the sidebar. via Pocket
annotation  crowdsourcing  literature  narrative  text  workshop 
may 2019
OCFL Specifications | Oxford Common File Layout
This Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL) specification describes an application-independent approach to the storage of digital information in a structured, transparent, and predictable manner. It is designed to promote long-term object management best practices within digital repositories. via Pocket
archives  oxford  repository  standards  versioning 
may 2019
Oh, shit, git!
Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible. via Pocket
github  howto 
may 2019
​Background CRediT grew from a practical realization that bibliographic conventions for describing and listing authors on scholarly outputs are increasingly outdated and fail to represent the range of contributions that researchers make to published output. via Pocket
bibliography  citation  collaboration  provenance  research 
may 2019
TransCultAA – Transfer of Cultural Objects in the Alpe Adria Region in the 20th Century
This research project is the first attempt to investigate the transfer of cultural assets in the Alpe Adria area in the 20th century. via Pocket
alpine  culture  europe  funding 
may 2019
Visually explore your data
analysis  datasets  tools  visualization 
may 2019
The Research Software Directory and how it promotes software citation – OpenMethods
Introduction: The Research Software Directory of the Netherlands eScience Institute provides easy access to software, source code and its documentation. More importantly, it makes it easy to cite s… via Pocket
citation  netherlands  resources  software  standards 
may 2019
DBeaver Community | Free Universal Database Tool
Free multi-platform database tool for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts. Supports all popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, Teradata, Firebird, Derby, etc. via Pocket
database  mysql  tools 
may 2019
OpenAtlas is an open source, web based database system for complex archaeological, historical and geospatial data. The information is mapped as a network using classes and properties of the CIDOC CRM. via Pocket
archaeology  database  geo  history 
may 2019
Guidelines for Urban Gazetteers - Google Docs
Urban Gazetteer Working Group Guidelines About these guidelines: - We envisage the guidelines not as prescriptive, but rather as a checklist of questions and issues that someone starting on an Urban Gazetteer should somehow formulate answers to or be aware of. (We do however give ... via Pocket
cities  gazetteer  standards 
may 2019
Ontology Management Environment
All the contents of this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. via Pocket
cidoc  interactive  models  ontology  tools 
may 2019
Kima Historical Gazetteer – Place Names in the Hebrew Script. An open, attestation based, historical database.
The Pelagios Resource Development Grant of the first round has enabled us to launch the project Kima, a Hebrew script, attestation-based historical gazetteer. See also
datasets  gazetteer  hebrew 
may 2019
A blog about how to do things in Digital Humanities via Pocket
austria  dh  howto 
may 2019
SNAP:DRGN SNAP:472 - pir2-p-0619
Name Pompeius Iulianus Associated Information: Associated Place Associated Date 0001/0300 Attestations Textual References http://www.paregorios. via Pocket
api  data  prosopography  sparql 
may 2019
Text as a Graph | Graphentechnologien
Die AG Graphentechnologie des DHd-Verbandes veranstaltet vom 10. bis 11. September 2018 einen Workshop zum Thema ‘Text as a Graph’ an der SUB Göttingen. via Pocket
community  dariah  germany  graphs  text 
may 2019
The MLIF Book — Machine Learning is Fun!
Machine Learning is Fun! The Book This book is for anyone who is curious about machine learning and artificial intelligence. via Pocket
books  dev  howto  learn  python  statistics  ml 
may 2019
Zotero | Groups > Historical Network Research > Library
Home > Groups > Historical Network Research > Library Create Item Library Settings Cite Export via Pocket
bibliography  graphs  history  networks  reading-list 
may 2019
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