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LIDO-Handbuch für die Erfassung und Publikation von Metadaten zu kulturellen Objekten
Um Daten aus verschiedenen Erfassungssystemen in Museen und Bibliotheken auf sammlungsübergreifenden Plattformen zusammenführen zu können, müssen gemeinsame Standards für Dateninhalte und die Datenstruktur angewendet werden. Der vorliegende Leitfaden listet alle relevanten Datenfelder für die Beschreibung von Zeichnungen und Druckgraphik auf.
art  culture  germany  metadata  standards 
9 weeks ago
Why I still won’t review for or publish with Elsevier–and think you shouldn’t either – [citation needed]
In 2012, I signed the Cost of Knowledge pledge, and stopped reviewing for, and publishing in, all Elsevier journals. via Pocket
debates  open  access  publishing 
9 weeks ago
Scholarly reference works like encyclopediae, glossars, or catalogs function as guides to a scholarly domain and as anchor points and manifestations of scholarly work. On the web of Linked Data, they can take on a key function to interlink resources related to the described concepts. JudaicaLink provides support to publish and interlink existing reference works of the Jewish culture and history as Linked Data. We are currently in the planning phase with several maintainers and publishers of such reference works. Stay tuned for further information.
culture  germany  hebrew  linkeddata  resources  semantic 
9 weeks ago
Find Variant - Kima
What's Inside Each entry in this database consists of preferred forms of a toponym (both in Hebrew-script and in its English normalized form), variant Hebrew-script names and their transcriptions, together with their extant historical attestations, a calculated historical span of use, and geographic via Pocket
api  gazetteer  hebrew  text 
9 weeks ago
eLinda | Technion
eLinda make your life easier ! via Pocket
data  israel  rdf  visualization  datasets  interactive 
9 weeks ago
Digital Catapult - Home
Digital Catapult is the UK's leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. We drive early adoption, making UK businesses more competitive and productive, to help grow the UK economy. via Pocket
industry  research  startup  uk 
9 weeks ago
A Word is Worth a Thousand Vectors | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded
Standard natural language processing (NLP) is a messy and difficult affair. It requires teaching a computer about English-specific word ambiguities as well as the hierarchical, sparse nature of words in sentences. At Stitch Fix, word vectors help computers learn from the raw text in customer notes. via Pocket
analysis  learn  ml  nlp  text 
9 weeks ago
GAMS ist ein OAIS-konformes Asset Management System zur Verwaltung, Publikation und Langzeitarchivierung digitaler Ressourcen aus allen geisteswissenschaftlichen Fächern. Es bietet MitarbeiterInnen aus Forschung und Lehre, aber auch Studierenden in Projekten die Möglichkeit, diese Ressourcen zitabel und mit Metadaten versehen zu verwalten und zu veröffentlichen.
austria  humanities  infrastructure  preservation  research  sustainability 
9 weeks ago
EIC pilot - Research and Innovation - European Commission
The EIC pilot brings together funding opportunities for innovators. Discover what is available. The EIC pilot offers coaching and mentoring services to SMEs. The right coaching can be the key to the growth of a business. via Pocket
europe  funding  research 
9 weeks ago
DEPCHA - Digital Edition Publishing Cooperative for Historical Accounts
The depcha project looks to the potential of developing broad standards for producing semantically enriched digital editions of accounts. For its initial stage, the depcha project will bring together economic historians, scholarly editors, and technical experts to discuss and test emerging methods for semantic markup of account books.
accounting  austria  bookkeeping  cidoc  history  ontology 
9 weeks ago
Summer School: Machine Learning for Language Analysis
The “Summer School on Deep Learning for Language Analysis” addresses students and doctoral candidates from linguistics and digital humanities, as well as other fields that are involved with machine learning techniques. via Pocket
deep  germany  learn  text 
9 weeks ago
event:2019-09 [ wiki]
Our fifth Open Cultural Data Hackathon will take place on at the brand new cultural center Les Arsenaux in Sion. This edition is a collaboration with and will combine the makeathon approach of Museomix with our open data hackathon format. via Pocket
culture  datasets  hackathon  swiss 
9 weeks ago
Magis Brugge
The MAGIS section of this website contains the database on the history of Bruges based on the map of Marcus Gerards. Discover the ins and outs of Bruges as a trading city in the Middle Ages and the sixteenth century. See also how and where the crafts functioned and explore in the fascinating map.
belgium  culture  geo  interactive  maps  public  storytelling 
9 weeks ago
GitHub - felixlohmeier/artikel-vorlage: Vorlagen für die Dokumentenkonvertierung mit pandoc für die Zeitschrift Informationspraxis. Dient der Generierung von HTML, PDF und EPUB aus einem Ausgangsformat (ODT, DOCX oder MD).
