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Zotero | Groups > ocr-tools
No recent group discussions. via Pocket
bibliography  ocr  resources 
september 2017 by kintopp
GitHub - kba/awesome-ocr: Links to awesome OCR projects
This list contains links to great software tools and libraries and literature related to Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Contributions are welcome, as is feedback. via Pocket
ocr  resources 
september 2017 by kintopp
Verschiedene Datenbestände zur Schweizergeschichte durchsuchen? Vergleichen, was in welcher Datenbank über eine historische Person steht? histHub vernetzt historische Datenbestände für die Forschung und die interessierte Öffentlichkeit. via Pocket
history  infrastructure  people  places  resources  swiss  tools 
september 2017 by kintopp
Burt, Ronald S. 1987. "Social Contagion and Innovation: Cohesion Versus Structural Equivalence," AJS 92: 1287-1335. Burt, R., (1987). Social contagion and innovation: Cohesion versus structural equivalence. American Journal of Sociology, 1987. 92: p. 1287-1335. via Pocket
datasets  open  access  resources 
september 2017 by kintopp
Software Carpentry · GitHub
Sandbox for 2012 bootcamp at University of Hawaii; may be deleted within a couple weeks after the bootcamp via Pocket
analysis  datasets  dev  dh  howto  learn  resources  syllabus 
september 2017 by kintopp
Europäische Städteatlanten
A database of all European Historic Towns Atlases is being built with updates on a year-to-year basis. This allows for searching by country, place names or people involved, for example. Almost all of the published volumes can also be studied in the IStG library. via Pocket
bibliography  database  europe  gazetteer  gis  history  resources 
august 2017 by kintopp
Herder-Institut: Historisch-topographischer Atlas schlesischer Städte
Der in Kooperation mit polnischen, tschechischen und deutschen Partnern realisierte Städteatlas möchte Ihnen einen differenzierten Eindruck der siedlungstopographischen Entwicklung von 34 ausgewählten schlesischen Städten vom 19. bis 21. Jahrhundert bieten. via Pocket
geo  germany  gis  history  poland  resources 
august 2017 by kintopp
DH Course Registry
Digital Humanities Registry - Courses Courseregistry 2. via Pocket
dariah  dh  learn  lists  resources 
august 2017 by kintopp
302 Found
When I was writing books on networking and programming topics in the early 2000s, the web was a good, but an incomplete resource. Blogging had started to take off, but YouTube wasn’t around yet, nor was Quora, Twitter, or podcasts. via Pocket
learn  lists  resources  ml  deep 
august 2017 by kintopp
NLP and Python Machine Learning tutorials
While machine learning has a rich history dating back to 1959, the field is evolving at an unprecedented rate. In a recent article, I discussed why the broader artificial intelligence field is booming and likely will for some time to come. via Pocket
dev  learn  python  resources  ml  deep 
august 2017 by kintopp
Docracy - Free Legal Documents
find documents sign documents docracy in a nutshell docracy for lawyers close video via Pocket
legal  resources 
august 2017 by kintopp
Neural Networks in iOS 10 and macOS
Apple has been using machine learning in their products for a long time: Siri answers our questions and entertains us, iPhoto recognizes faces in our photos, Mail app detects spam messages. via Pocket
ios  osx  resources  deep 
august 2017 by kintopp
Machine Learning for iOS
Last Update: January 12, 2018. Most of the de-facto standard tools in AI-related domains are written in iOS-unfriendly languages (Python/Java/R/Matlab) so finding something appropriate for your iOS application may be a challenging task. via Pocket
dev  ios  lists  ml  resources 
july 2017 by kintopp
Latin Place Names | An RBMS Resource
Latin Place Names Found in the Imprints of Books Printed Before 1801 and their Vernacular Equivalents in AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules) Form A note on orthography: This database was compiled from the imprint information in cataloging records of several Anglo-American research libraries. via Pocket
geo  latin  places  resources  history 
july 2017 by kintopp
Spatial Humanities
In 2009 and 2010, with generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Scholars’ Lab at the University of Virginia Library hosted three tracks of an “Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship. via Pocket
geo  history  humanities  methodology  resources  space 
july 2017 by kintopp
This is a web application to collect, curate, enrich, analyze, visualize, and export prosopgraphical and biographical data. This web application is developed in the context of the APIS-Project. via Pocket
austria  biography  prosopography  resources 
