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GeoJSON Path Finder
GeoJSON Path Finder is a standalone JavaScript library for routing/path finding using GeoJSON as input. It can run offline in the browser without any server, or as a part of a Node.js application. It is ideal for simpler use cases where a more complete routing engine like OSRM or GraphHopper is overkill or not possible.
api  geo  json  maps  routes  tools  webdev 
26 days ago by kintopp
GraphHopper Directions API with Route Optimization
You can use our Route Optimization API to solve traveling salesman or vehicle routing problems e.g. last mile delivery or route planning for logistics. These problems occur almost everywhere in the world of moving things and people. via Pocket
api  geo  maps  routes  tools 
26 days ago by kintopp
Lobe - Deep Learning Made Simple
Teach your app to see emotions. Build, train, and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface. Build, train, and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface. Teach your app to see emotions. via Pocket
api  cloud  dev  interactive  tools  webdev 
28 days ago by kintopp
PetScan is a powerful querying tool. It can generate lists of Wikipedia (and related projects) pages or Wikidata items that match certain criteria, such as all pages in a certain category, or all items with a certain property. PetScan can also combine some temporary lists (here called "sources") in various ways, to create a new one.
api  interface  search  semantic  sparql  wiki 
29 days ago by kintopp
grlc makes all your Linked Data accessible to the Web by automatically converting your SPARQL queries into RESTful APIs. With (almost) no effort! Simply: Create a GitHub repository, and store all your SPARQL queries in there (like in this example). If you don't have a GitHub account, go get one. via Pocket
api  conversion  dev  linkeddata  sparql  tools 
4 weeks ago by kintopp
Find Variant - Kima
What's Inside Each entry in this database consists of preferred forms of a toponym (both in Hebrew-script and in its English normalized form), variant Hebrew-script names and their transcriptions, together with their extant historical attestations, a calculated historical span of use, and geographic via Pocket
api  gazetteer  hebrew  text 
5 weeks ago by kintopp
A survey of OpenRefine reconciliation services
Full-text links: Download: Which authors of this paper are endorsers? | Disable MathJax (What is MathJax?) Browse v0.2. via Pocket
api  metadata  paper  reconcile  tools 
7 weeks ago by kintopp
Texts and APIs, Hamburg, 15-16 July 2019 - DTS Events
Participation is open and free, but you will need to register here: (registration closes July 7). via Pocket
api  germany  text  workshop 
7 weeks ago by kintopp
Proposed Group: Entity Reconciliation Community Group | Community and Business Groups
The Entity Reconciliation Community Group has been proposed by Antonin Delpeuch: Matching entities across data sources using different identifiers and formats is a pervasive issue on the web. via Pocket
api  discussion  reconcile  standards 
8 weeks ago by kintopp
SNAP:DRGN SNAP:472 - pir2-p-0619
Name Pompeius Iulianus Associated Information: Associated Place Associated Date 0001/0300 Attestations Textual References http://www.paregorios. via Pocket
api  data  prosopography  sparql 
may 2019 by kintopp
LOD Laundromat
The LOD Laundromat provides access to all Linked Open Data (LOD) in the world. It does this by crawling the LOD cloud, and converting all its contents in a standards-compliant way (gzipped N-Triples), removing all data stains such as syntax errors, duplicates, and blank nodes. via Pocket
analysis  api  data  datasets  linkeddata  metadata  quality  sparql  tools 
may 2019 by kintopp
Christian Reul / OCR4all_Web · GitLab
Provides OCR (optical character recognition) services through web applications.