Dieses Repository enthält Vorlagen für Artikel der Fachzeitschrift Informationspraxis sowie Konfigurationsdateien zur Konvertierung der Artikel mit Pandoc nach HTML, PDF und EPUB. Für die Konvertierung der eingereichten Artikel nach HTML, PDF und EPUB nutzen wir Pandoc. via Pocket
conversion  formats  howto  pandoc  text 
9 weeks ago
The Codex – an Atlas of Relations | ZfdG - Zeitschrift für digitale Geisteswissenschaften
This paper looks at how deep integration between text and data is attempted in The Codex project. Standoff properties are used to mediate between the plain text stream and entities modelled in the Neo4j graph database. via Pocket
annotation  graphs  markup  text 
9 weeks ago
Digital Editions as a Graph – Modelling Cross-document Interdependencies in Medieval Charters of the St. Katharinenspital in Regensburg.
cidoc  graphs  history  legal  medieval  models  ontology 
9 weeks ago
Im Rahmen des beantragten Projektes soll im Sinne einer nationalen Infrastruktur für Editionen (NIE - INE) eine Arbeits- und Publikationsplattform geschaffen werden, die grundsätzlich allen wissenschaftlichen Editionsprojekten in der Schweiz offen steht. Die Plattform soll den spezifischen Bedürfnissen umfangreicher und komplexer Editionsprojekte gerecht werden und insbesondere die elektronische Publikation und die langfristige Verfügbarkeit von Forschungsdaten und -ergebnissen in einem zentralen Bereich der nationalen geisteswissenschaftlichen Forschung gewährleisten. Die NIE - INE soll die bestehende Lücke zwischen der Forschung und den bestehenden und geplanten Angeboten der Gedächtnisinstitutionen ausfüllen.
editions  infrastructure  rdf  swiss 
9 weeks ago
Curious Edinburgh – Creating a mobile tour of Edinburgh's history of science, technology and medicine.
Are you interested in the fascinating and important scientific, medical and technological heritage of the city of Edinburgh? The tours on our new website and its accompanying app will be your guide to the history of ideas in the Athens of the North. via Pocket
audio  geo  history  mobile  scotland 
9 weeks ago
This visualization shows the 164,720 most frequently-assigned texts in the Open Syllabus corpus, a database of 6,059,459 college course syllabi
graphs  humanities  syllabus  visualization 
9 weeks ago
Thomas Stäcker, ”Data modeling for early modern emblems” | datasymposium
[] Hello everybody. First of all I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to speak to you. What I am going to do is to present a joint project of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champain and the Herzog August Bibliothek. via Pocket
discussion  emblems  metadata  models 
9 weeks ago
Transparent Textures
Standing on the shoulders of Subtle Patterns. Built and maintained by @mikehearn. Current pattern: not selected. via Pocket
design  resources  textures  webdev 
9 weeks ago
A Proposal for a Two-way Journey on Validating Locations in Unstructured and Structured Data | STLab
In July 2018, a group of young researchers met in the castle-turned-campus of the International Semantic Web Research Summer School (ISWS) in Bertinoro, Italy. via Pocket
linkeddata  nlp  places  text 
9 weeks ago
InteGraality - dashboard for Wikidata properties
Dashboards of property coverage for a given part of Wikidata. via Pocket
datasets  linkeddata  visualization  wiki 
9 weeks ago
Possibility and Probability in Geospatial Information Visualization | Digital Humanities Specialist
Update: This piece incorporates writing by Karl Grossner, without properly crediting him, a mistake in which I get into in more detail here. Doing digital humanities often means producing digital geographic maps*. via Pocket
geo  interactive  itineraries  maps  models  routes  travel 
9 weeks ago
History Lab
History as Data Science. We turn documents into data and develop tools to explore history.
