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Curious Edinburgh – Creating a mobile tour of Edinburgh's history of science, technology and medicine.
Are you interested in the fascinating and important scientific, medical and technological heritage of the city of Edinburgh? The tours on our new website and its accompanying app will be your guide to the history of ideas in the Athens of the North. via Pocket
audio  geo  history  mobile  scotland 
5 weeks ago by kintopp
Annotating music in IIIF - digirati-ch - Medium
The original Variations Audio Timeliner was initially developed in 2002 by the Indiana University Digital Library Program. It is a desktop application for Windows and macOS that students and teachers could download and use to create visual representations of the structure of music. via Pocket
audio  gui  iiif  music  timelines 
7 weeks ago by kintopp
Workshop 2019 Utrecht | AVinDH SIG
DH2019’s theme Complexities asks the field “to focus on DH as the humanist way of building complex models of complex realities, analysing them with computational methods and communicating the results to a broader public. via Pocket
annotation  audio  editing  video  workshop 
12 weeks ago by kintopp
Introducing the HiPSTAS Audio Toolkit Workflow: Audio Labeling
Audio preservation and access presents a significant resource management issue for libraries and archives. Digitizing sound is a task that can be partly automated, but describing a recording so its contents are discoverable requires a much more labor-intensive workflow. via Pocket
audio  howto  python  tools  ml 
september 2017 by kintopp
Follow @oTranscribe Created by Elliot Bentley. Enter your transcript here... via Pocket
audio  sound  tools  transcription 
march 2017 by kintopp
New in the Wolfram Language: Audio—Wolfram Blog
I have always liked listening to music. In high school, I started wondering how it is that music seems to be so universally pleasing, and how it differs from other kinds of sounds and noises. via Pocket
november 2016 by kintopp
KiWi - BBC R&D
In this project we have investigated the possibility of automatically assigning topics to large programme archives in a reasonable time. via Pocket
audio  recognition  sound  speech  tools  topics 
november 2016 by kintopp
ABC-IP is a work stream focused on a suite of techniques for rapidly unlocking large content archives. It uses the Linked Open Data cloud as its foundation, specifically by using Linked Data URIs as tags. The toolkit includes: via Pocket
audio  crowdsourcing  linkeddata  sound  speech  tools  topics  ml 
september 2016 by kintopp
REFRAME – Research in Media, Film and Music
REFRAME aims to offer a range of scholarly and related creative and critical content – from relatively ephemeral or responsive forms of research output (project blogs, online film and video festivals, conferences and symposia, and audio and video podcasts) through to fully peer-reviewed online via Pocket
audio  publishing  tools  video 
june 2016 by kintopp
Audiogrep: Automatic Audio “Supercuts” – Sam Lavigne
Audiogrep is a python script that transcribes audio files and then creates audio “supercuts” based on search phrases. It uses CMU Pocketsphinx for speech-to-text, and pydub to splice audio segments together. via Pocket
audio  tools  transcription 
april 2016 by kintopp
The Sonification Handbook | edited by Hermann, Hunt, Neuhoff
Edited by Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt, John G. Neuhoff The Sonification HandbookEdited by Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt, John G. Neuhoff Logos Publishing House,  Berlin 2011, 586 pages, 1. edition (11/2011) ISBN 978-3-8325-2819-5 To purchase a copy, please order online at via Pocket
audio  sonification  sound  analysis 
november 2015 by kintopp
6 reasons why I like KeystoneML - O'Reilly Radar
As we put the finishing touches on what promises to be another outstanding Hardcore Data Science Day at Strata + Hadoop World in New York, I sat down with my co-organizer Ben Recht for the the latest episode of the O’Reilly Data Show Podcast. via Pocket
audio  tools  video  text  images  ml 
july 2015 by kintopp
Virtual Pauls Cross Website | Virtual Paul's Cross Website
The Virtual Paul’s Cross Project enables us to experience the delivery of John Donne’s sermon for Gunpowder Day, November 5, 1622 as an event that unfolds over time on a particular occasion in Paul’s Churchyard, the specific physical location for which it was composed. via Pocket
3d  audio  augmented  simulations  vr 
june 2015 by kintopp
Low Friction Augmented Reality | Electric Archaeology
Maybe you’ve thought, ‘Augmented reality – meh’. I’ve thought that too. Peeping through my tablet or phone’s screen at a 3d model displayed on top of the viewfinder… it can be neat, but as Stu wrote years ago, via Pocket
audio  augmented  geo 
june 2015 by kintopp
Enhancing User Experience With The Web Speech API - Smashing Magazine
It’s an exciting time for web APIs, and one to watch out for is the Web Speech API. It enables websites and web apps not only to speak to you, but to listen, too. It’s still early days, but this functionality is set to open a whole array of use cases. I’d say that’s pretty awesome. via Pocket
api  audio  dictation  recognition  speech  webdev 
december 2014 by kintopp
Benedict Cumberbatch Can Charm Humans, but Can He Fool a Computer?—Wolfram Blog
The Imitation Game, a movie portraying Alan Turing’s life (who would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Mathematica‘s 23rd birthday—read our blog post), was released this week, which we’ve been looking forward to. via Pocket
audio  recognition  sound  analysis  mathematica  ml 
december 2014 by kintopp
ImageMagick • View topic - Audio equalizer for images?
Maybe this already exists, and I'm just really bad at using google, but i'll share my little idea anyway. I deal with audio a lot, and have even coded numerous plugins for that. I've often noticed the similarity between the algorithms used there and what you see in image processing. via Pocket
audio  analysis  sound  images 
october 2014 by kintopp
Harvesting Speech Datasets for Linguistic Research on the Web — Council on Library and Information Resources
The second audio-centric project among the Digging into Data pioneer initiatives is another methodologically focused linguistics project, Harvesting Speech Datasets for Linguistic Research on the Web, led by researchers at Cornell and McGill universities. via Pocket
analysis  audio  data  sound  speech 
september 2014 by kintopp
Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information (SALAMI) — Council on Library and Information Resources
The final audio-oriented project focuses on recorded music. The stated goal of Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Musical Information (SALAMI) is “to develop a state-of-the-art infrastructure for conducting research in music structural analysis. via Pocket
analysis  audio  data  infrastructure  music  research  sound 
september 2014 by kintopp » Toward a sound-based scholarship
To forward the theme of digital and media fluency for this year’s DSI, I’d like to start a conversation about the role of audio and sound in multimedia scholarship. There are, of course, obvious applications of sound in fields such as musicology and media studies. via Pocket
analysis  audio  sound 
september 2014 by kintopp
Call for Submissions - Inertia
As both material artifacts and cultural processes, sound objects and musical media invoke the Einsteinian mantra, “nothing happens until something moves. via Pocket
audio  conference  sound  analysis 
july 2014 by kintopp

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