july 2017 by kintopp
Going Places in the Catalog: Improved Geographical Access. Home Page
Library users need effective searching by place. Present geographical searching is based on place-names and geo-political entities, both often ambiguous and/or unstable. Gazetteers map place-names to latitude and longitude. via Pocket
culture  gazetteer  geo  report  resources  standards 
july 2017 by kintopp
ECAI - Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
Search the ECAI Clearinghouse of cultural material which uses place and time as a common element. Participate in the ECAI community through twice yearly conferences and international working groups. via Pocket
culture  geo  resources 
july 2017 by kintopp
The QVIZ project (Query and context based visualization of time-spatial cultural dynamics) started in May 2006. It is co-funded by the European Union through the sixth framework program (FP6). via Pocket
datasets  europe  geo  resources  places 
july 2017 by kintopp
Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer | UCSB Library
The Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer (ADL Gazetteer) was a project to build an online global placename dictionary. If you are interested in working on gazetteer research, please contact the head of the Map and Imagery Laboratory, Jon Jablonski (jonjab [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu). via Pocket
gazetteer  resources  geo  rdf  standards 
july 2017 by kintopp
ADL Gazetteer Development
A new client for the ADL Gazetteer has replaced the former "new client" for the ADL Gazetteer Server. The new client retains the basic look and functionality of the original interface, but underneath it has been completely redesigned. It is now based on version 1. via Pocket
gazetteer  resources 
july 2017 by kintopp
Historical GIS Research Network
This list is not exhaustive but we aim to include all of the major historical GIS websites plus additional relevant websites. via Pocket
geo  gis  history  lists  resources 
july 2017 by kintopp
Geospatial Historian – Open HGIS Lessons and Resources
The Geospatial Historian  is a tutorial-based open access textbook, modeled on the Programming Historian, for historical scholars and digital humanists. It is designed to teach practical digital mapping and GIS skills that are immediately useful to real research needs. via Pocket
geo  gis  history  learn  resources 
july 2017 by kintopp
Frictionless Data
Lightweight standards and tooling to make it effortless to get, share, and validate data. Data Packages are a lightweight containerization format for data. They provide the foundation for frictionless data transport. via Pocket
datasets  learn  resources  standards  tools 
june 2017 by kintopp
GitHub - ryanfb/iiif-universe: An IIIF Universe for IIIF catalogs
A Universe is a directory of catalogs published by service providers which lists their available assets. This Universe is intended to present a collection which points to other collections as machine-actionable JSON. via Pocket
api  iiif  lists  resources 
june 2017 by kintopp
The British Library hosts launch of The Copyright Cortex - Europeana Professional
By Ronan Deazley, the British Library. Today, the British Library hosts the launch of The Copyright Cortex, a new online, open access, resource dedicated to copyright and digital cultural heritage. via Pocket
copyright  ip  resources  uk 
june 2017 by kintopp
Machine Learning with MATLAB - Twitter - Confirmation - MATLAB & Simulink
Apply these concepts and run example code with a free trial of Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™. via Pocket
ebooks  learn  matlab  resources  ml 
june 2017 by kintopp
Distill — Latest articles about machine learning
We often think of optimization with momentum as a ball rolling down a hill. This isn’t wrong, but there is much more to the story. Several interactive visualizations of a generative model of handwriting. Some are fun, some are serious. via Pocket
blogging  learn  resources  ml 
june 2017 by kintopp
dhresourcesforprojectbuilding [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Data Collections and Datasets
Demo corpora are sample or toy collections of texts that are ready-to-go for demonstration purposes or hands-on tutorials--e.g., for teaching text analysis, topic modeling, etc. via Pocket
demos  datasets  humanities  open  access  resources 
june 2017 by kintopp
Dieses Wiki sammelt Informationen rund um dem Umgang mit digitalen Forschungsdaten. Initiator sind die DFG-Projekte, Radieschen, KomFor unf EWIG. via Pocket
archives  data  datasets  germany  metadata  policies  preservation  repository  research  resources 
may 2017 by kintopp
Resources | Robin Tolochko
Over the years, I have been collecting a list of my go-to resources for cartography and web design. via Pocket