cfp  datasets  hackathon  history 
9 weeks ago
Rasa: Open source conversational AI - Rasa
Automate text-and voice-based conversations end-to-end, integrate with your APIs, and connect to any channel. Join our friendly, fast-growing developer community. We can learn a lot from each other. via Pocket
chatbot  ml  open  source 
9 weeks ago
Better Language Models and Their Implications
February 14, 2019Better Language Models and Their Implications We’ve trained a large-scale unsupervised language model which generates coherent paragraphs of text, achieves state-of-the-art performance on many language modeling benchmarks, and performs rudimentary reading comprehension, machine tr via Pocket
algorithm  debates  ethics  ml  text 
9 weeks ago
iART: Ein interaktives Analyse- und Retrieval-Tool zur Unterstützung von bildorientierten Forschungsprozessen
analysis  art  arthistory  germany  images  ml  munich  neural 
9 weeks ago
The aim of NFDI4Culture is to create a decentralised, research-related infrastructure for research data from the field of material and immaterial cultural heritage. The consortium offers digital resources, tools and services for the data-based research of primarily nontextual cultural assets, whose material and medial dimensions have an intrinsic value, which is not completely realised in a digital representation.
culture  germany  infrastructure  research 
10 weeks ago
Evolution of reading in the age of digitisation (E-READ) is a COST Action with the goal to improve scientific understanding of the implications of digitization, hence helping individuals, disciplines, societies and sectors across Europe to cope optimally with the effects.
cost  culture  digitization  reading  society 
11 weeks ago
A survey of OpenRefine reconciliation services
Full-text links: Download: Which authors of this paper are endorsers? | Disable MathJax (What is MathJax?) Browse v0.2. via Pocket
api  metadata  paper  reconcile  tools 
11 weeks ago
Was macht forTEXT? Im Projekt forTEXT erarbeiten wir eine digitale Forschungsumgebung für Geisteswissenschaftler*innen. via Pocket
analysis  germany  software  text  visualization 
11 weeks ago
Personal Networks and Circulation in Brazil during the Hispanic Monarchy (1580-1640)
bibliography  brazil  history  people 
11 weeks ago
Annotating music in IIIF - digirati-ch - Medium
The original Variations Audio Timeliner was initially developed in 2002 by the Indiana University Digital Library Program. It is a desktop application for Windows and macOS that students and teachers could download and use to create visual representations of the structure of music. via Pocket
audio  gui  iiif  music  timelines 
11 weeks ago
Spotlight at Stanford
On August 15, 1947 British colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent ended and the region was divided into a Hindu majority India and a Muslim majority Pakistan. Followi … via Pocket
archives  exhibits  libraries  software 
11 weeks ago
Learning Wikibase | Learn how to install and manage Wikibase.
Wikibase is an open source software suite for running a collaborative knowledge base. One installation of it is Wikidata. Learn how to launch a Wikibase instance and work with it. Learn how to install Wikibase using Git and Composer, using the Wikibase Docker image or Open Stack. via Pocket
documentation  infrastructure  learn  linkeddata  rdf  wiki 
11 weeks ago
KB College: AI en de Bibliotheek - de computer leest alles | Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Je zou denken dat deze begrippen niet verder uit elkaar kunnen liggen: de Bibliotheek en Artificial Intelligence (AI). De Bibliotheek is een eeuwenoud en betrouwbaar instituut. AI is een nieuwe technologie die zich razendsnel ontwikkelt, met veel onzekerheid over de kansen en risico’s. via Pocket
conference  deep  diglib  libraries  netherlands  ml 
11 weeks ago
Software: The Polly Lab: Indiana University Bloomington
This Mathematica© add-on package performs common geometric morphometric functions. via Pocket
biology  graphs  wolfram 
11 weeks ago
GitHub - IstvanZachar/Phylogenetics: Phylogenetics with the Wolfram Language
Phylogenetics with the Wolfram Language. Related post at Mathematica.StackExchange: How to work with phylogenetic trees? via Pocket
biology  graphs  wolfram 
11 weeks ago
Think decentralised: a future for Web data exchange with Solid
After the LOD: how to organize our network of institutions? Visibility and discovery, quality, and infrastructure. via Pocket
infrastructure  linkeddata  tools  webdev 
11 weeks ago
Home | Solid
Supported by Read Tim's open letter on Inrupt and Solid via Pocket
infrastructure  linkeddata  webdev 
11 weeks ago
Program · Libraries As Research Partner in Digital Humanities