api  ocr  software  tools 
march 2019 by kintopp
Erfgoed & Locatie
Het project Erfgoed & Locatie is op 31 december 2015 afgerond. Deze website vormt het projectarchief. Nieuws Het laatste nieuws rond Erfgoed & Locatie lees je in de blogberichten op en kun je op Twitter volgen via @ErfGeo. via Pocket
api  geo  history  maps  netherlands  tools 
february 2019 by kintopp
Principled GraphQL
GraphQL, despite the name, isn't simply a query language. It's a comprehensive solution to the problem of connecting modern apps to services in the cloud. As such, it forms the basis for a new and important layer in the modern application development stack: the data graph. via Pocket
api  dev  praxis 
february 2019 by kintopp
Let’s Tango: Computational Musicology Using Wikidata, MusicBrainz and the Wolfram Language—Wolfram Blog
This post discusses new Wolfram Language features from the upcoming release of Version 12. Copyable input expressions and a downloadable notebook version of this post will be available when Version 12 is released. via Pocket
sparql  wolfram  learn  metadata  music  api  wiki 
february 2019 by kintopp
After years of dealing with REST APIs, when I first learned about GraphQL and the problems it’s attempting to solve, I could not resist tweeting the exact title of this article. via Pocket
api  debates  dev 
february 2019 by kintopp
Skip to content Grundlegende Funktionen der Geolinker-API Die histHub-Geolinker-API ist ein Service, der geographische Einheiten mit Links anreichern kann. Wird dem Service die URL der Einheit gesendet,... via Pocket
biography  gazetteer  geo  infrastructure  people  places  swiss  api 
february 2019 by kintopp
Distributed Text Services (DTS) | Distributed Text Services Specifications
The DTS Specification is currently in Candidate Recommendation Status. The Distributed Text Services (DTS) Specification defines a Hypermedia-Driven Web API for working with collections of text as machine-actionable data. It specifies 3 distinct operation endpoints: via Pocket
api  datasets  json  standards  tei  text  xml 
february 2019 by kintopp
GitHub - GVogeler/prosopogrAPhI: Tentative way towards a shared API for prosopographical data based on the factoid model (Bradley/Short 2005)
This is a draft for an RESTful API for prosopographical data. It should allow you to search for factoid modeled data on persons extracted from historical sources, and to update resources based on the model. With "factoid" model we refer to Bradley/Short 2005. via Pocket
api  austria  prosopography 
january 2019 by kintopp
Linked Data Fragments
Query the Web of data on Web-scale by moving intelligence from servers to clients. Watch this talk to learn the foundations of Linked Data Fragments. via Pocket
api  dev  linkeddata  search 
december 2018 by kintopp
About RISE Project—Research Infrastructure for the Study of Eurasia—is a digital research infrastructure developed by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. It is a pioneering approach for resource dissemination and emerging data analytics in the humanities. via Pocket
api  germany  infrastructure  repository  text 
december 2018 by kintopp
ckan – The open source data portal software
CKAN is aimed at data publishers (national and regional governments, companies and organizations) wanting to make their data open and available. Learn more CKAN is open source, free software. via Pocket
api  datasets  open  access  data  repository  resources  software 
november 2018 by kintopp
Vocabulary gs:nearby(lat lon limit) gs:nearby(?location limit) gs:within(lat1 lon2 lat2 lon2) gn:name gn:population gn:alternateName gn:inCountry gn:featureCode (just cities or airports) About SPARQL | geospatial index for jena | presented by KONA For further information on the new GeoSPARQL via Pocket
api  demos  geo  sparql 
november 2018 by kintopp
Spatio-temporal search in Open Data
The aim of this work is to annotate a large corpus of tabular datasets from open data portals, and enable structured, spatio-temporal search over Open Data catalogs through a spatio-temporal knowledge graph, both via a search interface as well as via a SPARQL endpoint.
api  austria  datasets  geo  open  data  search  sparql 
november 2018 by kintopp
Towards a Model for Encoding Correspondence in the TEI: Developing and Implementing <correspDesc>
Towards a Model for Encoding Correspondence in the TEI: Developing and Implementing <correspDesc>
api  germany  letters  metadata  paper  standards  tei 
november 2018 by kintopp
Home - Norse World - Norse world
Norse World is an interdisciplinary resource for research on worldviews and spatiality in medieval literature from Sweden and Denmark. via Pocket
api  denmark  gazetteer  geo  literature  medieval  open  data  sweden 
november 2018 by kintopp
REST vs. GraphQL: A Critical Review
Are you building an API? Here is the idea: If you have never heard about the REST architectural style constraints and their implication on the properties of the resulting distributed system and you do not want to (or can’t) educate yourself, use GraphQL. via Pocket
api  debates  dev 
november 2018 by kintopp
Reconciliation API Documentation
The Reconciliation API is a simple web service that supports linking of datasets to the Ordnance Survey Linked Data. The API accepts a simple text search, e.g. a label, code or other identifier for a resource and then returns a ranked list of potential matches. via Pocket
api  gazetteer  reconcile  uk 
october 2018 by kintopp
TextRazor - The Natural Language Processing API
TextRazor offers a complete cloud or self-hosted text analysis infrastructure. We combine state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques with a comprehensive knowledgebase of real-life facts to help rapidly extract the value from your documents, tweets or web pages. via Pocket
analysis  api  language  nlp  text  twitter 
july 2018 by kintopp
lobid-gnd - API
Suche: /gnd/search?q=text Alles /gnd/search?q=*&format=json Alle Felder /gnd/search?q=london&format=json Feldsuche /gnd/search?q=preferredName:Twain&format=json Filter /gnd/search?q=preferredName:Twain&filter=type:Person&format=json Paginierung /gnd/search?q=london&from=50&size=100&format=json Dire via Pocket
api  authority  germany  people  places  reconcile 
july 2018 by kintopp
FRED - Home
FRED is a machine reader for the Semantic Web: it is able to parse natural language text in 48 different languages and transform it to linked data. It is implemented in Python and available as REST service and as a Python library suite.
