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Debates in the Digital Humanities
Welcome to the open-access edition of Debates in the Digital Humanities, a hybrid print/digital publication stream that explores debates in the field as they emerge. Choose an edition below. via Pocket
books  debates  dh  theory 
22 days ago by kintopp
Natural Language Processing is Fun! – Adam Geitgey – Medium
This article is part of an on-going series on NLP: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. You can also read a reader-translated version of this article in 普通话. via Pocket
analysis  books  learn  nlp  text 
7 weeks ago by kintopp
Six Septembers Reading Group
This is the website for the Six Septembers: Mathematics for the Humanist reading group, by Patrick Juola and Stephen Ramsay. The book is available on this site for group annotation using Hypothesis, and is also available here as a PDF. Got questions? Email Quinn Dombrowski at qad@stanford. via Pocket
books  humanities  interactive  mathematics 
9 weeks ago by kintopp
🌻 The Best and Most Current of Modern Natural Language Processing
Over the last two years, the Natural Language Processing community has witnessed an acceleration in progress on a wide range of different tasks and applications. via Pocket
bestof  books  learn  lists  nlp  paper  resources 
11 weeks ago by kintopp
Alexander J. Kent, Peter Vujakovic (Hrsg.) (2018): The Routledge handbook of mapping and cartography, Routledge: London, New York. – Historische Geographien
This new Handbook unites cartographic theory and praxis with the principles of cartographic design and their application. via Pocket
books  geo  gis  maps 
11 weeks ago by kintopp
The MLIF Book — Machine Learning is Fun!
Machine Learning is Fun! The Book This book is for anyone who is curious about machine learning and artificial intelligence. via Pocket
books  dev  howto  learn  python  statistics  ml 
may 2019 by kintopp
A History of Place in the Digital Age (Stuart Dunn)
A History of Place in the Digital Age explores the history and impact of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related digital mapping technologies in humanities research. via Pocket
books  dh  geo  gis  history  places 
may 2019 by kintopp
Quantitative Methods in the Humanities | The University of Virginia Press
This timely and lucid guide is intended for students and scholars working on all historical periods and topics in the humanities and social sciences--especially for those who do not think of themselves as experts in quantification, "big data," or "digital humanities."
books  dh  humanities  methodology 
april 2019 by kintopp
History in the Age of Abundance? How the Web is Transforming Historical Research. | Ian Milligan
My new book, History in the Age of Abundance? How the Web is Transforming Historical Research has arrived and is shipping! You can purchase the affordable paperback ($29 Canadian dollars) at booksellers including,, Indigo, or beyond. via Pocket
books  dh  history  methodology  research 
march 2019 by kintopp
The Best Python Books – Real Python
Python is an amazing programming language. It can be applied to almost any programming task, allows for rapid development and debugging, and brings the support of what is arguably the most welcoming user community. via Pocket
books  python  review 
march 2019 by kintopp
Fundamentals of Data Visualization
This is an online preview of the book “Fundamentals of Data Visualization” to be published with O’Reilly Media, Inc. The book is meant as a guide to making visualizations that accurately reflect the data, tell a story, and look professional. via Pocket
analysis  books  data  visualization 
march 2019 by kintopp
HSR: Suppl. 31 - Models and Modelling between Digital and Humanities
Models and Modelling between Digital and Humanities – A Multidisciplinary Perspective (ed. Arianna Ciula, Øyvind Eide, Cristina Marras & Patrick Sahle Contributions Willard McCarty: Modelling What There Is: Ontologising in a Multidimensional World. via Pocket
books  methodology  models  ontology 
december 2018 by kintopp
Text Mining with R
This is the website for Text Mining with R! Visit the GitHub repository for this site, find the book at O’Reilly, or buy it on Amazon. This work by Julia Silge and David Robinson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. via Pocket
analysis  books  mining  text 
december 2018 by kintopp
Computing Art Reader
Einführung in die digitale Kunstgeschichte
arthistory  books  germany 
december 2018 by kintopp
Data Feminism · MIT Press Open
Welcome to the community review site for Data Feminism. Thank you for your generosity and time in choosing to read and comment on this manuscript draft. The review period for this draft will close on , although the ability to leave comments will still be available after that point. via Pocket
books  data  ethics  gender  management 
november 2018 by kintopp
Reading Machines — Technology and the Book
An experiential graduate seminar in the English Department at Northeastern University, Spring 2019. “Reading Machines” will pivot around the double valence of its title, outlining a literary history of new media from the hand-press period to the present. Our approach will draw on scholarship in book history, bibliography, media studies, and digital humanities.