Abstracts and descriptions coming soon! The schedule is still developing and may change. Presentation materials will be deposited in our Zenodo community. Sessions in Visboekzaal - B will be livestreamed and recorded - additional information coming soon. via Pocket
collaboration  dh  diglib  libraries  research 
11 weeks ago
Texts and APIs, Hamburg, 15-16 July 2019 - DTS Events
Participation is open and free, but you will need to register here: (registration closes July 7). via Pocket
api  germany  text  workshop 
11 weeks ago
Who's Coming? Respectful Audience Surveying Toolkit — OF/BY/FOR ALL
Most cultural and civic institutions don’t have high-quality data on participants. For many, collecting demographic data sounds intimidating, expensive, and complicated. It isn’t easy to capture this data. We know that firsthand. via Pocket
survey  tools 
11 weeks ago
Границы России. О проекте
«Руниверс» совместно с Лабораторией исторической геоинформатики Института всеобщей истории РАН и компанией «НекстГИС» представляет проект «Границы России 1462–20 via Pocket
geo  history  maps  russia 
11 weeks ago
Versioning Machine 5.0
The Versioning Machine is a framework and an interface for displaying multiple versions of text encoded according to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines, and is P5 compatible. via Pocket
tei  text  tools  versioning 
11 weeks ago
The Uncanny Valley and the Ghost in the Machine: a discussion of analogies for thinking about digitized medieval manuscripts - Dot Porter Digital
This is a version of a paper I presented at the University of Kansas Digital Humanities Seminar, Co-Sponsored with the Hall Center for the Humanities on September 17, 2018. Good afternoon, and thank you everyone for coming today. via Pocket
archives  culture  digitization  ethics  experience  interactive  museums 
11 weeks ago
Digital Mappa | an open-access DH platform
Digital Mappa (DM for short) is a freely available online environment for creating projects out of digital images and texts. via Pocket
annotation  images  infrastructure  interactive  text  tools 
12 weeks ago
Recogito-TEI Working Group: from semantic annotation to minimal digital editions - Medium
It is with great pleasure that we announce our Recogito-TEI Working Group! Recogito is a great web-based annotation tool developed by Pelagios Commons that enables annotation of geographic references in text, images and data through a user-friendly online platform. via Pocket
annotation  geo  standards  tei  text  tools  xml 
12 weeks ago
Is Ethical A.I. Even Possible? - The New York Times
HALF MOON BAY, Calif. — When a news article revealed that Clarifai was working with the Pentagon and some employees questioned the ethics of building artificial intelligence that analyzed video captured by drones, the company said the project would save the lives of civilians and soldiers. via Pocket
deep  ethics  ml 
12 weeks ago
Natural Language Processing is Fun! – Adam Geitgey – Medium
This article is part of an on-going series on NLP: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. You can also read a reader-translated version of this article in 普通话. via Pocket
analysis  books  learn  nlp  text 
12 weeks ago
How to Facilitate Cooperation between Humanities Researchers and Cultural Heritage Institutions | DARIAH
Natalie Harrower (Digital Repository of Ireland), Mark Sweetnam (Trinity College Dublin), David Brown (Trinity College Dublin) and Marcin Werla (Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center) are few of the authors of the newly published How to Facilitate Cooperation between Humanities Researchers an via Pocket
collaboration  culture  dariah  dh  report 
12 weeks ago
Interpretable Machine Learning
Machine learning has great potential for improving products, processes and research. But computers usually do not explain their predictions which is a barrier to the adoption of machine learning. This book is about making machine learning models and their decisions interpretable. via Pocket
analysis  deep  methodology  ml 
12 weeks ago
AI, Ethics And Society –
Last week we held a conference on AI, Ethics and Society at the University of Alberta. As I often do, I kept conference notes at: : AI Ethics And Society. The conference was opened by Reuben Quinn whose grandfather signed Treaty 6. via Pocket
canada  conference  deep  ethics  ml 
12 weeks ago
Visualization in Deep Learning - Multiple Views: Visualization Research Explained - Medium
TL;DR: The democratization of AI is either near or already here—the barrier to developing and deploying neural networks is lower than ever before. But complex deep learning models are hard to train and hard to understand. via Pocket
deep  interface  methodology  visualization 
