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PhotoStruk • Explore
In the EU project PhotoStruk crowdsourcing-based procedures are to be used in order to open up large archive stocks through georeferencing and orientation of photographs and make them accessible on the basis of geoinformation. For this purpose, photographs of Atelier Seidel taken in the Bavarian-Bohemia border area are used and a web- and app-based methodology is being tested.
crowdsourcing  culture  geo  germany  interactive  maps  photography  tools 
5 weeks ago by kintopp
Systematic Analysis of Narrative Texts through Annotation
This page is the central hub for the initiative for shared tasks in the Digital Humanities. You'll find most recent news below, older posts and more information can be reached via the sidebar. via Pocket
annotation  crowdsourcing  literature  narrative  text  workshop 
may 2019 by kintopp | Page uNDER coNSTRUCTION
Our Favorite! If you’re into music, this is your project. The demo that also shows you how to create your own sound recognition project. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  infrastructure  open  source  software 
may 2019 by kintopp
German Heritage in Letters
German Heritage in Letters is a project of the German Historical Institute, Washington DC. The project team works in close cooperation with the Auswandererbriefe aus Nordamerika project in Germany. Funding for the project is sponsored by the Year of German-American Friendship initiative. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  germany  letters  transcription  usa 
march 2019 by kintopp
OpenStreetMap is a free street level map of the world, created by an ever growing community of mappers. Anyone can edit OpenStreetMap. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  geo  learn  maps  tools 
february 2019 by kintopp
ARTigo – Social Image Tagging [Dataset and Images]
ARTigo is a platform that uses crowdsourcing to gather annotations (tags) on works of art (see The dataset is compromised of 54.497 objects, which are associated with 18.492 artists (11.519 of which are either anonymous or unknown), 295. via Pocket
art  classification  crowdsourcing  datasets  germany  images  munich 
december 2018 by kintopp
OpenPOIs Database
open, collaborative, standardized points of interest for the world Get data using the API Explore the map Contribute to the cause. Add your own tags and descriptions on any POI listing Manage your business listing in one place. Let Google, Yelp, Bing, Facebook, etc. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  database  geo  standards 
december 2018 by kintopp
Collecting Epistolary Metadata of the Republic of Letters via Pocket
crowdsourcing  history  letters  tools  metadata 
december 2018 by kintopp
Machine Learning, Training Data, and Artificial Intelligence Platform
CrowdFlower is now Figure Eight. Learn more. Our Human-in-the-Loop platform trains, tests, and tunes machine learning models for the most innovative companies in the world. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  datasets  ml 
july 2018 by kintopp
Six Lessons Learned from Our First Crowdsourcing Project in the Digital Humanities | The Getty Iris
At the Getty Research Institute (GRI), we think a lot about how we can provide greater access to the growing corpus of digitized materials from our special collections. This means we think a lot about metadata. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  culture  museums  report 
may 2018 by kintopp
Crowdsourcing Platform | Digirati
Originally implemented for the National Library of Wales as a set of modules for the Omeka S collection management system, our crowdsourcing platform lets you build your own projects from any source IIIF material, define the information you want your users to capture from that material, and save t via Pocket
crowdsourcing  iiif  images  omeka  uk 
may 2018 by kintopp
GitHub - thegetty/mutual-muses: Mutual Muses is a crowdsourced transcription project undertaken by the Digital Art History program at the Getty Research Institute
Mutual Muses is a crowdsourced transcription project undertaken by the Digital Art History program at the Getty Research Institute in 2017. The project crowdsourced transcriptions of correspondence from the archives of art critic Lawrence Alloway (1926-1990) and feminist artist Sylvia Sleigh (ca. via Pocket
artist  crowdsourcing  letters  transcription 
may 2018 by kintopp
Mutual Muse
Mutual Muses provides a rare, intimate look into the private lives of two significant members of the art world in the 20th-century: Sylvia Sleigh (1916–2010), a realist painter known for her feminist principles, and Lawrence Alloway (1926–1990), a self-taught critic and curator most famously credited for coining the term ‘Pop Art.’
art  crowdsourcing  letters 
march 2018 by kintopp
Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble — Emacsen's Blog
I was a contributor for OpenStreetMap for a long time, and I advocated for OpenStreetMap for a long time, but the project has stalled while the proprietary mapping world has continued to improve in data quality. For those of us who care about Free and Open data, this is a problem. via Pocket
collaboration  crowdsourcing  debates  geo  management  maps  open  data 
march 2018 by kintopp
Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity - is the archaeological atlas of classical antiquity. It is a community driven archaeological map, inspired by and modelled after Wikipedia.
