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Welcome to the homepage of the Digital Humanities Lab of the Bibliotheca Hertziana - Max Planck Institute for Art History, Rome, where we develop algorithms, tools and databases for computational techniques in the history of art. via Pocket
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16 days ago by kintopp
Media & Technology MUSE Awards – American Alliance of Museums
Please review the following guidelines before submitting an application. Significant changes have been made to award categories and other program policy and evaluation criteria:  MUSE awards recognize outstanding achievement in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM) media. via Pocket
archives  awards  exhibits  interactive  libraries  museums 
21 days ago by kintopp
A Gazetteer for the Library of Congress – Schuyler Erle - YouTube
The Library of Congress and the New York Public Library have been developing an open source gazetteer platform to power geographic search across their bibliographic collections. This gazetteer and concordance pulls together various sources of contemporary and historical geographic information - incl via Pocket
gazetteer  libraries  talk  usa  video 
27 days ago by kintopp
Understand how the Swedish National Library , VIAF and Wikidata should work together better
Challenge Understand how the Swedish National Library , VIAF and Wikidata should work together better Status After one year nothing is shared what is planned regarding the new Swedish National Library system LIBRIS XL instead we start seeing odd things and a lack of project management/ change proces via Pocket
authority  libraries  sweden  wiki 
4 weeks ago by kintopp
Linked Data portals at national libraries
Inspired by @esnogales some Linked Data portals at national libraries I'm aware of. (I'm sure I'm missing quite a few more here...) #libdh2019 #DH2019 via Pocket
culture  datasets  finland  libraries  netherlands  uk 
4 weeks ago by kintopp
OSF | Collections as Data Wiki
This site gathers Always Already Computational: Collections as Data final report and project deliverables
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4 weeks ago by kintopp
Spotlight at Stanford
On August 15, 1947 British colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent ended and the region was divided into a Hindu majority India and a Muslim majority Pakistan. Followi … via Pocket
archives  exhibits  libraries  software 
6 weeks ago by kintopp
KB College: AI en de Bibliotheek - de computer leest alles | Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Je zou denken dat deze begrippen niet verder uit elkaar kunnen liggen: de Bibliotheek en Artificial Intelligence (AI). De Bibliotheek is een eeuwenoud en betrouwbaar instituut. AI is een nieuwe technologie die zich razendsnel ontwikkelt, met veel onzekerheid over de kansen en risico’s. via Pocket
conference  deep  diglib  libraries  netherlands  ml 
6 weeks ago by kintopp
Program · Libraries As Research Partner in Digital Humanities
Abstracts and descriptions coming soon! The schedule is still developing and may change. Presentation materials will be deposited in our Zenodo community. Sessions in Visboekzaal - B will be livestreamed and recorded - additional information coming soon. via Pocket
collaboration  dh  diglib  libraries  research 
7 weeks ago by kintopp
The British Library’s new Collection Metadata Strategy - Digital scholarship blog
“Our vision is that by 2023 the Library’s collection metadata assets will be unified on a single, sustainable, standards-based infrastructure offering improved options for access, collaboration and open reuse” April 2019 sees the launch of the British Library’s latest Collection Metadata St via Pocket
diglib  libraries  policies  uk 
may 2019 by kintopp
Call for Abstracts · Libraries As Research Partner in Digital Humanities
Short papers allow participants to share projects or more established work in a short presentation of 15 minutes within a parallel session. Lightning talks allow participants to share ideas, recent projects, or ongoing work in a short plenary presentation of three minutes. via Pocket
centers  cfp  collaboration  culture  dh  diglib  libraries  management  netherlands  research 
april 2019 by kintopp
3D/VR in the Academic Library: Emerging Practices and Trends • CLIR
February 2019. 133 pp. (electronic only) ISBN 978-1-932326-60-4 CLIR pub 176 via Pocket
3d  libraries  report  vr 
march 2019 by kintopp
Digital Strategy  |  Library of Congress
The Library of Congress's mission is to engage, inspire, and inform the Congress and the American people with a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity. via Pocket
diglib  libraries  policies  public  strategy  usa 
november 2018 by kintopp
💡 Call for Proposals 💡 • Collections as Data - Part to Whole
A growing number of cultural heritage organizations have invested in the creation of collections that are amenable to computational use. Increasingly, the concept of collections as data is used to align efforts of this kind. via Pocket
analysis  cfp  culture  datasets  grants  libraries  mellon  museums  usa 
august 2018 by kintopp
ZUCCARO ist ein umfangreiches Software-Projekt der Bibliotheca Hertziana, dem Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte in Rom.
arthistory  database  italy  art  libraries 
june 2018 by kintopp
Recommendations for good Linked Open Data Good practices
Recommendations for Good Practices When Initiating Linked Open Data (LOD) in Museums and Other Cultural-Heritage Institutions These recommendations are excerpted from the AAC publication, Overview and Recommendations for Good Practices [PDF] The following text is meant for museums and other types o via Pocket
archives  data  howto  libraries  linkeddata  museums 
june 2018 by kintopp
How Challenging is Doing DH in a Library in 2018? - LIBER
In August 2012, Miriam Posner asked the question ‘What are some challenges to doing DH in the library?’. via Pocket
diglib  discussion  humanities  libraries  research 
may 2018 by kintopp
GitHub - LibraryOfCongress/gazetteer: A historical gazetteer project of the Library of Congress. Note: project members may work on both official Library of Congress projects and non-LC projects.
