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AWS Greengrass Pro Tips – A Cloud Guru
AWS Greengrass is a fantastic technology: it extends AWS cloud to the edge and let us build serverless solutions that span cloud, edge, and on-prem compute.

But as any new tech — it’s still a bit rough around some edges and far from being easy to use. While our AWS friends are working hard to make it more civilized, here are 10 tips to help you get the best out of AWS Greengrass right now.
aws  iot 
march 2019 by kkennedy
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosted Public Data Sets
Any Amazon EC2 customer can access this data by creating their own personal Amazon EBS volume from a publicly shared Amazon EBS public data set snapshot. They can then access, modify, and perform computation on these data sets directly using an Amazon EC2 instance and just pay for the compute and storage resources that they use. Common use cases for these public data sets would include scientific research, academic studies, and market research. Our goal is to provide easy access to commonly used public data sets like the human genome, astronomy data, and the United States census information.
reference  publicdata  research  aws 
november 2008 by kkennedy
Amazon EBS - Elastic Block Store has launched
Holy frack, Werner Vogels is one long-term thinking, smart dude.
aws  distributed  amazon  s3  ebs 
august 2008 by kkennedy
How We Built a Web Hosting Infrastructure on EC2 « Mike Brittain
Wow..."we can add new servers to our production pool in under 20 minutes, from the time we call the “run instance” API at EC2, to the time when public traffic begins hitting the new server."
amazon  aws  tutorial 
july 2008 by kkennedy
More Choices - All backed by Amazon S3
Amazon Web Services Blog || chaching! I talk about an ecosystem backed by S3 in my podcast today, and it's already alive and well.
aws  toblog 
august 2007 by kkennedy
- Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3 ™ - Jungle Disk
aws  backup  webservices 
july 2007 by kkennedy
S3 Firefox Organizer
Rjonna's website -- Wow. Very cool...this is a plugin for firefox to allow in-browser drag and drop to an S3 namespace. Jazzy.
aws  backup  browser  mozilla  webdev 
june 2007 by kkennedy

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