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Project Charters | The Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton
Charters are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. via Pocket
dh  management  policies 
3 days ago by kintopp
Call for Abstracts · Libraries As Research Partner in Digital Humanities
Short papers allow participants to share projects or more established work in a short presentation of 15 minutes within a parallel session. Lightning talks allow participants to share ideas, recent projects, or ongoing work in a short plenary presentation of three minutes. via Pocket
centers  cfp  collaboration  culture  dh  diglib  libraries  management  netherlands  research 
april 2019 by kintopp
Charters & values statements - Google Sheets
See new changes A B C D E For DHy, digital or experimental scholarship or profession, GLAM, and related charters, values statements, pledges, and codes Add new rows below (original data rows are not editable); tweet @Literature_Geek / email with any questions. via Pocket
centers  dh  ethics  gender  management  policies 
april 2019 by kintopp
Data Feminism · MIT Press Open
Welcome to the community review site for Data Feminism. Thank you for your generosity and time in choosing to read and comment on this manuscript draft. The review period for this draft will close on , although the ability to leave comments will still be available after that point. via Pocket
books  data  ethics  gender  management 
november 2018 by kintopp
Research Data Management Toolkit | Jisc
Have you ever felt lost when looking for material on Research Data Management? This toolkit aims to support you by signposting resources from a wide range of websites and organisations, sorted by topic and audience. via Pocket
archives  datasets  grants  management  research  resources  uk 
august 2018 by kintopp
Open Science Framework
Keep all your files, data, and protocols in one centralized location. No more trawling emails to find files or scrambling to recover from lost data. Secure Cloud via Pocket
collaboration  data  management  repository  research  tools 
may 2018 by kintopp
The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete. Here's What's Next. - The Atlantic
Here’s what’s next. The scientific paper—the actual form of it—was one of the enabling inventions of modernity. Before it was developed in the 1600s, results were communicated privately in letters, ephemerally in lectures, or all at once in books. via Pocket
debates  interactive  management  python  wolfram 
april 2018 by kintopp
Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble — Emacsen's Blog
I was a contributor for OpenStreetMap for a long time, and I advocated for OpenStreetMap for a long time, but the project has stalled while the proprietary mapping world has continued to improve in data quality. For those of us who care about Free and Open data, this is a problem. via Pocket
collaboration  crowdsourcing  debates  geo  management  maps  open  data 
march 2018 by kintopp
How To Use Slack For Project Management With These Simple Tips
Updated on January 13, 2017. Have you used (or heard of) Slack? This freemium online service ensures that group communication Slack Makes Group Communication Faster and Easier Slack Makes Group Communication Faster and Easier Group emails can really kill productivity. via Pocket
march 2018 by kintopp
Research Data Oxford » Data management planning
The University of Oxford encourages all researchers, including postgraduates, to write a data management plan and ensure all aspects of data management are fully considered at the start of a research project. via Pocket
data  management  oxford  preservation  research  teach 
january 2018 by kintopp
OKI Agile: Kanban – the dashboard of doing – Open Knowledge International Blog
This is the fourth in a series of blogs on how we are using the Agile methodology at Open Knowledge International. via Pocket
december 2017 by kintopp
Flow - Simple Project Management Landing Page
Stay in control: Easily see exactly what you need to get up to speed, wherever you are. Straightforward reporting brings clear accountability and makes it easy to see how projects are going.  Powerful search lets you sort and filter to quickly find what you want, when you need it. via Pocket
management  tools 
may 2017 by kintopp
The Code4Lib Journal – How We Went from Worst Practices to Good Practices, and Became Happier in the Process
Our application team was struggling. We had good people and the desire to create good software, but the library as an organization did not yet have experience with software development processes. Work halted. Team members felt unfulfilled. via Pocket
dev  management  methodology  staff  team 
may 2017 by kintopp
Research Data Management Toolkit: Now Available – LEARN Project
Research data is the new currency of the digital age. From sonnets to statistics, and genes to geodata, the amount of material being created and stored is growing exponentially. via Pocket
data  datasets  europe  management  policies  preservation  research  resources 
may 2017 by kintopp