Note: this is a snapshot pulled on 2014-04-29 from : * * Please note that several of the build files present in static/ have been removed from our release. via Pocket
dev  gazetteer  libraries  open  data  usa 
april 2018 by kintopp
A Release and a Call - Collections as Data Facets • Always Already Computational - Collections as Data
Consensus around what collections as data means and consequently what it takes to think about, prepare, provision, and support the use of them remains unsettled. However, lack of consensus has not stopped a range of creative activity in this space. via Pocket
conference  culture  datasets  libraries 
january 2018 by kintopp
Visualising library catalogues | Victoria and Albert Museum
The recent generous release by the Library of Congress of 25 million MARC records for open use prompted us to re-purpose an existing tool we have written for visualising and querying our collections data. via Pocket
bibliography  bibliometrics  catalog  data  libraries  visualization 
december 2017 by kintopp
Linked Data for Production (LD4P) - LD4P public website - DuraSpace Wiki
Welcome to the website of Linked Data for Production (LD4P). With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the LD4P partners (Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Library of Congress, Princeton, and Stanford / Directory of team members) are piloting the production of linked data for library resources. via Pocket
diglib  libraries  linkeddata  mellon  models  ontology  resources  standards  usa 
october 2017 by kintopp
LibCrowds, in association with BL Labs, is a platform for hosting experimental crowdsourcing projects aimed at improving access to the diverse collections held at the British Library. Your participation will have a direct impact on enabling future research conducted at the Library. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  culture  libraries  uk 
september 2017 by kintopp
Frontiers | Interlinking Large-scale Library Data with Authority Records | Digital Humanities
In the area of Linked Open Data (LOD), meaningful and high-performance interlinking of different datasets has become an ongoing challenge. Necessary tasks are supported by established standards and software, e.g., for the transformation, storage, interlinking, and publication of data. via Pocket
bibliography  diglib  libraries  linkeddata  paper 
august 2017 by kintopp
Serendipitous Collections as Data • Always Already Computational - Collections as Data
Last week, Collections as Data held its national forum. During the forum we decided to forego a focus on talks and instead dedicated the bulk of time to participants working in small groups on collections as data challenges. via Pocket
datasets  diglib  discussion  libraries 
april 2017 by kintopp
Home | LD4L
Skip to main content Linked Data for Libraries via Pocket
infrastructure  libraries  linkeddata  standards 
april 2017 by kintopp
027.7 Zeitschrift für Bibliothekskultur / Journal for Library Culture
Nr. 1 (2013): Bibliothek 2.0 am Ende?! / Library 2.0 on the Ropes?! Diese Arbeit steht unter einer Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. via Pocket
diglib  journals  libraries 
december 2016 by kintopp
June 15: BIBFRAME & Real World Applications of Linked Bibliographic Data - National Information Standards Organization
Our opening keynote speaker will provide an orientation for attendees by reviewing the current state of the BIBFRAME model as an initiative. She will introduce those groups and players operating independently but in collaboration with the BIBFRAME group. via Pocket
bibliography  conference  libraries  linkeddata  talk 
november 2016 by kintopp
Collections as Data 2016
This event is free and open to the public but requires registration. Please click this link to register. The rise of accessible digital collections coupled with the development of tools for processing and analyzing data has enabled researchers to create new models of scholarship and inquiry. via Pocket
conference  data  libraries 
september 2016 by kintopp
Home | LD4L
Skip to main content Linked Data for Libraries via Pocket
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august 2016 by kintopp
The European Library Open Dataset - The European Library
The European Library aims to promote the wider use and exposure of the collections it aggregates from its member libraries. With this purpose in mind, one of the API services provided by The European Library is to make available Linked Open Data. via Pocket
bibliography  datasets  diglib  europe  libraries  open  data 
may 2016 by kintopp
Call for Contributions - Leibniz Track on Digital Humanities (TPDL-DH) | TPDL2016
Research in Digital Humanities relies on the accessibility to and quality of data. Digital libraries and Web Archives provide a fast growing number of data sets and data bases with metadata and standardized interfaces. via Pocket
cfp  diglib  libraries 
january 2016 by kintopp
SWIB15 - Semantic Web in Libraries | Programme
This introductory workshop aims to introduce the fundamentals of linked data technologies on the one hand, and the basic legal issues of open data on the other. The RDF data model will be discussed, along with the concepts of dereferenceable URIs and common vocabularies. via Pocket
conference  libraries  semantic  web 
december 2015 by kintopp
WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities for the OCLC Cooperative
Need support, training or documentation for WorldCat? This policy was created by the Record Use Policy Council, a group charged by the OCLC Board of Trustees to craft a replacement for the "Guidelines for Use and Transfer of OCLC Derived Records," developed in 1987. via Pocket
libraries  license  policies 
december 2015 by kintopp
The European Library - Connecting knowledge