geo  gis  resources  space 
may 2017 by kintopp
Research Data Management Toolkit: Now Available – LEARN Project
Research data is the new currency of the digital age. From sonnets to statistics, and genes to geodata, the amount of material being created and stored is growing exponentially. via Pocket
data  datasets  europe  management  policies  preservation  research  resources 
may 2017 by kintopp
Presentations and Videos - Europeana Professional
Use power point templates and video guides created collaboratively with Network members to help influence your organisation's decision makers and explain the importance of copyright when managing and sharing cultural content. via Pocket
copyright  europe  ip  resources 
april 2017 by kintopp
Introducing the Bibliography on Stylometry – The Dragonfly's Gaze
This post is a brief presentation of the Stylometry Bibliography we recently published on Zotero. The understanding of the term stylometry underlying the conceptual scope of the bibliography is relatively wide and covers any type of quantitative analysis of literary style. via Pocket
bibliography  resources  stylometry 
april 2017 by kintopp
The Art of Travel - 1500-1850
The Art of Travel, 1500-1850, is a database of European travel advice literature (Ars apodemica) from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. via Pocket
database  europe  history  resources  travel 
april 2017 by kintopp
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik: YAGO
YAGO is a joint project of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and the Telecom ParisTech University. YAGO is a huge semantic knowledge base, derived from Wikipedia WordNet and GeoNames. Currently, YAGO has knowledge of more than 10 million entities (like persons, organizations, cities, etc. via Pocket
linkeddata  resources  semantic  datasets 
april 2017 by kintopp
home · IMPKT
We are developing a toolkit to help professionals use a common standard when undertaking an impact assessment within the cultural heritage sector. The toolkit guides you through the process of designing, assessing and narrating the impact of your activities.   via Pocket
culture  europe  impact  resources 
march 2017 by kintopp
Learn CSS Grid | Jen Simmons
People are starting to ask: where can I learn about CSS Grid? There are a lot of fantastic resources out there. When it comes to the technical how-to, most of what’s out there was written by Rachel Andrew. If you don’t know her work, take some time to get to know her and follow her. via Pocket
css  learn  resources 
march 2017 by kintopp
Fair Use Week: Fair Use and Copyright in the Academic Environment | Visual Resources Association
United States Copyright Law is a fascinating and complex topic. It protects creators AND those who teach. US copyright features a section called “Fair Use,” which allows for the use of copyrighted material in the academic environment (among other things). via Pocket
art  copyright  resources  usa 
february 2017 by kintopp
Textual Geographies
The Textual Geographies project presents, analyzes, and visualizes a collection of more than 5 billion named locations extracted from 5 million books and journals in English, German, Spanish, and Chinese published before 1923. via Pocket
datasets  geo  linkeddata  resources  sparql  text 
february 2017 by kintopp
French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe (FBTEE) Blog – Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment Digital Humanities Project at Western Sydney University
We are pleased to announce that deep into the Australian summer holiday period, FBTEE was awarded the 2017 British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS) Digital Resource Prize at the BSECS annual conference at St Hugh’s college, Oxford, on 5 January. via Pocket
books  enlightenment  france  history  resources  visualization 
february 2017 by kintopp
mia ridge - Cultural heritage technologies, user experience design and research, digital humanities
From summer 2013 to May 2014 I’m concentrating on finishing my PhD, so I’m not giving many talks. via Pocket
crowdsourcing  resources 
february 2017 by kintopp
Teaching — Enrico Bertini
I have taught Information Visualization at NYU Tandon every year since 2012. The course focuses on how to design, develop and evaluate interactive data visualization solutions for complex data analysis problems. This page links to material I developed for the course. via Pocket
learn  resources  syllabus  teach  visualization 
february 2017 by kintopp
Kalender und Kirchenjahr (
Onlineversion von Hermann Grotefend: Zeitrechnung des deutschen Mittelalters und der Neuzeit. 2 Bde, Hannover 1891-1898. Ein nützliches Instrument zur Bestimmung mittelalterlicher Festtage und Wochentage nebst Berücksichtigung verschiedener Zeitrechnungen und regionaler Varianten. via Pocket
