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Digital Editions as a Graph – Modelling Cross-document Interdependencies in Medieval Charters of the St. Katharinenspital in Regensburg.
cidoc  graphs  history  legal  medieval  models  ontology 
4 weeks ago by kintopp
Référentiels d’autorité Biblissima
Cette plateforme met à disposition sous forme de données structurées les référentiels d’autorités de Biblissima. Sa réalisation s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme Biblissima, l’observatoire du patrimoine écrit du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance du 8e au 18e siècle. via Pocket
france  geo  history  iiif  linkeddata  open  data  rdf  medieval  authority  people  places 
10 weeks ago by kintopp
Data and metadata - Norse world
The Norse World data include two types of spatial references, place names and non-names, see below. The standard form of a place name is the modern official name of the place taken from an official source such as a gazetteer, Geonames, iDAI, or GeoHack, or secondary literature, e.g. via Pocket
documentation  gazetteer  medieval  nordic 
may 2019 by kintopp
Das Historische Ortsverzeichnis von Sachsen
Das Historische Ortsverzeichnis von Sachsen erfasst in nahezu 6000 Stichwörtern alle Siedlungen, die seit dem Mittelalter für das Gebiet des heutigen Freistaates Sachsen nachweisbar sind.
gazetteer  germany  history  medieval 
february 2019 by kintopp
This article focuses on geographic information contained in the body of medieval French texts composed over the period of the eleventh to the fifteenth century. By “geographic information” we mean textual references made to different kinds of place names at different scales within sustained prose or poetic narrative—landmarks, settlements, regions, and countries—real and imaginary. Collecting such geographic information across a large corpus of texts and analyzing it with the digital methods that have become available to scholars in recent years allow us to create new contexts in which we can reexamine a variety of questions in literary history.
france  geo  medieval  nlp  text 
december 2018 by kintopp
Home - Norse World - Norse world
Norse World is an interdisciplinary resource for research on worldviews and spatiality in medieval literature from Sweden and Denmark. via Pocket
api  denmark  gazetteer  geo  literature  medieval  open  data  sweden 
november 2018 by kintopp

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