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Project Charters | The Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton
Charters are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. via Pocket
dh  management  policies 
10 days ago by kintopp
The Endings Project
How do and how should DH projects conclude? via Pocket
humanities  infrastructure  policies  sustainability  uk 
5 weeks ago by kintopp
Digitalstrategien von Kulturbetrieben im Überblick – KulturData
In diesem Beitrag werden explizit formulierte Digitalstrategien von Kulturbetrieben in der DACH Region gesammelt. Wenn dein Museum/Theater/Festival/Orchester/Opernhaus eine öffentlich zugängliche Strategie formuliert hat, gerne @kulturdata antwittern, dann wird sie hier veröffentlicht. via Pocket
culture  germany  policies  report  strategy 
9 weeks ago by kintopp
European Commission report on Cultural Heritage: Digitisation, Online Accessibility and Digital Preservation | Digital Single Market
The objective of the report is to monitor and track the implementation progress in each Member State in the five areas addressed by the Recommendation (2011/711/EU), which takes a holistic approach to the digital lifecycle of cultural heritage. via Pocket
culture  digitization  europe  policies  preservation  report 
10 weeks ago by kintopp
DSHR's Blog: The Demise Of The Digital Preservation Network
Now I've had a chance to read the Digital Preservation Network (DPN): Final Report I feel the need to add to my initial reactions in Digital Preservation Network Is No More, which were based on Roger Schonfeld's Why Is the Digital Preservation Network Disbanding?. Below the fold, my second thoughts. via Pocket
archives  diglib  policies  preservation 
may 2019 by kintopp
DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Managing 100 Digital Humanities Projects: Digital Scholarship & Archiving in King’s Digital Lab
Managing 100 Digital Humanities Projects: Digital Scholarship & Archiving in King’s Digital Lab Abstract During the 2016–2017 financial year, King's Digital Lab (King's College London) undertook an extensive archiving and sustainability project to ensure the ongoing management, security, and sus via Pocket
centers  dh  london  policies  sustainability  uk 
may 2019 by kintopp
Deutscher Bundestag - Enquete-Kommission „Künstliche Intelligenz“
Der Bundestag greift mit der Enquete-Kommission „Künstliche Intelligenz – Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung und wirtschaftliche, soziale und ökologische Potenziale“ eine der zentralen Debatten unserer Zeit auf. via Pocket
culture  ethics  funding  germany  policies  report  ml 
may 2019 by kintopp
The British Library’s new Collection Metadata Strategy - Digital scholarship blog
“Our vision is that by 2023 the Library’s collection metadata assets will be unified on a single, sustainable, standards-based infrastructure offering improved options for access, collaboration and open reuse” April 2019 sees the launch of the British Library’s latest Collection Metadata St via Pocket
diglib  libraries  policies  uk 
may 2019 by kintopp
Charters & values statements - Google Sheets
See new changes A B C D E For DHy, digital or experimental scholarship or profession, GLAM, and related charters, values statements, pledges, and codes Add new rows below (original data rows are not editable); tweet @Literature_Geek / email with any questions. via Pocket
centers  dh  ethics  gender  management  policies 
april 2019 by kintopp
In July, 2015, Epstein and Robertson published a widely acknowledged study on how much a biased search engine result ranking can shift undecided voters towards one candidate [1]. via Pocket
algorithm  debates  ethics  ml  policies 
january 2019 by kintopp
RfII | Rat für Informationsinfrastrukturen
Der Rat für Informationsinfrastrukturen berät als Sachverständigengremium Politik und Wissenschaft in strategischen Zukunftsfragen der digitalen Wissenschaft
germany  infrastructure  policies  research 
december 2018 by kintopp
Digital Strategy  |  Library of Congress
The Library of Congress's mission is to engage, inspire, and inform the Congress and the American people with a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity. via Pocket
diglib  libraries  policies  public  strategy  usa 
november 2018 by kintopp
The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity -
The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity serves the European research community as a framework for self-regulation across all scientific and scholarly disciplines and for all research settings. via Pocket
ethics  europe  policies  research  staff 
july 2018 by kintopp
Cultural Heritage Data Reuse Charter : Mission Statement
Several European organisations (APEF, CLARIN, DARIAH, Europeana, E-RIHS) and European projects (Iperion-CH, PARTHENOS) involved in the cultural heritage domain are working together to set up principles and mechanisms for improving the use and re-use of cultural heritage data issued by cultural h via Pocket
culture  europe  infrastructure  policies 
march 2018 by kintopp
KoWi - Das 9. Forschungsrahmenprogramm ab 2021
Das 8. Forschungsrahmenprogramm für Forschung und Innovation, „Horizon 2020“ läuft noch bis Ende 2020. Parallel mit der Zwischenevaluierung von Horizon 2020, die im Dezember 2017 endet, wird das nachfolgende Forschungsrahmenprogramm ab 2021- hier kurz FP9 genannt- vorbereitet. via Pocket
europe  funding  germany  infrastructure  policies 
february 2018 by kintopp
Fair Cite | towards a fairer culture of citation in academia
The Fair Cite initiative sprung forth from a series of conversations beginning in November 2011 that asked how best to cite a web-based collaborative project developed in the humanities. via Pocket
citation  policies 
january 2018 by kintopp
