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The Uncanny Valley and the Ghost in the Machine: a discussion of analogies for thinking about digitized medieval manuscripts - Dot Porter Digital
This is a version of a paper I presented at the University of Kansas Digital Humanities Seminar, Co-Sponsored with the Hall Center for the Humanities on September 17, 2018. Good afternoon, and thank you everyone for coming today. via Pocket
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8 weeks ago by kintopp
LISTSERV 16.0 - TEI-L Archives
Øyvind makes an excellent point. Opportunities for failure abound, especially in projects (like crowdsourced transcription) that require such a large investment into digitization and software development up front, but which are often justified by eventual cost savings. via Pocket
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march 2016 by kintopp
DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Building A Volunteer Community: Results and Findings from Transcribe Bentham
This paper contributes to the literature examining the burgeoning field of academic crowdsourcing, by analysing the results of the crowdsourced manuscript transcription project, Transcribe Bentham. via Pocket
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march 2016 by kintopp
Brain Time
At some point, the Mongol military leader Kublai Khan (1215–94) realized that his empire had grown so vast that he would never be able to see what it contained. To remedy this, he commissioned emissaries to travel to the empire's distant reaches and convey back news of what he owned. via Pocket
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december 2014 by kintopp

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