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Arduino Controlled Dishwasher
This is COMPLETELY cool, and exactly the sort of thing that we should be able to do with programmable tools like the Arduino. $30 Arduino + some code == $150 proprietary board.
diy  electronics  arduino  4blogpost  4ff 
june 2011 by kkennedy
Eat The Future -
The money quote: "The moral is clear. Republicans don’t have a mandate to cut spending; they have a mandate to repeal the laws of arithmetic."
economics  geek  krugman  4ff 
february 2011 by kkennedy
Trent Reznor on his Golden Globe nomination, what's wrong with the Grammys, and what it really means to be 'independent': An EW Q&A | The Music Mix |
FTA:". If you can use a search engine, you can find any piece of music that’s been recorded for free. I’m not saying that’s right but it’s a fact, and I’m surprised that more people don’t accept or acknowledge that, and try to adapt in some way."
music  4blogpost  4ff 
january 2011 by kkennedy
Earthquake Notification Service
"You can customize ENS to only deliver messages for certain areas, at specified times, and to multiple addresses. ENS can even send text notifications to your cell phone."
government  alert  earthquake  4ff 
april 2010 by kkennedy
Read the Healthcare Bill Summary!
FTA: "You can read and comment on the full House health care bill here on OpenCongress, but in case you don’t have the time, I wanted to point out these two extremely helpful summaries that have been made available by the House Energy and Commerce Committee:"
2009healthvote  healthpolicy  4ff 
november 2009 by kkennedy
libcloud python library - a unified interface to cloud server providers
libcloud is a standard client library for many popular cloud providers, written in python.
virtualization  cloudcomputing  api  sysadmin  python  4ff 
october 2009 by kkennedy
The Virtual Property Problem
subtitle: What property rights in virtual resources might look like, how they might work, and why they are a bad idea
virtualworlds  economics  future  followup  4ff 
august 2009 by kkennedy
Circulation Revenue Only Thing Growing at Newspapers : CJR
This is a good 3-part article (link to part 1). I don't agree with everything Ryan is saying, but it's very much worth discussing.
media  news  newspaper  journalism  future  followup  4ff 
july 2009 by kkennedy
Tor: Bridges
Nice...I wasn't aware of the addition of bridges: 'Bridge relays (or "bridges" for short) are Tor relays that aren't listed in the main Tor directory. Since there is no complete public list of them, even if your ISP is filtering connections to all the known Tor relays, they probably won't be able to block all the bridges. ... The addition of bridges to Tor is a step forward in the blocking resistance race
tor  censorship  4ff  internet 
july 2009 by kkennedy
The Vega Science Trust - Richard Feynman lectures
FTA: 'Chosen by the New Scientist - best on-line videos 2007. A set of four priceless archival video recordings from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) of the outstanding Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman - arguably the greatest science lecturer ever. Although the recording is of modest technical quality the exceptional personal style and unique delivery shine through.'
video  geek  history  science  reference  presentation  feynman  physics  4ff 
july 2009 by kkennedy

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