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About | The Sensory Moving Image Archive
In recent years, heritage institutions have invested much time and resources into digitizing their collections, and in making them accessible and stimulating various kinds of reuse. Yet despite considerable success, a great deal of access and reuse potential is currently still left unexploited. via Pocket
amsterdam  analysis  colour  film  motion  netherlands  research  video  visualization 
6 weeks ago by kintopp
Movement data in GIS | Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings
The “Movement data in GIS” series discusses all things related to working with movement data aka. trajectories in GIS, covering concepts, libraries, desktop GIS, databases, and big data technology. via Pocket
gis  motion  resources  routes  travel 
august 2019 by kintopp
prosthetic knowledge — DynamicFusion Computer vision 3D construction...
Computer vision 3D construction project from the uofwa [University of Washington] can create 3D scans of moving subjects with current commercial depth sensor technology. via Pocket
3d  demos  digitization  motion  movement 
april 2015 by kintopp
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Cologne Motion Capture Database Computer Graphics Group - Cologne University of Applied Science Welcome to the MoCap Database of the Cologne University of Applied Science. via Pocket
3d  datasets  motion 
april 2015 by kintopp

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