classics  linkeddata  map  archaeology  crowdsourcing  community 
january 2018 by kintopp
Matching China
Feel like you know something about ceramics? Test your savvy by playing Matching China now. A team of eight scholars at the Digital Art History Summer School 2017 has put together this fun and interactive game to look at how different narratives influence our ways of seeing. via Pocket
art  crowdsourcing  games 
december 2017 by kintopp
VeleHanden > Startpagina
Iedereen kan archieven online toegankelijk maken. Ervaring is niet nodig, wel passie voor het verleden. Helpt u mee de geschiedenis van alle Nederlanders op internet te zetten? Want vele handen maken licht werk.-- via Pocket
crowdsourcing  netherlands 
november 2017 by kintopp
LibCrowds, in association with BL Labs, is a platform for hosting experimental crowdsourcing projects aimed at improving access to the diverse collections held at the British Library. Your participation will have a direct impact on enabling future research conducted at the Library. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  culture  libraries  uk 
september 2017 by kintopp
GOV :: Das Geschichtliche Orts-Verzeichnis
Die genaue Angabe von Orten ist in der Familienforschung ein unerlässliches Hilfsmittel. Leider wird hierauf von zu vielen Forschern zu wenig Wert gelegt. Um die Ortsverwaltung einfacher zu machen und um qualitativ hochwertige Daten für jedermann bereitzustellen, wurde Projekt GOV initiiert. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  europe  gazetteer  history 
september 2017 by kintopp
OpenHistoricalMap is a project designed to store and display map data throughout the history of the world. This is a work in progress, we'll be playing around with many new features as we time-enable the site. We encourage you to start playing around and editing data, too. via Pocket
collaboration  crowdsourcing  history  maps  open  access  wiki 
september 2017 by kintopp
TSX by cziaarm
TSX is a web interface for transcription of digitised handwritten material "by the crowd". TSX was developed as part of the tranScripotium project and uses the Transkribus web servicces to manage transcripts and access digitised images and HTR tool outputs. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  handwriting  ocr  tools  transcription 
september 2017 by kintopp
mia ridge - Cultural heritage technologies, user experience design and research, digital humanities
From summer 2013 to May 2014 I’m concentrating on finishing my PhD, so I’m not giving many talks. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  resources 
february 2017 by kintopp
NEH Grant details: Scribe: Turning Text into Structured Information through the Power of the Crowd
Further development of Scribe, an open-source, extensible software platform for crowdsourced transcription of cultural heritage collections, including tools for transcription management, quality control, and data sharing. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  tools 
november 2016 by kintopp
Crowdsorcery: A Proposal for an Open-Source Toolkit Integrating Best Lessons from Industry & Academia – Follow the Crowd
Want to collect data using the crowd but afraid of poor quality results? Unsure how to best design your task to ensure success? Want to use all the power of modern machine learning algorithms for quality control, but without having to understand all that math? Want a solve a complex task but unsure via Pocket
crowdsourcing  infrastructure 
november 2016 by kintopp
Transcribing Europeana 1914-1918 - Europeana Professional
We are happy to announce the launch of the recently developed Europeana 1914-1918 transcription tool at the upcoming AGM in Riga. Here the tool will be introduced along with the new concept of Transcribathon competitions. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  transcription 
september 2016 by kintopp
--> <title>Transcribe@Yale
Help transcribe Native language manuscripts to build a corpus of text that is legible, searchable, and open to support education and research. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  omeka  tools  transcription 
september 2016 by kintopp
ABC-IP is a work stream focused on a suite of techniques for rapidly unlocking large content archives. It uses the Linked Open Data cloud as its foundation, specifically by using Linked Data URIs as tags. The toolkit includes: via Pocket
audio  crowdsourcing  linkeddata  sound  speech  tools  topics  ml 
september 2016 by kintopp
AnnoLex -- Lexical Annotation and Correction
Shakespeare His Contemporaries: Collaborative Curation of EEBO-TCP Texts with AnnoLex 1. What is AnnoLex? AnnoLex is a collaborative data curation tool for use with EEBO-TCP texts. It is useful for the identification and correction of incompletely or incorrectly transcribed words. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  language  literature  text 
august 2016 by kintopp
Technical – Letters of 1916
The Letters of 1916 website comprises multiple pieces of software implemented in a complex yet fluid manner. The following are the software packages used in the production of the Letters of 1916: via Pocket
crowdsourcing  letters  omeka 
may 2016 by kintopp
Collaborative translation of the Juttenspiel – Reformation 2017 at the Taylorian Library