12 weeks ago
Eckdaten der Lerneinheit Anwendungsbezug: 67 deutschsprachige Texte Methodik: Stilometrische Analyse Angewendetes Tool: Stylo Lernziele: Installation von R, RStudio und des Stylo-Packages, Anwendung unterschiedlicher stilometrischer Analysemethoden, Interpretation der Visualisierungen Dauer der Lern via Pocket
stylometry  text  tools 
12 weeks ago
Let’s Talk about Natural Language Interfaces for Data Visualization
TL;DR: A new suite of natural language-based visualization systems have begun to emerge. These systems allow users to directly ask questions about their data and get visualizations which help answer… via Pocket
interactive  interface  language  visualization 
12 weeks ago
A Scalable Handwritten Text Recognition System
Many studies on (Offline) Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) systems have focused on building state-of-the-art models for line recognition on small corpora. However, adding HTR capability to a large scale multilingual OCR system poses new challenges. This paper addresses three problems in building such systems: data, efficiency, and integration. Firstly, one of the biggest challenges is obtaining sufficient amounts of high quality training data. We address the problem by using online handwriting data collected for a large scale production online handwriting recognition system. We describe our image data generation pipeline and study how online data can be used to build HTR models. We show that the data improve the models significantly under the condition where only a small number of real images is available, which is usually the case for HTR models. It enables us to support a new script at substantially lower cost. Secondly, we propose a line recognition model based on neural networks without recurrent connections. The model achieves a comparable accuracy with LSTM-based models while allowing for better parallelism in training and inference. Finally, we present a simple way to integrate HTR models into an OCR system. These constitute a solution to bring HTR capability into a large scale OCR system.
analysis  handwriting  ocr  tools 
12 weeks ago
Emoji, part 7: the emoji tongue – Shady Characters
This is the most recent in a series of nine posts on Emoji (?). Start at PART 1 or view ALL POSTS in the series. With emoji everywhere you might care to look, a nagging question remains unanswered. via Pocket
12 weeks ago
Proposed Group: Entity Reconciliation Community Group | Community and Business Groups
The Entity Reconciliation Community Group has been proposed by Antonin Delpeuch: Matching entities across data sources using different identifiers and formats is a pervasive issue on the web. via Pocket
api  discussion  reconcile  standards 
12 weeks ago
InFoDiTex DiscourseLab Corpus Contest
Das InFoDiTex (Universität Heidelberg) veranstaltet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Discourse Lab (Technische Universität Darmstadt) einen „Interdisziplinären Corpus Contest“ mit dem Ziel, Disziplinen zusammenzubringen, die mit „Text als Quelle“ arbeiten, und mit ihnen Kooperationspotentiale zw via Pocket
analysis  datasets  germany  hackathon  nlp  text 
12 weeks ago
On the perceived complexity of literature. A response to Nan Z. Da « CA: Journal of Cultural Analytics
At the center of Nan Z. Da's article is the claim that quantitative methods cannot produce any useful insights with respect to literary texts: via Pocket
analysis  debates  methodology  text 
12 weeks ago
Content Based Image Recognition for Early Modern Images
Archv is a tool to search an imageset to find the best matches with your seed image. This page allows you to upload and compare an image of your choice with either the English Broadside Ballad Archive imageset or a curated image set from the British Library's Flickr. via Pocket
analysis  history  images  recognition  tools 
12 weeks ago
Palestine Open Maps
Palestine Open Maps allows you to search, navigate, digitize and download historical and present day maps of Palestine/Israel via Pocket
geo  gis  israel  maps  open  data  palestine 
12 weeks ago
Creating an Animated Historical Map Function for the Wolfram Function Repository—Wolfram Blog
Geocomputation is an indispensable modern tool for analyzing and viewing large-scale data such as population demographics, natural features and political borders. And if you’ve read some of my other posts, you can probably tell that I like working with maps. via Pocket
animation  history  maps  wolfram 
12 weeks ago
Met app op stap door Antwerpen van zestiende eeuw - De Standaard
Antwerpen Oude kaarten van Antwerpen, adressenlijsten, foto’s van straatbeelden, schilderijen en gegevens van bewoners: in een nieuwe app die UAntwerpen helpt ontwikkelen, komt al die informatie samen. via Pocket
