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Google Code Blog: AJAX APIs Playground Ver. 2
FTA: 'the Playground is an educational application designed to show interactive code samples for some of Google's coolest Javascript APIs.'
webdev  api  javascript  ajax 
april 2009 by kkennedy
Google AJAX Libraries API - Google Code
The AJAX Libraries API is a content distribution network and loading architecture for the most popular, open source JavaScript libraries. ... Google works directly with the key stake holders for each library effort and accepts the latest stable versions as they are released. Once we host a release of a given library, we are committed to hosting that release indefinitely.
webdev  ajax  google  library  api  jquery  prototype  dojo 
april 2009 by kkennedy
Free HTML Form Builder
Create Forms, Surveys and Invitations
ajax  webdesign 
july 2007 by kkennedy
build AJAX apps in Python (like Google did for Java w/ Google Web Toolkit)
ajax  python  webdesign  webdev 
november 2006 by kkennedy
From DHTML to DOM scripting
- an example of how to replace outdated JavaScript techniques.
ajax  css  html  tutorial  webdesign  webdev  reference 
april 2006 by kkennedy
Simon Willison's Weblog
PHP, Python, CSS, XML and general web development
blog  django  geek  python  webdev  ajax  xml 
march 2006 by kkennedy
Continuing Intermittent Incoherency
Alex Russell being boring, when comprehensible
blog  geek  ajax 
march 2006 by kkennedy

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