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Narratives in Digital Libraries
We created an ontology for representing narratives as an extension of CIDOC CRM ontology. We developed a semi-automatic tool for building and visualising narratives based on the ontology. via Pocket
cidoc  data  demos  diglib  narrative  ontology 
5 weeks ago by kintopp
Systematic Analysis of Narrative Texts through Annotation
This page is the central hub for the initiative for shared tasks in the Digital Humanities. You'll find most recent news below, older posts and more information can be reached via the sidebar. via Pocket
annotation  crowdsourcing  literature  narrative  text  workshop 
may 2019 by kintopp
CLARIAH Data Stories ― Index
CLARIAH Data Stories The here presented Data Stories are created within the CLARIAH project. Data Stories are live generated over Linked Datasets. The underlying datasets are published in the Druid data catalogue. Data Stories is developer by Triply. via Pocket
data  demos  interactive  linkeddata  narrative  netherlands  sparql 
april 2019 by kintopp
DIVE | Turn Data into Stories Without Writing Code
Turn your data into stories without writing code. Our system integrates semi-automated visualization and statistical analysis features into a unified workflow. DIVE is a publicly available (free as in beer) and open source research project from the MIT Media Lab.
data  narrative  storytelling  tools  visualization 
november 2018 by kintopp
The ESA Site
Ethno is a Java program that helps you analyze sequential actions. Prerequisite analysis produces a diagram showing how some actions are necessary for other actions, and how abstract actions are represented in concrete happenings. via Pocket
models  narrative  ontology  social  time  tools 
november 2018 by kintopp
[1611.05118] The Amazing Mysteries of the Gutter: Drawing Inferences Between Panels in Comic Book Narratives
Authors:Mohit Iyyer, Varun Manjunatha, Anupam Guha, Yogarshi Vyas, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Hal Daumé III, Larry Davis v1), last revised 7 May 2017 (this version, v2)) Abstract: Visual narrative is often a combination of explicit information and judicious omissions, relying on the vie via Pocket
comics  datasets  images  learn  ml  narrative  paper  text 
november 2018 by kintopp
Workshop | CrossCult
The European H2020 projects "EMOTIVE: Storytelling for Cultural heritage" and "CrossCult: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history" organise a EU projects workshop in order to explore possible collaborations between EU funded projects relevant to via Pocket
culture  h2020  humanities  impact  narrative  workshop 
november 2018 by kintopp
Project Jupyter: Computational Narratives as the Engine of Collaborative Data Science
Note: this is the full text of the grant proposal that was funded by the Helmsley Trust, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. via Pocket
computing  grants  h2020  interactive  narrative  publishing 
march 2018 by kintopp
EuroVis 2017 Conference Report, Part 3
Thursday and Friday at EuroVis brought a few papers on storytelling, a new toolkit for running online studies, a better way to put your list of publications online, and a lot more. The day started with my humble paper, An Argument Structure for Data Stories. via Pocket
conference  evaluation  narrative  report  research  visualization 
december 2017 by kintopp
Getting more specific: Refinement of our narratological use case(s) – 3DH
We are halfway through our lecture period by now and since our first co-creation workshop in Potsdam at the end of April a lot has happened. via Pocket
analysis  literature  narrative  visualization  text 
september 2017 by kintopp
Tell, Don’t Show – re:form – Medium
In a famous episode of Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer pretends to be the “Moviefone guy” to callers who dial Kramer’s home by mistake (because his phone number is so similar to Moviefone’s). via Pocket
language  narrative  visualization 
may 2017 by kintopp
Narrative Science | Natural Language Generation Technology
USAA prides itself on member engagement. Quill helps USAA scale personalization to its members by automating custom narratives through the power of advanced natural language generation. Working with Narrative Science enabled us to go to market very quickly. via Pocket
language  narrative  statistics  tools 
may 2017 by kintopp
Clustering Similar Stories Using LDA — Flipboard Engineering
There is more to a story than meets the eye, and some stories deserve to be presented from more than just one perspective. With Flipboard 4.0, we have released story roundups, a new feature that adds coverage from multiple sources to a story and provides you with a fuller picture of an event. via Pocket
narrative  storytelling  topics 
april 2017 by kintopp
The Scrollytelling Scourge – eagereyes
Scrollytelling is a common way of interacting with stories these days. Scroll down and the story unfolds! Except it’s often awkward, brittle, and gets in the way. Scrolling is a funny thing. via Pocket
narrative  visualization 
may 2016 by kintopp
Novice Art Blogger
A group of people sit on the beach with two bags but also a group of people are on the beach with blankets. Reminds me of people on a beach, walking and laying on blankets. A picture of a flower on a glass table, or possibly a black and white vase on a wall with a plant. via Pocket
art  classification  analysis  narrative  images  ml  deep 
january 2015 by kintopp
Time Travel In TV and Film | Information Is Beautiful
Did you see this one? It’s a timeline of all the time travel plots from TV and film. In all, we ended up doing 36 drafts of this. It’s one of my favourites from the book. I’m a total perfectionist and I really wanted to get it right. via Pocket
film  narrative  time  visualization  books 
september 2014 by kintopp
Text Games in a New Era of Stories
Interactive fiction, which once went by the name “text adventure,” is having a moment. Zork, one of the earliest and best-known text adventures — released for personal computers in 1980 — was given a retrospective at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. via Pocket
games  interactive  narrative  storytelling 
september 2014 by kintopp
Swarm Creativity Blog: Analyzing film scripts with condor
While participating this winter in a seminar on Social Network Analysis and COINs (Collaborative Innovation Networks) by Peter Gloor and Kai Fischbach at the University of Cologne, it occurred to me that a film script provides a great source for Social Network Analysis. via Pocket
analysis  film  narrative  networks  storytelling  text 
august 2014 by kintopp
Visual storytelling: 14 tools for journalists | Media news
Credit: Image by TapiF on Flickr. Some rights reserved Over the past year here at we have reported on a number of new tools and platforms which have been launched or updated, which offer journalists different ways of telling stories visually. via Pocket
narrative  storytelling  timelines  visualization 
july 2014 by kintopp
The Graphical Web 2014
You can download a printed version of the schedule (PDF) or use the listing below. Ed Parsons is the Geospatial Technologist of Google, with responsibility for evangelising Google’s mission to organise the world’s information using geography. via Pocket
art  conference  narrative  visualization 
july 2014 by kintopp
Modelling narrative comprehension in film studies | Research into film
In an essay titled ‘Can scientific models of theorizing help film studies’, Malcolm Turvey (2005: 25) asks why ‘is there a lack of systematic empirical research in film theory if the explanatory principles governing the cinema are like the explanatory principles governing natural phenomena? via Pocket
film  narrative  theory 
april 2012 by kintopp
Telling Stories with Data – VisWeek 2011
Note from Nathan: Last week, visualization researchers from all over gathered in Providence, Rhode Island for VisWeek 2011. One of the workshops, Telling Stories with Data, focused on data as narrative and what that means for visualization. via Pocket
data  narrative  visualization 
november 2011 by kintopp

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