We are seeking contributors for a collaborative translation of the Juttenspiel, the play which tells the legend of Pope Joan. The drama was first performed in the fifteenth century, but survives only in a 1565 print. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  oxford 
may 2016 by kintopp
From grey dots to trenches to field books - news in heritage crowdsourcing - Open Objects
Apparently you can finish a thesis but you can’t stop scanning for articles and blog posts on your topic. Sharing them here is a good way to shake the ‘I should be doing something with this’ feeling. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  paper 
may 2016 by kintopp
Constructing Scientific Communities | Citizen Science in the 19th and 21st Centuries
When Darwin was developing his theories of evolution he read avidly in popular natural history magazines and sought out information from an army of almost 2000 correspondents. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  history  museums  oxford 
april 2016 by kintopp
When computing optimal routes, considering the existence and conditions of sidewalks ... Proof of concept and checking if it is possible to have the community to help HON Fou... via Pocket
crowdsourcing  tools 
april 2016 by kintopp
Open Objects - 'Every age has its orthodoxy and no orthodoxy is ever right.'
Apparently you can finish a thesis but you can’t stop scanning for articles and blog posts on your topic. Sharing them here is a good way to shake the ‘I should be doing something with this’ feeling. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  culture  resource 
march 2016 by kintopp
Frequently Asked Questions about crowdsourcing in cultural heritage - Open Objects
Over time I’ve noticed the repetition of various misconceptions and apprehensions about crowdsourcing for cultural heritage and digital history, so since this is a large part of my PhD topic I thought I’d collect various resources together as I work to answer some FAQs. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  culture  report 
march 2016 by kintopp
LISTSERV 16.0 - TEI-L Archives
Øyvind makes an excellent point. Opportunities for failure abound, especially in projects (like crowdsourced transcription) that require such a large investment into digitization and software development up front, but which are often justified by eventual cost savings. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  discussion  experience 
march 2016 by kintopp
DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Building A Volunteer Community: Results and Findings from Transcribe Bentham
This paper contributes to the literature examining the burgeoning field of academic crowdsourcing, by analysing the results of the crowdsourced manuscript transcription project, Transcribe Bentham. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  experience 
march 2016 by kintopp
TypeWright | eMOP
TypeWright is a crowd-source correction tool available through 18thConnect. Again, the eMOP data set consists of EEBO and ECCO documents. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  editing  tools  text 
february 2016 by kintopp
DH Crowdscribe
Welcome to DHCrowdscribe (@dhCrowdScribe) , the online hub for the output of the AHRC-funded Collaborative Skills Project ‘Promoting Interdisciplinary Engagement in the Digital Humanities’ (#dhAHRC). via Pocket
crowdsourcing  uk 
november 2015 by kintopp
Scribe Framework
Scribe is a highly configurable, open source framework for setting up community transcription projects around handwritten or OCR-resistant texts. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  dev  infrastructure 
november 2015 by kintopp
A vibrant discussion followed . Carrie Schroeder, Allen Riddel and others on Twitter pointed out that, especially in non-English DH fields, many corpora are already on GitHub. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  editions  infrastructure  literature  tools  text 
october 2015 by kintopp
This free online encyclopedia has achieved what Wikipedia can only dream of - Quartz
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy may be the most interesting website on the internet. Not because of the content—which includes fascinating entries on everything from ambiguity to zombies—but because of the site itself. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  howto 
october 2015 by kintopp
organisciak/dissertation · GitHub
What's it about? Maximizing data quality in using paid crowds for objective and subjective encoding tasks. Read the Abstract. This project outlines Peter's dissertation research and writing. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  diss 
september 2015 by kintopp
Collaborative Manuscript Transcription: Quality Control for Crowdsourced Transcription
Whenever I talk about crowd-sourced transcription--actually whenever I talk about crowdsourced anything--the first question people ask is about accuracy. Nobody trusts the public add to an institution's data/meta-data, nor especially to correct it. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  transcription 
august 2015 by kintopp
CrowdTruth | The framework for crowdsourcing ground truth data
