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Text as a Graph | Graphentechnologien
Die AG Graphentechnologie des DHd-Verbandes veranstaltet vom 10. bis 11. September 2018 einen Workshop zum Thema ‘Text as a Graph’ an der SUB Göttingen. via Pocket
community  dariah  germany  graphs  text 
may 2019 by kintopp
Open Source Guides | Learn how to launch and grow your project.
Open source software is made by people just like you. Learn how to launch and grow your project. It's Friday! Invest a few hours contributing to the software you use and love: via Pocket
community  howto  open  source  resources  software 
may 2019 by kintopp
Héloïse - European Network on Digital Academic History
Heloise - European Network on Digital Academic History Home About Heloise Network: Advisory Committee, March 2019 Member access via Pocket
academy  europe  history  prosopography  community 
march 2019 by kintopp
GeoHumanities | DARIAH
The increasing trend of spatialisation in many disciplines within the social sciences and humanities (e.g. via Pocket
community  dariah  geo  infrastructure 
may 2018 by kintopp
Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity - is the archaeological atlas of classical antiquity. It is a community driven archaeological map, inspired by and modelled after Wikipedia.
classics  linkeddata  map  archaeology  crowdsourcing  community 
january 2018 by kintopp
Democratizing Machine Learning
community  datasets  resources  ml 
december 2017 by kintopp
co:op – the creative archives' and users' network
Skip to content /> imagine. tomorrow. dare. today. via Pocket
archives  community  creative 
august 2016 by kintopp
What makes a good community? | The Geekess
There’s been a lot of discussion in my comment sections (and on LWN) about what makes a good community, along with suggestions of welcoming open source communities to check out. Your hearts are in the right place, but I’ve never found an open source community that doesn’t need improvement. via Pocket
community  dev  management  project 
october 2015 by kintopp
LiquidFeedback: Interactive Democracy and Non-Moderated Proposition Development | Technology, Innovation, Education
A few weeks ago I attended a workshop about LiquidFeedback organised by Netwerk Democratie and Waag Society. LiquidFeedback is a piece of open source (MIT-licensed) software that is used by the Pirate Party in Germany to help them in their decision making process. via Pocket
community  discussion  tools 
august 2014 by kintopp

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