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Evolution of reading in the age of digitisation (E-READ) is a COST Action with the goal to improve scientific understanding of the implications of digitization, hence helping individuals, disciplines, societies and sectors across Europe to cope optimally with the effects.
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7 weeks ago by kintopp
Historyonics: Big Data, Small Data and Meaning
This post was originally written as the text for a talk I gave at a British Library Lab's event in London in early November 2014. In the nature of these things, the rhythms of speech and the verbal ticks of public speaking remain in the prose. via Pocket
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december 2014 by kintopp
Editors’ Choice: How Digitisation is changing the meaning of texts Parts I & II | Digital Humanities Now
Remediation is the changing of an artefact from one medium to another. It is the shifting of a song from a vinyl record to an mp3, or the transfer of a journal article from paper to PDF documents. via Pocket
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july 2014 by kintopp
Gretchen Peterson
This is the book to have on map design fundamentals. via Pocket
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march 2012 by kintopp

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