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PetScan is a powerful querying tool. It can generate lists of Wikipedia (and related projects) pages or Wikidata items that match certain criteria, such as all pages in a certain category, or all items with a certain property. PetScan can also combine some temporary lists (here called "sources") in various ways, to create a new one.
api  interface  search  semantic  sparql  wiki 
27 days ago by kintopp
grlc makes all your Linked Data accessible to the Web by automatically converting your SPARQL queries into RESTful APIs. With (almost) no effort! Simply: Create a GitHub repository, and store all your SPARQL queries in there (like in this example). If you don't have a GitHub account, go get one. via Pocket
api  conversion  dev  linkeddata  sparql  tools 
29 days ago by kintopp
Welcome Japan Search to the web of Linked Open Data | Bodleian Digital Library
Japan Search is an aggregator, holding metadata on 17 million items from 38 databases related to Japanese cultural institutions. It is like a Japanese counterpart to Europeana. via Pocket
culture  japan  linkeddata  museums  sparql  wiki 
11 weeks ago by kintopp
SNAP:DRGN SNAP:472 - pir2-p-0619
Name Pompeius Iulianus Associated Information: Associated Place Associated Date 0001/0300 Attestations Textual References http://www.paregorios. via Pocket
api  data  prosopography  sparql 
may 2019 by kintopp
LOD Laundromat
The LOD Laundromat provides access to all Linked Open Data (LOD) in the world. It does this by crawling the LOD cloud, and converting all its contents in a standards-compliant way (gzipped N-Triples), removing all data stains such as syntax errors, duplicates, and blank nodes. via Pocket
analysis  api  data  datasets  linkeddata  metadata  quality  sparql  tools 
may 2019 by kintopp
Wikidata:Request a query - Wikidata
This is a page where SPARQL 1.1 Query Language (Q32146616) queries can be requested. Please provide feedback if a query is written for you. For sample queries, see Examples. Property talk pages include also summary queries for these. via Pocket
howto  search  sparql  wiki  question 
may 2019 by kintopp
CLARIAH Data Stories ― Index
CLARIAH Data Stories The here presented Data Stories are created within the CLARIAH project. Data Stories are live generated over Linked Datasets. The underlying datasets are published in the Druid data catalogue. Data Stories is developer by Triply. via Pocket
data  demos  interactive  linkeddata  narrative  netherlands  sparql 
april 2019 by kintopp
Ben Whishaw, Broadway, the RADA and Wikidata (in English and with updates) - The Ash Tree
Hello everyone! Here is Harmonia Amanda, squatting Ash_Crow’s blog. Some people told me repeatedly I should write about some of what I did these last few months on Wikidata, e. g. all my work about the RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and other things. via Pocket
data  people  sparql  wiki 
march 2019 by kintopp
Let’s Tango: Computational Musicology Using Wikidata, MusicBrainz and the Wolfram Language—Wolfram Blog
This post discusses new Wolfram Language features from the upcoming release of Version 12. Copyable input expressions and a downloadable notebook version of this post will be available when Version 12 is released. via Pocket
sparql  wolfram  learn  metadata  music  api  wiki 
february 2019 by kintopp
Vocabulary gs:nearby(lat lon limit) gs:nearby(?location limit) gs:within(lat1 lon2 lat2 lon2) gn:name gn:population gn:alternateName gn:inCountry gn:featureCode (just cities or airports) About SPARQL | geospatial index for jena | presented by KONA For further information on the new GeoSPARQL via Pocket
api  demos  geo  sparql 
november 2018 by kintopp
Spatio-temporal search in Open Data
The aim of this work is to annotate a large corpus of tabular datasets from open data portals, and enable structured, spatio-temporal search over Open Data catalogs through a spatio-temporal knowledge graph, both via a search interface as well as via a SPARQL endpoint.
api  austria  datasets  geo  open  data  search  sparql 
november 2018 by kintopp
SPARQL — the Query Language – FactGrid
Wikibase installations are – at this moment – best explored with the SPARQL query language. Specialists are able to write queries in SPARQL but this is not what you would do as a beginner. Most people take a look at an example of a query and then modify the example to suit heir needs. Here just briefly for the beginning a couple of useful links.
learn  sparql  resources 
november 2018 by kintopp
User:MartinPoulter/queries - Wikidata
From Wikidata < User:MartinPoulter Jump to: navigation, search Category: via Pocket
demos  emlo  people  places  sparql  wiki 
may 2018 by kintopp
NLI-GO: Query DBPedia What's your question? Answer Errors Productions About this pageThis page is a demonstration of NLI-GO, a natural language library, written in Go, that allows a user to query a database in natural language. via Pocket
language  nlp  sparql 
february 2018 by kintopp
Sparklis | DBpedia
Sparklis is a query builder in natural language that allows people to explore and query SPARQL endpoints with all the power of SPARQL and without any knowledge of SPARQL. Sparklis is a Web client running entirely in the browser. via Pocket
language  nlp  sparql 
february 2018 by kintopp
Textual Geographies
The Textual Geographies project presents, analyzes, and visualizes a collection of more than 5 billion named locations extracted from 5 million books and journals in English, German, Spanish, and Chinese published before 1923. via Pocket
datasets  geo  linkeddata  resources  sparql  text 
february 2017 by kintopp
Linked Open Realities: The Joys and Pains of Using LOD for Research - Matthew Lincoln, PhD
I presented this talk at the June 1, 2016 meeting of the CESTA Graduate Fellows at Stanford University. You can see the full slides here. What follows is the translation of some very loose and informal notes, along with a subset of the slides, into something more resembling a blog post. via Pocket
linked  data  sparql 
june 2016 by kintopp
SPARQL for humanists - Matthew Lincoln
As I noted in my previous post, image rights are a perennial challenge for all scholars, and art historians in particular. via Pocket
datasets  howto  linked  data  search  sparql 
august 2014 by kintopp

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