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A Gazetteer for the Library of Congress – Schuyler Erle - YouTube
The Library of Congress and the New York Public Library have been developing an open source gazetteer platform to power geographic search across their bibliographic collections. This gazetteer and concordance pulls together various sources of contemporary and historical geographic information - incl via Pocket
gazetteer  libraries  talk  usa  video 
8 weeks ago by kintopp
Workshop 2019 Utrecht | AVinDH SIG
DH2019’s theme Complexities asks the field “to focus on DH as the humanist way of building complex models of complex realities, analysing them with computational methods and communicating the results to a broader public. via Pocket
annotation  audio  editing  video  workshop 
may 2019 by kintopp
UNT Libraries Metadata Quality Interfaces - ELAG 2018 - YouTube
Presentation about the UNT Libraries' metadata editing environment and the metadata quality tools that we have been working on. Twitter: @vphillWork Blog/Journal: via Pocket
diglib  interface  metadata  quality  talk  video 
june 2018 by kintopp
Imj: A web-based tool for visual culture macroanalytics – Zach Whalen
So-called “movie barcodes” are both elegant to look at and useful ways to explore how color schemes and designs shift throughout a film. via Pocket
analysis  film  learn  tools  video 
december 2017 by kintopp
Distant Viewing Lab
The Distant Viewing Lab uses and develops computational techniques to analyze visual culture on a large scale. It seeks to develop tools, methods, and datasets that can be re-used by other researchers. via Pocket
analysis  film  ml  tools  video 
december 2017 by kintopp
We're learning more about how neural nets work...
To see more from Science on Facebook, log in or create an account.To see more from Science on Facebook, log in or create an account. via Pocket
learn  video  deep 
october 2017 by kintopp
Alliance for Networking Visual Culture » Overview
Scalar received an “Excellent” rating and an Editor’s Choice nod from Specializing in richness, depth, experimentation, and understanding. via Pocket
annotation  interactive  publishing  tools  video 
april 2017 by kintopp
Deep Learning Applied to Computer Vision - YouTube
For the latest information, please visit: Mattias OdisioWolfram developers and colleagues discussed the latest in innovative technologies for cloud computing, interactive deployment, mobile devices, and more. via Pocket
deep  images  talk  video  wolfram 
april 2017 by kintopp
Transkribus: Text Recognition, Transcription and Information Extraction | Günter Mühlberger - YouTube
10/10/2016 | Day Meeting | What should be in your Digital Toolbox?The Linnean Society of London is the world’s oldest active biological society. Founded in 1788, the Society takes its name from the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778). us on social media:htt via Pocket
demos  ocr  transcription  video 
january 2017 by kintopp
REFRAME – Research in Media, Film and Music
REFRAME aims to offer a range of scholarly and related creative and critical content – from relatively ephemeral or responsive forms of research output (project blogs, online film and video festivals, conferences and symposia, and audio and video podcasts) through to fully peer-reviewed online via Pocket
audio  publishing  tools  video 
june 2016 by kintopp
Volumetric Cinema | [in]Transition
Curator's Note “Volumetric Cinema” demonstrates the possibilities for “looking at film sideways,” taking the film scene as an object not just of two spatial dimensions rushing past in time, but as a spatiotemporal cube that can be manipulated, offering new methods of investigation into ou via Pocket
cinema  video  visualization 
may 2016 by kintopp
Online demo that demonstrates research into pose detection for movies. When you move the little stickperson’s arms, the software retrieves movie stills of actors striking the same pose. The image retrieval is pretty much instantaneous. The other demos are worth checking out too. via Pocket
analysis  movement  oxford  video  images 
november 2015 by kintopp
6 reasons why I like KeystoneML - O'Reilly Radar
As we put the finishing touches on what promises to be another outstanding Hardcore Data Science Day at Strata + Hadoop World in New York, I sat down with my co-organizer Ben Recht for the the latest episode of the O’Reilly Data Show Podcast. via Pocket
audio  tools  video  text  images  ml 
july 2015 by kintopp
Thomas Padilla
Sometimes I interact with folks interested in digital projects that entail some form of video analysis. These noble hypothetical folk, whether they know it or not, join a quest to augment Digital Humanities discourse with a format that doesn’t get enough attention. Brave souls. via Pocket
datasets  video 
april 2015 by kintopp
Learn the Elements of Cinema: Spielberg's Long Takes, Scorsese's Silence & Michael Bay's Shots | Open Culture
Ever since the advent of YouTube and the release of Thom Andersen’s Los Angeles Plays Itself, the video essay about filmmaking has blossomed on the internet. When these essays are good, they force you to look at movies anew. via Pocket
cinema  learn  video 
july 2014 by kintopp
ISMAR 2009: Sketch and Shape Recognition Preview From Ben Gurion University | Games Alfresco
ISMAR 2009 the world’s best augmented reality event starts in 3 days! If you are still contemplating whether to go – check out what you might be missing on our preview post. via Pocket
augmented  analysis  recognition  video  images 
april 2012 by kintopp

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