analysis  books  dh  literature  syllabus  text  bibliography 
november 2018 by kintopp
Das alpine Rätien: Topographische Beschreibung von 1574
Der aus Susch im Unterengadin gebür­tige Ulrich Campell verfasste seine topo­graphische Beschreibung des ­alpinen Rätien in den Jahren 1570–1574 auf Lateinisch. Der umfangreiche Text gilt längst als Referenzwerk der bündnerischen Landeskunde, blieb aber seinerzeit ungedruckt. via Pocket
books  geo  history  resources  swiss 
november 2018 by kintopp
Among Digitized Manuscripts: A Handbook for using Digital Humanities in Manuscript Studies
This is a handbook for bringing together Digital Humanities and Manuscript Studies. via Pocket
books  codicology  paleography 
november 2018 by kintopp
The Digital Orientalist | Practical examples and theoretical reflections on the do's and don'ts of using digital tools for your study and research in Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Many people in universities have a Mac. Yet, the world still for the most part runs on Windows. This can be an issue when you wish to collaborate or make use of certain applications. Here are some pointers to think Many people in universities have a Mac. via Pocket
books  diy  handwriting  learn  manuscripts 
november 2018 by kintopp
Python Crash Course | No Starch Press
Page 207: In "Try It Yourself" 10-6, TypeError should be ValueError. via Pocket
books  learn  python 
november 2018 by kintopp
Geographical Models with Mathematica - 1st Edition
Geographical Models with Mathematica provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the types of models necessary for the development of new geographical knowledge, including stochastic models, models for data analysis, for geostatistics, for networks, for dynamic systems, for cellular automata and for multi-agent systems, all discussed in their theoretical context.
books  geo  wolfram  statistics  simulations 
july 2018 by kintopp
Graphentechnologien in den Digitalen Geisteswissenschaften
Dieses Studienbuch führt in Graphentechnologien mit einem geisteswissenschaften Fokus ein. Es handelt sich momentan um eine Arbeitsfassung, die noch weiter entwickelt, ggf. umstrukturiert und ausgebaut wird. Für Rückmeldungen, Verbesserungen und Hinweise bin ich dankbar.
books  germany  graphs  networks  open  access  xml 
june 2018 by kintopp
GitHub - COMHIS/estc: ESTC analytics
This is an algorithmic toolkit for R, designed for transparent quantitative analysis of the British Library English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) data collection. The package is under active, open development; the tools, analysis, and documentation are preliminary and constantly updated. via Pocket
analysis  bibliography  books  datasets  dev  lists  metadata  statistics  uk 
may 2018 by kintopp
Heidelberg University Publishing - heiUP
Visualisierungen spielen in den Wissenschaften eine wichtige Rolle im Forschungsprozess. Sie dienen der Illustration von gewonnener Erkenntnis, aber auch als eigenständiges Mittel der Erkenntnisgewinnung. Auch in der Linguistik sind solche Visualisierungen bedeutend. via Pocket
analysis  books  data  language  text  visualization 
may 2018 by kintopp
DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books
11788 Academic peer-reviewed books and chapters from 268 publishers News   Register for newsletter Archive via Pocket
books  directory  lists  open  access  publishing  resources 
may 2018 by kintopp
Exploring Mathematics with Mathematica: Dialogs Concerning Computers and ... - Theodore W. Gray, Jerry Glynn - Google Books
Exploring Mathematics with Mathematica: Dialogs Concerning Computers and Mathematics Theodore W. Gray, Jerry Glynn Addison-Wesley, 1991 - Mathematics - 535 pages 0 Reviews via Pocket
books  learn  wolfram 
april 2018 by kintopp
evaluation - Mathematica for Computer Scientists - Mathematica Stack Exchange
OK, I will start with a few suggestions. I think, that what you really need is to understand Mathematica evaluator. Once you get this understanding, programming in Mathematica will become vastly easier for you, and you will be ready for the advanced examples showing the power of rules. via Pocket
books  learn  wolfram 
april 2018 by kintopp
Advances in Digital Scholarly Editing
As the papers in this volume testify, digital scholarly editing is a vibrant practice. Scholarly editing has a long-standing tradition in the humanities. via Pocket
