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DigiCULT Newsletter 10 Launched The lastest issue of the newsletter covers prototyping, augmented reality, digital archives from Greece, BIRTH television archive, VICODI and the semantic Web, InterPARES2, NEMO, and news from our regional correspondents. via Pocket
culture  discussion  europe  standards 
23 days ago by kintopp
RDA und Sondermaterialien - rda-info - Deutsche Nationalbibliothek - Wiki
Bereits während des RDA-Implementierungsprojekts hat sich die deutschsprachige Community mit Sondermaterialien und deren Erschließung nach RDA beschäftigt und Kontakte zu weiteren Kultureinrichtungen wie Archiven und Museen aufgenommen. via Pocket
diglib  discussion  germany  images  standards  text 
4 weeks ago by kintopp
Thomas Stäcker, ”Data modeling for early modern emblems” | datasymposium
[] Hello everybody. First of all I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to speak to you. What I am going to do is to present a joint project of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champain and the Herzog August Bibliothek. via Pocket
discussion  emblems  metadata  models 
4 weeks ago by kintopp
Proposed Group: Entity Reconciliation Community Group | Community and Business Groups
The Entity Reconciliation Community Group has been proposed by Antonin Delpeuch: Matching entities across data sources using different identifiers and formats is a pervasive issue on the web. via Pocket
api  discussion  reconcile  standards 
8 weeks ago by kintopp
Historical People
People mailing list for Linked Pasts
discussion  email  history  people 
12 weeks ago by kintopp
Fehlstellen im Annotation Space – Überlegungen zu Tom Cranes Vision einer IIIF-basierten Wissensvernetzung – Werkstatt Wissensrepräsentation
Die digitale Vernetzung wissenschaftlicher Informationen ist ein Thema, das aus gebührendem Abstand betrachtet – etwa von den Zuhörerbänken einschlägiger Tagungen – begeistern kann: Hören wir auf, unsere Daten und Ressourcen in Silos gegeneinander abzuschotten! Machen wir Wissen allgemein via Pocket
annotation  arthistory  discussion  iiif  tools 
may 2019 by kintopp
#OPEN Geospatial data use cases - Google Docs
As part of our Open Data Institute project to look at how we can support the publication and use of more open geospatial data we are producing a number of prototypes, one of which is to develop a geospatial data re-users guide.
discussion  geo  license  open  data 
october 2018 by kintopp
How Challenging is Doing DH in a Library in 2018? - LIBER
In August 2012, Miriam Posner asked the question ‘What are some challenges to doing DH in the library?’. via Pocket
diglib  discussion  humanities  libraries  research 
may 2018 by kintopp
Workshop „Sehen in der digitalen Kunstgeschichte“, 8. Juni 2018 › Digitale Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften
Die technischen Paradigmenwechsel in der Herstellung und Reproduktion von Bildern waren für die Kunstgeschichte immer unmittelbar wissenschaftsgeschichtlich bedeutend. Heute vollziehen sich die Bildbeschaffung, -speicherung, -rezeption und -präsentation in großen Teilen digital. via Pocket
art  arthistory  cognition  discussion  germany  images  methodology  workshop 
may 2018 by kintopp
HuMetricsHSS – Rethinking humane indicators of excellence in the humanities and social sciences
Welcome to the home of the Humane Metrics in Humanities and Social Sciences (HuMetricsHSS) initiative. Want to learn more? Get a quick overview, reach out to individual members of the team, read our blog, find us at conferences, follow us on Twitter, or e-mail us! via Pocket
academy  datasets  debates  discussion  humanities  survey 
february 2018 by kintopp
Academic Book of the Future BOOC
Our website uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site or choosing to close this message, you give consent for cookies to be used. Read more about our cookies. via Pocket
books  discussion  publishing  uk 
october 2017 by kintopp
LibCrowds Community
LibCrowds Community Loading... via Pocket
discussion  showcase  tools 
september 2017 by kintopp
Historyonics: Place and the Politics of the Past
The talk that forms the basis for this post was written for the annual Gerald Aylmer seminar run by the Royal Historical Society and the National Archives, and was delivered on 29 February 2012. via Pocket
discussion  geo  history 
july 2017 by kintopp
support for first-class place model by stoicflame · Pull Request #79 · FamilySearch/gedcomx · GitHub
You can clone with HTTPS or Subversion. Showing 11 unique commits by 1 author. via Pocket
discussion  forum  geo  methodology  places 
july 2017 by kintopp
Serendipitous Collections as Data • Always Already Computational - Collections as Data
Last week, Collections as Data held its national forum. During the forum we decided to forego a focus on talks and instead dedicated the bulk of time to participants working in small groups on collections as data challenges. via Pocket
datasets  diglib  discussion  libraries 
april 2017 by kintopp
LISTSERV 16.0 - TEI-L Archives
Øyvind makes an excellent point. Opportunities for failure abound, especially in projects (like crowdsourced transcription) that require such a large investment into digitization and software development up front, but which are often justified by eventual cost savings. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  discussion  experience 
march 2016 by kintopp
Moving Forward Digital Art History – Report from a UCLDH Workshop | UCL UCL Centre for Digital Humanities
In June 2015, UCLDH hosted an invitation only workshop titled “Moving Forward Digital Art History” at University College London. via Pocket
arthistory  discussion  talk 
october 2015 by kintopp
About FAQ Blog Try It Buy It Meta Fork Us New! 1. via Pocket
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july 2015 by kintopp
LiquidFeedback: Interactive Democracy and Non-Moderated Proposition Development | Technology, Innovation, Education
A few weeks ago I attended a workshop about LiquidFeedback organised by Netwerk Democratie and Waag Society. LiquidFeedback is a piece of open source (MIT-licensed) software that is used by the Pirate Party in Germany to help them in their decision making process. via Pocket
community  discussion  tools 
august 2014 by kintopp

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