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CHANGE – Cultural Heritage Analysis for New Generations
The CHANGE project will train a new generation of early stage researchers towards a common goal, namely the assessment of changes of tangible cultural heritage (CH) objects and their monitoring in the atmosphere and/or during their conservation treatment using multimodal imaging techniques in complement to more traditional analytical techniques.
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6 weeks ago by kintopp
Olfaction, Taste, and Cognition edited by Catherine Rouby
This book arises from an acknowledgment: the lack, as far as we know, of a book dedicated to the cognition of chemical senses.

Unlike the other senses, olfaction and taste do not have a learned discourse dealing with elementary aspects, that is, sensory processing, as well as the most abstract aspects, that is, symbolic processing. The purpose of cognitive science is to orient these processings into a continuity, and particularly to try to find out to what extent higher-order processes interact with the sensory level in order to produce sufficiently reliable representations of the world. We are still quite unaware of the nature of gustatory and olfactory representations, as compared with what we know about vision and audition, for example.

Faced with this relative ignorance, our prejudice was the following: If odors and tastes are ill-identified cognitive objects, then none of the available potential resources should be neglected: Expert and naive people, as well as “savage” and “civilized” ones, conscious knowledge and emotions, biology and social sciences – all of those can contribute first to an assessment of our knowledge, and then to confrontation of its inadequacies.
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december 2019 by kintopp
AromaPrime - Hundreds of Speciality Scents
Hundreds of Speciality Scents The UK's Leading Scent Company Discover via Pocket
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november 2019 by kintopp
Flavornet is a compilation of aroma compounds found in human odor space. A seemingly infinite number of perceptions are invoked by less than 1000 odorants that make up this space. via Pocket
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november 2019 by kintopp

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