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Shaping Linked Data apps | Ruben Verborgh
Ever since Ed Sheeran’s 2017 hit, I just can’t stop thinking about shapes. It’s more than the earworm though: 2017 is the year in which I got deeply involved with Solid, and also when the SHACL recommendation for shapes was published. via Pocket
linkeddata  methodology  strategy 
8 weeks ago by kintopp
Digitalstrategien von Kulturbetrieben im Überblick – KulturData
In diesem Beitrag werden explizit formulierte Digitalstrategien von Kulturbetrieben in der DACH Region gesammelt. Wenn dein Museum/Theater/Festival/Orchester/Opernhaus eine öffentlich zugängliche Strategie formuliert hat, gerne @kulturdata antwittern, dann wird sie hier veröffentlicht. via Pocket
culture  germany  policies  report  strategy 
june 2019 by kintopp
Digital Strategy  |  Library of Congress
The Library of Congress's mission is to engage, inspire, and inform the Congress and the American people with a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity. via Pocket
diglib  libraries  policies  public  strategy  usa 
november 2018 by kintopp
Europeana Strategy 2020: ‘We transform the world with culture’
Europeana started 5 years ago as a big political idea to unite Europe through culture by making our heritage available to all for work, learning or pleasure. via Pocket
europe  infrastructure  paper  strategy 
february 2016 by kintopp
Digital strategy | University of Oxford
The University will sustain and enhance its excellence in scholarship by embracing the opportunities afforded by digital technologies. via Pocket
oxford  policies  strategy 
october 2015 by kintopp

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