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Nested hierarchical diagram of cities and towns in #Kyrgyzstan. (Is there a name for this kind of map?) Adapted from an uncredited illustration in "Архитектура Советской Киргизии," Moscow 1986. Many of the cities have since been renamed. #cartography via Pocket
cities  gazetteer  geo  history  places  visualization 
6 weeks ago by kintopp
projecten « Hic Sunt Leones beoogt tot een referentielijst te komen voor verdwenen bouwwerken. Het is een beetje uit ‘t oog, uit ‘t hart, met die verdwenen gebouwen – geen enkele ‘autorireit’ maakt zich er druk om, die zijn al druk genoeg met bestaande gebouwen. via Pocket
cities  gazetteer  geo  history  netherlands  places 
8 weeks ago by kintopp
DECIMA | We put Florentine history on the map.
DECIMA is a powerful GIS mapping tool that allows historians to explore the city’s evolving urban dynamics like never before. We seek to be an open-access, collaborative, and highly accessible resource that will enhance the early modern study of Florence at all levels of research.
cities  geo  italy  maps 
8 weeks ago by kintopp
GIS and the City. The Use of GIS in Historical Research
An European-wide setting of interesting and different approaches in the use of GIS for historical questions and research is presented in this workshop. A “GIS Marketplace” will offer new ideas and projects from students and scholars working with GIS & History. A concluding Round-Table discussion will present critical views on benefits and possible pitfalls of GIS in the Humanities.
cities  gis  history  workshop  geo  germany 
november 2018 by kintopp
For these reasons, we started a large project to collaboratively digitize several maps of the city of Paris and of France from the 18th century to the 20th century. via Pocket
cities  france  gazetteer  geo  history  maps  tools 
july 2018 by kintopp
Urban Gazetteers Working Group | Pelagios Commons
Digital gazetteers have become an established resource and the backbone of many digital humanities projects. via Pocket
cities  gazetteer  history  workshop 
june 2018 by kintopp

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