CRC 806 Database: About
Good practice in data management is one of the core areas of research integrity, or the responsible conduct of research. It enables verification of research outcomes, supports future research and enables sharing and reuse of research data. via Pocket
datasets  management  preservation 
march 2017 by kintopp · Work Better on GitHub Issues
To sign up, login with GitHub. Don't worry, Waffle is Free! Your Waffle board shows your GitHub Issues and Pull Requests in real time. Never wonder if an Issue is still in progress or not. via Pocket
github  management 
december 2016 by kintopp
Active Collab Blog - A Practical Guide to Project Planning
It’s exciting to start working on a new project. Everyone on the team is tempted to just dive in and start coding, designing, and creating. But as a project manager, it’s your solemn duty to make a game plan first. via Pocket
project  management  tools 
july 2016 by kintopp
How To Use Slack For Project Management With These Simple Tips
Have you used (or heard of) Slack? This freemium online service ensures that group communication is quick and smooth, and all but takes long group emails out of the equation. For quite some time now, we at MakeUseOf have been using Slack for team collaboration, with positive results. via Pocket
june 2016 by kintopp
What makes a good community? | The Geekess
There’s been a lot of discussion in my comment sections (and on LWN) about what makes a good community, along with suggestions of welcoming open source communities to check out. Your hearts are in the right place, but I’ve never found an open source community that doesn’t need improvement. via Pocket
community  dev  management  project 
october 2015 by kintopp
Quality Reading on Project Management — Medium
Over the years, we discovered some amazing project management blogs around the web, changing the way we think and lead every day. Here are some worth reading. via Pocket
books  project  management  resources 
june 2015 by kintopp
What Your Interviewer Wants: Mastering the Software Engineering Interview - Xanda Schofield
What Your Interviewer Wants: Mastering the Software Engineering Interview Xanda Schofield What matters in a software engineering interview? It's a question I've asked myself a lot, both when looking for jobs and interviewing others for positions. via Pocket
dev  interviews  management 
may 2015 by kintopp
Programmer Competency Matrix | Sijin JosephSijin Joseph
Thanks to John Haugeland for a reformatting of it that works much more nicely on the web. via Pocket
dev  evaluation  management  staff 
april 2015 by kintopp
Digital Projects for Special Collections | UCLA Library
The UCLA Library Special Collections Digital Project Toolkit is designed to support a variety of digital projects that may occur in a special collections library, including collaborative digital humanities projects, boutique and large-scale digitization projects, and projects that include developmen via Pocket
howto  preservation  project  management 
april 2015 by kintopp
302 Moved Temporarily
Three years ago, Jessica McKellar and a group of friends from MIT started stealthy chat startup Zulip. Less than two years later, it was acquired by Dropbox. And this wasn't an anomaly. They'd done it once before, selling Ksplice to Oracle just as fast. via Pocket
management  project 
march 2015 by kintopp
Lessons learned from scaling a product team - Inside Intercom
There’s been lots written about how Internet businesses should build software, from books like The Lean Start-Up, and posts from Google Ventures, but not many examples where startups open up their process and show how it really happens. via Pocket
dev  management  project 
february 2015 by kintopp
Why Companies Need Full-Time Product Managers (And What They Do All Day) | Smashing Magazine
What is a product manager? What do product managers do all day? Most importantly, why do companies need to hire them? Good questions. The first confusion we have to clear up is what we mean by “product. via Pocket
project  management 
october 2014 by kintopp
OIT at Duke University: Project Management Templates
The following documents are typically used during the project life cycle. Use these templates to propose, plan, execute, and close your projects. In addition to the templates below, the meeting notes template is a helpful for tracking and documenting team progress. via Pocket
documentation  project  management 
august 2014 by kintopp
LukeW | An Event Apart: Designing Meetings to Work
At An Event Apart in Chicago, IL 2012 Kevin Hoffman outlined how to get the most of meetings by applying a series of framework for meeting design. Here’s my notes from his talk: Designing Meetings to Work for Design. via Pocket
design  management 
september 2012 by kintopp
How to be a program manager - Joel on Software
Having a good program manager is one of the secret formulas to making really great software. And you probably don’t have one on your team, because most teams don’t. via Pocket
management  project 
march 2012 by kintopp

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