resources  time  tools 
february 2017 by kintopp
a curated guide to the best tools, resources and technologies for data visualization AnalysisColorDashboardsData CleaningData ConversionData ScrapingData SourcesData WranglingDesign ToolsInteractive Charting ToolsInteractive StorytellingiOS AppsJavaScript & D3 LibrariesMappingNetwork Visual via Pocket
lists  resources  tools  visualization 
january 2017 by kintopp
Museums and the machine-processable web / BBC RES data modelling
Mia Ridge (Digital Curator, BL), Elliot Smith (BBC contractor, worked on PRISM online library catalogue; on RES works with external orgs), Terry Panagoulis (BBC contractor, working on BBC collections into linked data), Phil Carlisle (Historic England, 'builds thesaurus for a living', working on Get via Pocket
diglib  linkeddata  models  resources  uk 
january 2017 by kintopp
Top Stories, Nov 14-20: How Bayesian Inference Works; Data Science and Big Data, Explained; Advanced Time Series Prediction
How Bayesian Inference Works; Data Science and Big Data, Explained; Trump, Failure of Prediction, and Lessons for Data Scientist; Combining Different Methods to Create Advanced Time Series Prediction; Questions To Ask When Moving Machine Learning From Practice to Production via Pocket
howto  learn  resources  statistics 
january 2017 by kintopp
Deep Learning
Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, which has been introduced with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to one of its original goals: Artificial Intelligence. This website is intended to host a variety of resources and pointers to information about Deep Learning. via Pocket
learn  resources  deep 
january 2017 by kintopp
Humanities Data
Search engine with free tagging structure. Volunteer to help out or ask to be notified as features develop. via Pocket
datasets  humanities  open  access  resources 
january 2017 by kintopp
ckan - The open source data portal software
CKAN is open source and can be downloaded and used for free. Users can also get hosting and support from a range of suppliers. A full-time professional development team at the Open Knowledge Foundation maintains CKAN and can provide full support and hosting with SLAs.Read More via Pocket
api  datasets  open  access  data  resources  software 
december 2016 by kintopp is a new site that brings together geospatial professionals, developers, metadata specialists, and librarians to coordinate the Open Geoportal (OGP) project. via Pocket
datasets  geo  resources 
december 2016 by kintopp
Big Ten Academic Alliance Geospatial Data Project
Project GoalProject BackgroundScholars across academia increasingly demand access to geospatial data to facilitate their research. The 2012 CIC CLI conference (Finding Our Way: Collaborative Strategies for Developing Geospatial Services) focused on this demand. via Pocket
geo  infrastructure  resources  usa 
december 2016 by kintopp
Het Biografisch Portaal van Nederland
Dit is de site van het Biografisch Portaal van Nederland. Hier vindt u wetenschappelijk verantwoorde informatie over kopstukken en andere opzienbarende figuren uit de Nederlandse geschiedenis, van het vroegste verleden tot nu. De website wordt steeds aangevuld met informatie en beeldmateriaal. via Pocket
biography  resources 
november 2016 by kintopp
D3 in Depth | FlowingData
D3 is the most commonly used JavaScript library for visualization on the web, but there’s a bit of learning curve, especially for those new to programming. Peter Cook hopes to make this beginning step easier with his newly started online resource D3 in Depth. via Pocket
resources  visualization 
september 2016 by kintopp
What I Use to Visualize Data | FlowingData
“What tool should I learn? What’s the best?” I hesitate to answer, because I use what works best for me, which isn’t necessarily the best for someone else or the “best” overall. via Pocket
data  datasets  resources  tools  visualization 
august 2016 by kintopp
State of Web Type
The State of Web Type is a project by Bram Stein to collate and display up-to-date browser support data for web fonts & typographic features on the web. This is an open source project and the data is all available on GitHub under the BSD license. Contributions and feature requests can be made there. via Pocket
fonts  resources  typography  webdev 
august 2016 by kintopp
Zotero | Groups > Historical Network Research > Library
Home > Groups > Historical Network Research > Library Create Item Library Settings Cite Export Enable javascript for best results. via Pocket
networks  reading-list  resources 
august 2016 by kintopp
Home - Digital Preservation Coalition