books  conference  editing  editions  paper 
march 2018 by kintopp
Based on two summer institutes held at the University of California, Los Angeles  in 2014 and 2015, this online textbook and collection of resources is meant to provide introductory materials to digital approaches relevant to art history. via Pocket
arthistory  bibliography  books  resources 
march 2018 by kintopp
The 7 best deep learning books you should be reading right now - PyImageSearch
In today’s post I’m going to share with you the 7 best deep learning books (in no particular order) I have come across and would personally recommend you read. via Pocket
books  learn  ml  neural 
march 2018 by kintopp
L’édition numérique de correspondances – guide méthodologique | Consortium Cahier
Le groupe de travail Correspondance du consortium Cahier a publié un guide méthodologique pour l’édition numérique de correspondances. L’objet du guide n’est pas de présenter ou d’analyser des outils ou des langages. via Pocket
books  france  letters  methodology  standards 
february 2018 by kintopp
Validating RDF Data
The book is published by Morgan & Claypool in the series Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web: Theory and Technology edited by Ying Ding and Paul Groth. Please, cite the book as: Copyright © 2018 by Morgan & Claypool. All rights reserved. via Pocket
books  linkeddata  metadata  quality  rdf 
january 2018 by kintopp
Frontiers | The Logic of the Big Data Turn in Digital Literary Studies | Digital Humanities
The Digital Humanities, and especially the literary side of the Digital Humanities, i.e., Digital Literary Studies, propose systematic and technologically equipped methodologies in activities where, for centuries, intuition and intelligent handling had played a predominant role. via Pocket
books  debates  dh 
december 2017 by kintopp
Cultural Heritage Infrastructures in Digital Humanities (Hardback) - Routledge
Julian D. Richards 7. Making sure the data fit the researchers. Data Identification and Investigation in European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) via Pocket
archaeology  art  books  culture  infrastructure  vr 
december 2017 by kintopp
Academic Book of the Future BOOC
Our website uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site or choosing to close this message, you give consent for cookies to be used. Read more about our cookies. via Pocket
books  discussion  publishing  uk 
october 2017 by kintopp
Facebook and the blogosphere have made us increasingly aware of the power of social networks. But as long as we've had societies, we've had networks and communication technologies to hold them together. via Pocket
books  database  history  maps  networks  people 
september 2017 by kintopp
The UC Berkeley Foundations of Data Science course combines three perspectives: inferential thinking, computational thinking, and real-world relevance. via Pocket
analysis  books  data  ebooks 
september 2017 by kintopp
Data Visualization for Social Science
Incomplete draft. This version: 2017-09-11. About the Cover Image: Large detail from ‘Income and expenditure of 150 Negro families in Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A.’, by W.E.B. Du Bois. via Pocket
books  ebooks  open  source  visualization 
september 2017 by kintopp
STN Online Database Archive - Options
The options on this page enable you to restrict the data that is taken into account when generating Queries, Rankings, and Comparisons. via Pocket
books  database  datasets  france  history  people  places 
august 2017 by kintopp
The Emergence of Organizations and Markets
The social sciences have sophisticated models of choice and equilibrium but little understanding of the emergence of novelty. Where do new alternatives, new organizational forms, and new types of people come from? Combining biochemical insights about the origin of life with innovative and historically oriented social network analyses, John Padgett and Walter Powell develop a theory about the emergence of organizational, market, and biographical novelty from the coevolution of multiple social networks. They demonstrate that novelty arises from spillovers across intertwined networks in different domains. In the short run actors make relations, but in the long run relations make actors.