analysis  nlp  rdf  semantic  tools  language  api  text 
june 2018 by kintopp
lobid-gnd – Eine Schnittstelle zur Gemeinsamen Normdatei für Mensch und Maschine
Wie im letzten Beitrag geschrieben, entwickeln wir seit einiger Zeit die neue Version des lobid-Normdatendienstes lobid-gnd, erreichbar über Noch befindet sich der Dienst im beta-Status, allerdings sind wir kurz davor, mit lobid-gnd in Produktion zu gehen. via Pocket
api  authority  people  places 
june 2018 by kintopp
lobid – offene, webbasierte Infrastruktur für zentrale bibliothekarische Daten
Linking open (bibliographic) data Dateninfrastruktur für Bibliotheken, Archive, Museen Das hbz entwickelt seit 2009 Software im Bereich Linked Open Data Leitlinien: 1. Publikation offen lizenzierter Daten zur freien Nutzung 2. Nutzung domänenübergreifender Web-Standards 3. via Pocket
api  authority  bibliography  people  places  talk 
june 2018 by kintopp
Wolfram|Alpha APIs: Computational Knowledge Integration
For more information, contact us » -- via Pocket
api  dev  wolfram 
june 2018 by kintopp
Tile Map Service - Wikipedia
Tile Map Service or TMS, is a specification for tiled web maps, developed by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. The definition generally requires a URI structure which attempts to fulfill REST principles. via Pocket
api  geo  maps  standards 
may 2018 by kintopp
Diese Seiten beschreiben die verschiedenen REST-Methoden des Vokabularservers DANTE. via Pocket
api  dev  diglib  vocabularies 
may 2018 by kintopp
NLS Historic Maps Subscription API - Map images - National Library of Scotland
These layers complement our free NLS Historic Maps API, which makes available layers of mapping covering Great Britain from 1:1 million to 1:63,360 scales, dating between the 1920s and 1940s. We intend to continue this as a freely available service. via Pocket
api  history  maps  uk 
may 2018 by kintopp
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek - Entity Facts
Entity Facts ist ein Datendienst der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek (DNB), der maschinenlesbare "Faktenblätter" zu Entitäten der Gemeinsamen Normdatei (GND) bereitstellt. Die Daten werden im Format JavaScript Object Notation () ausgeliefert. via Pocket
api  dev  germany  json  people  places  rdf 
may 2018 by kintopp
Open Rijksmuseum Data : Challenges and Opportunities
Upcoming SlideShare Loading in …5 × Open Rijksmuseum Data : Challenges and Opportunities 1. INSIGHT project - Launch event MIM Brussels - 9 November 2017 Saskia Scheltjens Head of the Research Services Department DATA OPEN Challenges & Opportunities * * 2. via Pocket
api  art  arthistory  datasets  museums  netherlands  open  data  talk 
may 2018 by kintopp
Lobe - Deep Learning Made Simple
Teach your app to see emotions. Build, train, and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface. Build, train, and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface. Teach your app to see emotions. via Pocket
api  cloud  deep  dev  interactive  tools  webdev 
may 2018 by kintopp
Black Goat: Authority Aggregation — black-goat 0.1 documentation
The primary objective of this project is provide a platform for non-hierarchical alignments among an unlimited number of authority systems. We conceptualize a non-hierarchical alignment as a system of identity statements about concepts in different authority systems. via Pocket
api  dev  people  usa  nsf  infrastructure 
may 2018 by kintopp
Authority Service Description — black-goat 0.1 documentation
BlackGoat can query remote authority services that expose RESTful APIs. You can tell BlackGoat how to query an API using a configuration document. This page describes the convention for writing a service configuration document that BlackGoat can understand. via Pocket
api  dev  people  usa  demo  nsf  infrastructure 
may 2018 by kintopp
Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services
Infuse your apps, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication.