Designed to meet the needs of the research community worldwide, our online portal offers quick and easy access to the collections of the 48 National Libraries of Europe and leading European Research Libraries. Users can cross-search and reuse over 0 digital items and 0 bibliographic records. via Pocket
diglib  europe  libraries  search 
december 2015 by kintopp
Metadata Matters | It's all about the services
Many of you have heard me say “Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not”–and that has certainly been the case since I got back from the NISO Roadmap meeting a few weeks ago. via Pocket
learn  libraries  metadata 
december 2015 by kintopp
Linked Data Caution | Bibliographic Wilderness
I have been seeing an enormous amount of momentum in the library industry toward “linked data”, often in the form of a fairly ambitious collective project to rebuild much of our infrastructure around data formats built on linked data. via Pocket
debates  libraries  linkeddata 
december 2015 by kintopp
CATViS: Visual Analytics for the World's Library Data
CatVis kickoff - This workshop brings together librarians and researchers within the fields of algorithms, visual analytics and humanities to discuss the design, utility and practical applications of visualization within the library sector and the eHumanities. via Pocket
libraries  metadata  visualization 
november 2015 by kintopp
PARTHENOS – Build and customize your own search engine on humanities and arts with IMOCO
ISIDORE Motor Constructor  (IMOCO) is a widget that allows you to create in few steps, a custom search engine powered by the multilingual search platform ISIDORE. via Pocket
diglib  libraries  search  tools  webdev 
november 2015 by kintopp - Community & Outputs Booklets based on core set of outputs: Digital Library Manifesto, Digital Library Checklist, Digital Library Cookbook, Digital Library Reference Model - In a Nutshell. via Pocket
diglib  libraries  resources 
september 2015 by kintopp
Guest blog: Aggregation & the Culture Grid - Museums Computer Group
This is a guest post by Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole following a recent email to the Museums Computer Group list. For further information about the Collections Trust, see ªª ºº via Pocket
culture  libraries  metadata  museums 
june 2015 by kintopp
Die Bayerische Staatsbibliothek: BildSuche
In den Handschriften und historischen Drucken der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek finden sich viele Tausende Bilder, Illuminationen, Holzschnitte, Graphiken, Zeichnungen und Embleme. Schon aufgrund ihrer Menge können diese nicht einzeln katalogisiert werden. via Pocket
libraries  search  images 
february 2015 by kintopp
Picaguess: a prototype crowdsourcing app from the British Library Big Data Experiment - Digital scholarship blog
The British Library Big Data Experiment is an ongoing collaboration between British Library Digital Research and UCL Department of Computer Science (UCLCS), facilitated by UCL Centre for Digital Humanities (UCLDH), that enables and engages students in computer science with humanities research issue via Pocket
crowdsourcing  libraries  images 
february 2015 by kintopp
DSHR's Blog: Plenary Talk at 3rd EUDAT Conference
I gave a plenary talk at the 3rd EUDAT Conference's session on sustainability entitled Economic Sustainability of Digital Preservation. Below the fold is an edited text with links to the sources. I'm David Rosenthal from the LOCKSS (Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) Program at the Stanford Libraries. via Pocket
archives  economics  infrastructure  libraries  preservation 
december 2014 by kintopp
DSHR's Blog: Utah State Archives has a problem
A recent discussion on the NDSA mailing list featured discussion about the Utah State Archives struggling with the costs of being forced to use Utah's state IT infrastructure for preservation. Below the fold, some quick comments. via Pocket
archives  economics  infrastructure  libraries  preservation 
december 2014 by kintopp
DigitalKoans » Blog Archive » The Changing Landscape of Library and Information Services: What Presidents, Provosts, and Finance Officers Need to Know
The Council on Library and Information Resources has released The Changing Landscape of Library and Information Services: What Presidents, Provosts, and Finance Officers Need to Know. via Pocket
libraries  report  research 
december 2014 by kintopp
The enticing opportunities in digital research and scholarship are coupled with new challenges for the research community. Researchers are drowning in a deluge of raw data and published information and face a bewildering array of options for disseminating and sharing their work. via Pocket
libraries  report  research 
december 2014 by kintopp
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use | Association of Research Libraries® | ARL®
Embed imageView/download PDFThe Association of Research Libraries (ARL) presents the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries (PDF), a clear and easy-to-use statement of fair and reasonable approaches to fair use developed by and for librarians who support academic in via Pocket
copyright  libraries  open  access  policies  arthistory 
september 2014 by kintopp
Digital humanities in the library isn't a service
Last week, Miriam Posner started an interesting discussion online with a blog post about some of the challenges of doing digital humanities in libraries. via Pocket
academy  debates  libraries  research  staff 
august 2012 by kintopp
FEATURE: The Decline and Fall of the Library Empire
The past 30 years of library history is littered with projects and plans and sometimes just dreams of ways the library might play a more pivotal role in the digital revolution that continues to transform the information landscape around us. Some of those projects never really got off the ground. via Pocket
debates  libraries  talk 
april 2012 by kintopp

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