Dieses Wiki sammelt Informationen rund um dem Umgang mit digitalen Forschungsdaten. Initiator sind die DFG-Projekte, Radieschen, KomFor unf EWIG. via Pocket
archives  data  datasets  germany  metadata  policies  preservation  repository  research  resources 
may 2017 by kintopp
Research Data Management Toolkit: Now Available – LEARN Project
Research data is the new currency of the digital age. From sonnets to statistics, and genes to geodata, the amount of material being created and stored is growing exponentially. via Pocket
data  datasets  europe  management  policies  preservation  research  resources 
may 2017 by kintopp
Research Data Oxford » Concordat on Open Research Data launched
The Concordat on Open Research Data was officially launched on 28 July 2016. via Pocket
ip  open  data  policies  research  uk 
march 2017 by kintopp
Bericht zum DARIAH-DE Workshop „Forschungsdaten in den Geisteswissenschaften. Lizenzen und Best Practice“ | DHd-Blog
Während der Open Access Week, in der freier Zugang zu wissenschaftlicher Literatur in verschiedenen Formen und durch mehrere Veranstaltungen gefeiert wurde, fand am 24. und 25. Oktober der Workshop „Forschungsdaten in den Geisteswissenschaften. via Pocket
conference  copyright  dariah  germany  ip  license  policies 
january 2017 by kintopp
Funder Data-Related Mandates | Johns Hopkins University Data Management Services
Several funders in the U.S. have research data sharing policies and requirements, and some of these funders have recently added requirements for data sharing and management plans for proposals. This list will continue to grow and requirements are anticipated to strengthen. via Pocket
data  funding  policies 
december 2016 by kintopp
WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities for the OCLC Cooperative
Need support, training or documentation for WorldCat? This policy was created by the Record Use Policy Council, a group charged by the OCLC Board of Trustees to craft a replacement for the "Guidelines for Use and Transfer of OCLC Derived Records," developed in 1987. via Pocket
libraries  license  policies 
december 2015 by kintopp
DMPonline has been developed by the Digital Curation Centre to help you write data management plans. via Pocket
archives  data  howto  policies  preservation 
december 2015 by kintopp
Research Data Oxford » University of Oxford Policy on the management of research data and records
Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records – click to download (pdf) The University of Oxford seeks to promote the highest standards in the management of research data and records(1) as fundamental to both high quality research(2) and academic integrity. via Pocket
data  oxford  policies  research 
november 2015 by kintopp
Digital strategy | University of Oxford
The University will sustain and enhance its excellence in scholarship by embracing the opportunities afforded by digital technologies. via Pocket
oxford  policies  strategy 
october 2015 by kintopp
History and Art History | Digital Dissertation Guidelines
Traditionally, a text-based narrative dissertation has served as the signature capstone element of the doctoral research degree in history. via Pocket
dissertations  history  policies 
october 2015 by kintopp
Writing Developer Job Postings
When you're advertising a developer position online, a job posting is often the first time a developer hears about your company. via Pocket
dev  policies  writing 
october 2015 by kintopp
The Policy RECommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe (RECODE) project will leverage existing networks, communities and projects to address challenges within the open access and data dissemination and preservation sector and produce policy recommendations for open access to research via Pocket
europe  legal  open  access  policies  report 
september 2015 by kintopp
The Hague Declaration
We believe that this Declaration has the power to shape ethical research practice, legislative reform and the development of open access policies and infrastructure. Please show your support by adding your name to the growing list of signatories. via Pocket
legal  license  open  data  policies 
july 2015 by kintopp
Good practices for university open-access policies - Harvard Open Access Project
Last revised July 16, 2015. Version 1.3. Preface This is a guide to good practices for university open-access (OA) policies. It's based on the type of policy first adopted at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and the University of Kansas. via Pocket
open  access  policies  resources 
july 2015 by kintopp
Fair Cite | towards a fairer culture of citation in academia
The Fair Cite initiative sprung forth from a series of conversations beginning in November 2011 that asked how best to cite a web-based collaborative project developed in the humanities. via Pocket
citation  policies 
september 2014 by kintopp
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use | Association of Research Libraries® | ARL®
Embed imageView/download PDFThe Association of Research Libraries (ARL) presents the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries (PDF), a clear and easy-to-use statement of fair and reasonable approaches to fair use developed by and for librarians who support academic in via Pocket
copyright  libraries  open  access  policies  arthistory 
september 2014 by kintopp
Government data policy puts scientists (and publishers) to shame | petermr's blog
I am sure we all moan about governments and how difficult it is to find information and how they are filled with Sir Humphreys who want to fudge everything. But there’s a real spirirt of making public government data OPEN. via Pocket
data  linked  open  access  policies  research 
july 2014 by kintopp

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