api  language  recognition  speech  dev  algorithm  ml  deep 
march 2018 by kintopp
Ancient World Mapping Center
After several years of preparation, AWMC’s newest wall map is now available online.  This map is a successor to that of J.G.C. Anderson (1903) and its partial revision by W.M. Calder and G.E. Bean (1958). via Pocket
api  geo  maps 
march 2018 by kintopp
About the Gazetteer Search API
GBHGIS Data Feed API This is in active development and everything is subject to change. If you are interested in this API please drop us an emai via the 'contact us' section here GBHGIS. via Pocket
api  gazetteer  places  uk 
january 2018 by kintopp
Dates - API Documentation
ISO-Date is a web service that currently provides the detection of time data in a German or Italian text. Its aim is to return the found time datas in ISO-format, the result format is selectable. It is developed by Martin Fechner (BBAW) and Fabian Körner (BBAW) and hosted by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
api  dates  germany  italy 
november 2017 by kintopp
Datasette: instantly create and publish an API for your SQLite databases
You can try out out right now at, where you can explore SQLite databases I built from Creative Commons licensed CSV files published by FiveThirtyEight. Or you can check out, derived from the parlgov. via Pocket
api  datasets  tools 
november 2017 by kintopp
About Metagrid –
Metagrid is a project of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS) for the online networking of humanities resources. It is implemented by the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (Dodis), with the support of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (HDS). via Pocket
api  people  places  swiss 
october 2017 by kintopp
GitHub - ryanfb/iiif-universe: An IIIF Universe for IIIF catalogs
A Universe is a directory of catalogs published by service providers which lists their available assets. This Universe is intended to present a collection which points to other collections as machine-actionable JSON. via Pocket
api  iiif  lists  resources 
june 2017 by kintopp
302 Found
And we will show the interesting, valuable, and occasionally hilarious outcomes from these techniques for bulk image analysis. Our research focused on image analysis and machine learning using the million images available from the Qatar Digital Library, as well as other IIIF repositories. via Pocket
api  howto  iiif 
june 2017 by kintopp
Vision API - Image Content Analysis  |  Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Vision API enables developers to understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models in an easy to use REST API. It quickly classifies images into thousands of categories (e.g. via Pocket
api  images  recognition 
april 2017 by kintopp
Amazon Rekognition – Deep learning-based image analysis
Amazon Rekognition is a service that makes it easy to add image analysis to your applications. With Rekognition, you can detect objects, scenes, and faces in images. You can also search and compare faces. via Pocket
analysis  api  images  recognition 
april 2017 by kintopp
The Code4Lib Journal – Peripleo: a Tool for Exploring Heterogeneous Data through the Dimensions of Space and Time
This article introduces Peripleo, a prototype spatiotemporal search and visualization tool. via Pocket
api  geo  metadata  paper  tools 
april 2017 by kintopp
ckan - The open source data portal software
CKAN is open source and can be downloaded and used for free. Users can also get hosting and support from a range of suppliers. A full-time professional development team at the Open Knowledge Foundation maintains CKAN and can provide full support and hosting with SLAs.Read More via Pocket
api  datasets  open  access  data  resources  software 
december 2016 by kintopp
What is the Sentences Commentary Text Archive? The Sentences Commentary Text Archive is a metadata archive automatically extracted from transcriptions and questions lists of medieval Sentences commentaries. via Pocket
api  linkeddata  metadata  text 
december 2016 by kintopp
Nutzerschnittstellen als Aushängeschild oder Achillesferse digitaler Editionen | dhmuc.