augmented  cities  culture  history  mobile  netherlands 
june 2019
Digitalstrategien von Kulturbetrieben im Überblick – KulturData
In diesem Beitrag werden explizit formulierte Digitalstrategien von Kulturbetrieben in der DACH Region gesammelt. Wenn dein Museum/Theater/Festival/Orchester/Opernhaus eine öffentlich zugängliche Strategie formuliert hat, gerne @kulturdata antwittern, dann wird sie hier veröffentlicht. via Pocket
culture  germany  policies  report  strategy 
june 2019
European Commission report on Cultural Heritage: Digitisation, Online Accessibility and Digital Preservation | Digital Single Market
The objective of the report is to monitor and track the implementation progress in each Member State in the five areas addressed by the Recommendation (2011/711/EU), which takes a holistic approach to the digital lifecycle of cultural heritage. via Pocket
culture  digitization  europe  policies  preservation  report 
june 2019
Six Septembers Reading Group
This is the website for the Six Septembers: Mathematics for the Humanist reading group, by Patrick Juola and Stephen Ramsay. The book is available on this site for group annotation using Hypothesis, and is also available here as a PDF. Got questions? Email Quinn Dombrowski at qad@stanford. via Pocket
books  humanities  interactive  mathematics 
june 2019
Knora | Knora is a software framework for storing, sharing, and working with primary sources and data in the humanities.
Knora is a software framework for storing, sharing, and working with primary sources and data in the humanities. Developed by the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Basel, and supported by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences. via Pocket
humanities  infrastructure  swiss  tools  research 
june 2019
Genau, wahrscheinlich, eher nicht: Beziehungsprobleme in einem Wissensgraph | ZfdG - Zeitschrift für digitale Geisteswissenschaften
Zunächst ist festzuhalten: In einem graphbasierten Datenmodell sind jeweils zwei Knoten – die Entitäten repräsentieren – durch eine Kante – also eine Beziehung – miteinander verbunden. Unsicherheit kann ausschließlich in der Beziehung ausgedrückt werden. via Pocket
graphs  semantic  uncertainty 
june 2019
Référentiels d’autorité Biblissima
Cette plateforme met à disposition sous forme de données structurées les référentiels d’autorités de Biblissima. Sa réalisation s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme Biblissima, l’observatoire du patrimoine écrit du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance du 8e au 18e siècle. via Pocket
france  geo  history  iiif  linkeddata  open  data  rdf  medieval  authority  people  places 
june 2019
DAEH – Digital Atlas of European Historiography
INSTITUTIONS FOR HISTORICAL SCIENCES Academies and independent research institutions Archives and their opening for the Historical Sciences Historical Museums Historical Societies and Associations PRINTED EDITION Atlas of European Historiography The Making of a Profession 1800-2005 Ed. via Pocket
academy  geo  history  maps  resources 
june 2019
5. Schweizerische Geschichtstage - Home
Die Fünften Schweizerischen Geschichtstage finden im Juni 2019 in Zürich statt. via Pocket
conference  history  swiss 
june 2019
Wax is a Jekyll theme designed for digital exhibitions based on minimal computing principles, and is focused on impact, durability, ease, and flexibility. Our underlying technology is easy to learn and teach, and can produce beautifully rendered, high-quality collections of image-based data. via Pocket
catalog  css  html  webdev 
june 2019
DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur – Ausschreibung 2019 für die Förderung von Konsortien
Bund und Länder haben im November 2018 den Aufbau einer Nationalen Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (NFDI) beschlossen. via Pocket
funding  germany  infrastructure 
june 2019
Förderung von Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvorhaben zur Digitalisierung von Objekten des kulturellen Erbes
Richtlinie zur Förderung von Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvorhaben zur Digitalisierung von Objekten des kulturellen Erbes – eHeritage, Bundesanzeiger vom 13.05.2019 Vom 17. April 2019 1 Förderziel, Zuwendungszweck, Rechtsgrundlage 1. via Pocket
culture  funding  germany  digitization 
june 2019
A digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays
NBA refs: stay in your lane. NBA players: don't mind if we do. We looked at 19 years of covers to find how Vogue represents women of all shades. via Pocket
data  storytelling  visualization  publishing 
june 2019
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