The CrowdTruth Framework implements an approach to machine-human computing for collecting annotation data on text, images and videos. The approach is focussed specifically on collecting gold standard data for training and evaluation of cognitive computing systems. via Pocket
july 2015 by kintopp
Transcribing Bentham … with the help of a machine? | UCL Transcribe Bentham
Since the start of 2013 we – we being the Bentham Project, the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, and the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) – have participated in the exciting EC-funded tranScriptorium project with some fantastic colleagues from around Europe. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  tools  transcription 
july 2015 by kintopp
Crowdsourcing the world's heritage - Open Objects
It’s all too easy to forget that there are crowdsourcing projects in languages other than English so I thought I’d collect some projects related to cultural heritage, history and science here (following my definition of crowdsourcing in cultural heritage as ‘asking the public to help with tas via Pocket
crowdsourcing  lists  resources 
june 2015 by kintopp
Crowd Consortium
Welcome to the newly formed Crowdsourcing Consortium for Libraries and Archives, whose aim is to examine how libraries, archives, and museums, can most effectively use crowdsourcing techniques to augment their collections and enhance their patrons’ experience. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  resources 
june 2015 by kintopp
Getting started with TSX - Transcribe Bentham: Transcription Desk
This page is intended to provide users with a very brief introduction to using TSX, and is by no means a comprehensive guide to all of its features. Once you are familiar with navigating the site, you should consult: You can also visit a page containing examples of Bentham's handwriting. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  recognition  tools  writing 
may 2015 by kintopp
BBC - Your Paintings
Art Guide Our easy-to-understand guide covers over 40 artistic styles and movements Read the Your Paintings glossary via Pocket
art  crowdsourcing 
april 2015 by kintopp
SEHEPUNKTE - Rezension von: Crowdsourcing our Cultural Heritage - Ausgabe 15 (2015), Nr. 1
Mit dem World Wide Web, und insbesondere mit dessen Interaktivitätsmöglichkeiten, wie sie sich seit der Jahrtausendwende unter dem Schlagwort des Web 2.0 entwickeln, haben sich auch neue Formen der "citizen science" etabliert. Gemeint ist die Beteiligung der Laien am wissenschaftlichen Prozess. via Pocket
books  crowdsourcing  review 
february 2015 by kintopp
Picaguess: a prototype crowdsourcing app from the British Library Big Data Experiment - Digital scholarship blog
The British Library Big Data Experiment is an ongoing collaboration between British Library Digital Research and UCL Department of Computer Science (UCLCS), facilitated by UCL Centre for Digital Humanities (UCLDH), that enables and engages students in computer science with humanities research issue via Pocket
crowdsourcing  libraries  images 
february 2015 by kintopp
Hive: Open-Source Crowdsourcing Framework ← nytlabs
In our last blog post we introduced you to Madison, a crowdsourcing project where readers provide data on the historical ads within our archives. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  dev  open  source 
december 2014 by kintopp
Collaborative Manuscript Transcription: Collaborative Digitization at ALA 2014
This is a transcript of the talk I gave at the Collaborative Digitization SIG meeting at the American Library Association annual meeting on June 28, 2014 in Caesar's Palace casino in Las Vegas. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  talk 
august 2014 by kintopp
Collaborative Manuscript Transcription: Jens Brokfeld's Thesis on Crowdsourced Transcription
Although the field of transcription tools has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, most academic publications on the topic focus on a single project and the lessons that project can teach. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  report  transcription 
july 2014 by kintopp
Not familiar with programming languages? Launch your own one-click project at for free! Analyze patterns in photos, pictures, etc... via Pocket
crowdsourcing  dev 
july 2014 by kintopp
The Key Questions of Cultural Heritage Crowdsourcing Projects | Trevor Owens
To sum up my series of posts on different considerations for crowdsourcing in cultural heritage projects I thought it would be helpful to lay out a set of questions to ask when developing or evaluating projects. via Pocket
july 2014 by kintopp
peter organisciak » Blog Archive » A Modern Proposal
Last month, I gave a presentation about paid crowdsourcing in the humanities at SDH-SEMI. Below are my notes. In a 2004 talk, John Unsworth characterized the dominant model of the humanities as one of appreciation– rigorous and qualitative. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  data  talk 
june 2012 by kintopp
Does lack of reputation help the crowdsourcing industry? | A Computer Scientist in a Business School
Can the lack of a public reputation system on Amazon Mechanical Turk be the reason behind the success of current crowdsourcing companies? I present an analysis that points to this direction. via Pocket
november 2011 by kintopp

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