books  history  learn  networks  social 
july 2017 by kintopp
R for Data Science
This is the website for “R for Data Science”. This book will teach you how to do data science with R: You’ll learn how to get your data into R, get it into the most useful structure, transform it, visualise it and model it. In this book, you will find a practicum of skills for data science. via Pocket
books  data  datasets  howto  learn  tools 
may 2017 by kintopp
Network Analysis Literacy
For weights that represents the length of streets, this makes perfectly sense. But of course, weights in complex networks can represent almost anything. Let's consider the number of hours two people called each other in the last two weeks. via Pocket
books  learn  networks  theory 
april 2017 by kintopp
Speech and Language Processing
Draft chapters in progress, January 2017 Typos and comments welcome! Just let us know the date on the draft of the chapter. Feel free to use the draft slides in your classes. (Sorry for the random chapter numbers here and in the pdfs, we are constantly reorganizing. via Pocket
analysis  books  learn  mining  nlp  text  ml 
april 2017 by kintopp
New Book Chapter: “Exploring the Narrative Affordances of Graphs with the Iliad” in The Datafied Society, Amsterdam University Press
The chapter was written by Tommaso Venturini (INRIA), Liliana Bounegru (University of Groningen / University of Ghent), Mathieu Jacomy (médialab, Sciences Po) and I. An excerpt from the beginning of our chapter is included below. via Pocket
books  culture  data 
april 2017 by kintopp
GitHub - jakevdp/PythonDataScienceHandbook: Jupyter Notebooks for the Python Data Science Handbook
This repository contains the entire Python Data Science Handbook, in the form of (free!) Jupyter notebooks. The book was written and tested with Python 3.5, though older Python versions (including Python 2.7) should work in nearly all cases. via Pocket
analysis  books  data  dev  interactive 
march 2017 by kintopp
Automatically Ordering Events and Times in Text - Derczynski, Leon R. A. - 9783319472409 | HPB
HPB condition ratings New: Mint condition or still sealed (SS). Absolutely perfect in every way. New. Fine/Like New (EX): No defects, little sign of use, well cared for. Plays perfectly. Close to new. Not necessarily sealed or unused, but close. Could be an unopened promotional or cut item. via Pocket
algorithm  books  dev  time 
march 2017 by kintopp
Teaching Yourself to Code in DH – the scottbot irregular
I’m collecting programming & methodological textbooks for humanists as part of a reflective study on DH, but figured it’d also be useful for those interested in teaching themselves to code, or teachers who need a textbook for their class. via Pocket
books  code  dev  dh  learn 
march 2017 by kintopp
A Course in Machine Learning
Machine learning is the study of algorithms that learn from data and experience. It is applied in a vast variety of application areas, from medicine to advertising, from military to pedestrian. Any area in which you need to make sense of data is a potential consumer of machine learning. via Pocket
books  learn  ml 
february 2017 by kintopp
French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe (FBTEE) Blog – Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment Digital Humanities Project at Western Sydney University
We are pleased to announce that deep into the Australian summer holiday period, FBTEE was awarded the 2017 British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS) Digital Resource Prize at the BSECS annual conference at St Hugh’s college, Oxford, on 5 January. via Pocket
books  enlightenment  france  history  resources  visualization 
february 2017 by kintopp
Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python [ eBook ] by Adrian Rosebrock —Kickstarter
This book has one goal — to help developers, researchers, and students just like yourself become experts in deep learning for image recognition and classification. via Pocket
books  python  deep 
january 2017 by kintopp
ArchBook: Architectures of the Book -- Table of Contents
A “Table of Contents,” or sometimes simply “Contents,” is a sequenced list of the divisions of a book, most commonly the chapters. It typically provides a division number and title correlated with the first page number of that division. via Pocket
books  design  history  typography 
december 2016 by kintopp
Information Theory Tools for Visualization - CRC Press Book
CRC Press eBooks are available through VitalSource. The free VitalSource Bookshelf® application allows you to access to your eBooks whenever and wherever you choose. via Pocket
books  methodology  theory  visualization 
december 2016 by kintopp
The Connected Past - Tom Brughmans; Anna Collar; Fiona Coward - Oxford University Press
Challenges to Network Studies in Archaeology and History Features a comprehensive volume introduction which explains what network science is, why it is of interest for studying the past, and outlines the challenges faced when using network science in archaeology and history Provides archaeologist via Pocket
archaeology  books  graphs  history  networks 
december 2016 by kintopp