Digitale Editionen in ansprechender Weise im Internet zu präsentieren, ist eine Herausforderung. Einiges kann dabei schief gehen: Die Navigation kann unübersichtlich ausfallen, die Gestaltung unattraktiv wirken, die technische Umsetzung fehlerhaft sein und die Performanz dürftig bleiben. via Pocket
api  debates  editions  report 
december 2016 by kintopp
After a lot of work, I’ve finally been able to fully integrate IIIF images from distributed image services into the LombardPress web publication system. via Pocket
api  linkeddata  publishing  text 
november 2016 by kintopp
Tone Analyzer
The Tone Analyzer service uses linguistic analysis to detect emotional tones, social propensities, and writing styles in written communication. Then it offers suggestions to help the writer improve their intended language tones. via Pocket
api  emotion  text  analysis 
june 2016 by kintopp
ArchivesSpace Architecture overview - ArchivesSpace
ArchivesSpace is divided into several components: the backend, which exposes the major workflows and data types of the system via a REST API, a staff interface, a public interface, and a search system, consisting of Solr and an indexer application. These components interact by exchanging JSON data. via Pocket
api  diglib  repository  tools 
june 2016 by kintopp
HTTP API — The Hypothesis Annotation Framework 0.0.2 documentation
limit – The maximum number of annotations to return, for example: /api/search?limit=30. (Default: 20) offset – The minimum number of initial annotations to skip. This is used for pagination. via Pocket
annotation  api 
may 2016 by kintopp
Impact of Social Sciences – Building an API is not enough! Investigating Reuse of Cultural Heritage Data
The Europeana cultural heritage archive has a wealth of digital content that can be used for a variety of purposes, both by researchers and practitioners in the community. via Pocket
api  culture  report 
february 2016 by kintopp
DIY online exhibitions | discontents
I’m no longer part of the mighty Trove team at the National Library of Australia. But hacking Trove was a passion long before I took on the manager’s role and that, of course, will continue. via Pocket
api  demos  newspapers 
january 2016 by kintopp
⚓ T89552 Implement International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) prototype service on Wikimedia labs
James Heald posted a message about IIIF on the wikimaps list, see . Created this task to keep track of it. The standard looks pretty basic so probably not that hard to offer. Base info at . via Pocket
api  iiif  metadata  standards 
december 2015 by kintopp
Top 10 Mapping APIs: Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps and MapQuest | ProgrammableWeb
The popularity of digital maps and the use of digital mapping tools have grown rapidly in recent years. While Google is still the leader when it comes to maps, there are now many other companies in the map technology industry. via Pocket
api  dev  geo  gis 
november 2015 by kintopp
omgbloglol - Attention API Provider: How to make people using your API love you
At Arcturo, we’ve been working with a lot of remote API’s and big data lately. via Pocket
api  documentation 
august 2015 by kintopp
Apiary — Home
Collaborative design, instant API mock, generated documentation, integrated code samples, debugging and automated testing. Presentation at Intelbras today. @apiaryio and @gitlab are always present! via Pocket
api  cloud 
august 2015 by kintopp
API Management Apigee
Skip to main content Next Steps Apigee Edge: the leading infrastructure for creating and operating APIs and apps. I Love APIs 2015 The world’s largest event dedicated to APIs and digital business strategy is taking over downtown San Jose October 12-14. via Pocket
api  cloud 
august 2015 by kintopp
Swagger | The World's Most Popular Framework for APIs.
Swagger is a simple yet powerful representation of your RESTful API. With the largest ecosystem of API tooling on the planet, thousands of developers are supporting Swagger in almost every modern programming language and deployment environment. via Pocket
api  documentation 
august 2015 by kintopp
Platform Features - 3scale API Management Platform
APIcast is the fastest, easiest way to get started on 3scale. This free, hosted service option supports up to 50,000 calls per day. One of four deployment method options, APIcast is perfect for small to medium volume APIs. Go-live fast with no local code or on-premise deployment required. via Pocket
august 2015 by kintopp
List of 20+ Sentiment Analysis APIs - Mashape Blog
Just a few days back we posted a List of 50+ Machine Learning APIs. Note: Check out our latest API collections page for the list of updated APIs. via Pocket
api  sentiment 
june 2015 by kintopp
correspSearch - Search diverse scholarly editions of letters
With correspSearch you may search within the metadata of diverse scholarly letter editions with regard to senders, adressees, as well as places and time of origin. The detailed bibliographic information of the evaluated scholarly editions are available via the data overview. via Pocket
api  letters  standards  tei 
june 2015 by kintopp
Microsoft Project Oxford Home
Microsoft Welcome to Microsoft Project Oxford An evolving portfolio of REST APIs and SDKs enabling developers to easily add intelligent services into their solutions to leverage the power of Microsoft's natural data understanding State-of-the-art face algorithms to detect and r via Pocket
api  faces  processing  language  recognition  speech  images 
may 2015 by kintopp
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