Digital information is increasingly important to our culture, knowledge base and economy. The Handbook, first compiled by Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones in 2001, is maintained and updated by the DPC. via Pocket
archives  preservation  resources 
july 2016 by kintopp
How to install CUDA Toolkit and cuDNN for deep learning - PyImageSearch
If you’re serious about doing any type of deep learning, you should be utilizing your GPU rather than your CPU. And the more GPUs you have, the better off you are. via Pocket
dev  resources  deep 
july 2016 by kintopp
Applying for Horizon 2020 Funding | Gateway to Europe
Skip to main content Gateway to Europe Facilitate Collaborate Innovate SSO Login You are here Home » Horizon 2020 » Horizon 2020 Funding In this section: Contacts Fi via Pocket
europe  funding  oxford  resources 
june 2016 by kintopp
Schreiben mit Markdown – am Mac und unter iOS | Mac & i
Update: 25.11.2014 (Fehler im Cheat Sheet behoben). Leseprobe, deutsches Cheat Sheet und Linksammlung aus Mac & i Heft 2/2014. via Pocket
markdown  resources 
may 2016 by kintopp
Texas A&M's Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture (IDHMC) is very pleased to announce eMOP, the Early Modern OCR Project. Best viewed on Safari or Firefox browsers. via Pocket
ocr  resources  tools 
may 2016 by kintopp
Welcome | TIDSR: Toolkit for the Impact of Digitised Scholarly Resources
Skip to Main Content Area Recent Articles What is webometrics? Why should I run a focus group? What are interviews? How do I conduct an interview? Why should I conduct interviews? How do I collect user feedback? How do I run a webometric link analysis using Yahoo! Site Explorer via Pocket
altmetrics  bibliometrics  impact  resources  uk 
april 2016 by kintopp
Tools And Resources For A More Meaningful Web Typography – Smashing Magazine
It’s the small details that make a project shine. Solid typography, well-crafted with attention and care is one of them. A harmonious visual rhythm, typographic subtleties like soft caps, margin outdents or the correct use of hyphens and dashes — there are a lot of things that add up to it. via Pocket
resources  typography  webdev 
march 2016 by kintopp
Forschungslizenzen |
Die Datenbank zur jüdischen Grabsteinepigraphik epidat enthält rund 150 digitale Editionen historischer Friedhöfe, mehr als 31.000 Inschriften und 66.000 Bilddateien. Der geographische Fokus liegt auf Deutschland. Die zeitliche Spanne reicht vom 11. bis ins 20. Jahrhundert. via Pocket
copyright  europe  germany  license  resources 
february 2016 by kintopp
SNAC: Social Networks and Archival Context
SNAC is demonstrating the feasibility of separating the description of persons, families, and organizations—including their socio-historical contexts—from the description of the historical resources that are the primary evidence of their lives and work. via Pocket
prosopography  resources  standards 
february 2016 by kintopp
18thConnect: About
A digital “aggregator,” 18thConnect gathers together information about and links to the best primary and secondary texts that are available in digital form, either freely available on the Web or available by subscription. via Pocket
data  history  metadata  resources 
january 2016 by kintopp
National Centre for Text Mining — Text Mining Tools and Text Mining Services
The National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) is the first publicly-funded text mining centre in the world. We provide text mining services in response to the requirements of the UK academic community. NaCTeM is operated by the University of Manchester. via Pocket
resources  text  mining 
december 2015 by kintopp
EuropeanaTech - Europeana Professional
Publications, reports and deliverables on topics like data modelling, multilinguality, data enrichment and more. via Pocket
europe  report  resources 
november 2015 by kintopp
Welcome to DKPro
DKPro is a community of projects focussing on re-usable Natural Language Processing software. via Pocket
linguistic  nlp  resources  text  analysis  mining  tools  ml 
november 2015 by kintopp
Bibliography | Building a Digital Portfolio
This bibliography is also available in our Zotero library. via Pocket
arthistory  bibliography  lists  resources 
november 2015 by kintopp
DataScience Oxford - Community - Google+
Tomislav Hengl originally shared to GEOSTAT (Discussion): Read moreShow less via Pocket
data  datasets  open  resources 
november 2015 by kintopp
Get your ticket to innovation! | IPR Helpdesk
Our Helpline service provides tailor-made advice on your specific IP or IPR query – customized, straight-forwardly, comprehensibly and free of charge. via Pocket
copyright  legal  resources 
october 2015 by kintopp
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