Text Mining with R
This is the website for Text Mining with R! Visit the GitHub repository for this site. This work by Julia Silge and David Robinson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. via Pocket
analysis  books  text 
december 2016 by kintopp
This version of the NLTK book is updated for Python 3 and NLTK 3. The first edition of the book, published by O'Reilly, is available at (There are currently no plans for a second edition of the book.) via Pocket
books  learn  nlp  python 
december 2016 by kintopp
We're incredibly happy to say we've received so many messages from enthusiasts people of different ages and backgrounds who are drawing their data. This section is for you. via Pocket
books  data  letters 
november 2016 by kintopp
Preface · Introduction to Text Analysis: A Coursebook
(Note: We welcome feedback on this book! If you find an error, want clarification on a particular issue, or find deep problems with particular explanations, drop us a line on our GitHub issues page. We'll be grateful and list you in our acknowledgements!) via Pocket
analysis  books  teach  text 
november 2016 by kintopp
Introduction | Computational and Inferential Thinking
This is the textbook for the Foundations of Data Science class at UC Berkeley. View this textbook online on Gitbooks. via Pocket
books  data  datasets  learn 
november 2016 by kintopp
Introduction to Metadata: Intro to Metadata
The third edition of Introduction to Metadata, first published in 1998, provides an overview of metadata, including its types, roles, and characteristics; a discussion of metadata as it relates to web resources; and a description of methods, tools, standards, and protocols for publishing and dissemi via Pocket
books  learn  metadata 
november 2016 by kintopp
MEDIATE is an ERC-funded digital humanities project that seeks to study the circulation of books and ideas in eighteenth-century Europe by drawing on a unique database of eighteenth-century library auction catalogues. via Pocket
books  catalog  history  metadata 
november 2016 by kintopp
Book | Making Maps: DIY Cartography
“I love this book. It’s just so neat. … Making Maps is both accessible and useful: everyone with an interest in maps will be able to take something away from it. But it’s also tremendously enjoyable reading. Highly recommended.”“…terse and wonderfully illustrated…. via Pocket
books  geo  gis  maps 
september 2016 by kintopp
Deep Learning
The Deep Learning textbook is a resource intended to help students and practitioners enter the field of machine learning in general and deep learning in particular. The online version of the book is now complete and will remain available online for free. via Pocket
books  learn  deep 
august 2016 by kintopp
Speech and Language Processing
Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft) Dan Jurafsky and James H. Martin Draft chapters in progress, August 28, 2017 Chapter 8, 13, 29 and 30 are now here! Here's a single pdf of the whole book-so-far! Chapter Slides Relation to 2nd ed. 1: Introduction [Ch. 1 in 2nd ed. via Pocket
analysis  books  learn  mining  nlp  text  ml 
august 2016 by kintopp
FBTEE: The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe | Mapping the Trade of the Société Typographique de Neuchâtel, 1769-1794
The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe (FBTEE) project uses database technology to map the trade of the Société Typographique de Neuchâtel (STN), a celebrated Swiss publishing house that operated between 1769 and 1794. via Pocket
books  history  maps  time  visualization 
august 2016 by kintopp
Book Launch: Hermeneutica, Computer-Assisted Interpretation in the Humanities | Stéfan Sinclair
It’s a pleasure to announce the availability of our new book  (co-authored with Geoffrey Rockwell), available from MIT Press and elsewhere. via Pocket
books  visualization 
august 2016 by kintopp
15cV: The 15CBOOKTRADE Visualisation Suite on Vimeo
This video introduces the 15CV visualisation suite for the analysis and visualisation of incunabula from the 15CBOOKTRADE project's MEI database. via Pocket
books  networks  space  time  viz  travel 
june 2016 by kintopp
Shady Characters: The Secret Life of Punctuation, Symbols, & other Typographical Marks – Shady Characters
Punctuation is not a mere ornament or a curiosity — it is essential, and we need to know about it. Keith Houston’s history is entertaining and readable. via Pocket
books  language  typography 
june 2016 by kintopp
Amongst Digital Humanists - An Ethnographic | Smiljana Antonijević | Palgrave Macmillan
"At last, a thorough field study that does not approach the digital humanities as a sole entity, but puts the practices of humanities researchers central. via Pocket
books  culture  methodology 
june 2016 by kintopp
Table of Contents What's Vis, and Why Do It? The Big Picture Why Have A Human in the Loop? Why Have A Computer in the Loop? Why Use An External Representation? Why Depend on Vision? Why Show The Data In Detail? Why Use Interactivity? Why Is the Vis Idiom Design Space Huge? Why Focus on Tasks? Why via Pocket
books  visualization 
june 2016 by kintopp
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