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PubSpeak/ at master · sammachin/PubSpeak
a little app which could run on the same Pi and listens for events on a PubNunb channel then plays that text out using the Ivona text to speech engine from Amazon
python  audio  iot 
may 2016 by kkennedy
Mediactive: Why media consumers, not just creators, need to be active users | Berkman Center
Dan's talk is already up as portable and hires video, plus mp3. Sweet! Fast work, Berkman!
video  audio  media  future  journalism  dangillmor  followup 
april 2009 by kkennedy
WordPress Audio Player » License
Sweet! MIT License. I've been looking for a different audio player for my podcast than the one I presently use, but with a clearly F/OSS license. This may very well do it.
foss  audio  flash  plugins 
october 2008 by kkennedy
a free way to make and host your own web mixtape
music  audio  mp3  opensource  foss  webservices  mashup 
august 2008 by kkennedy
Slimserver And Nokia770
- Slim Devices : Community : Wiki
nokia770  nokia  mobile  audio  music 
december 2007 by kkennedy
Singularity Summit 2007
The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence SingInst
audio  followup  transhumanism 
may 2007 by kkennedy
Classical Music
classical cds, dvd, compositions & classical music buying guide
audio  media  music 
february 2007 by kkennedy
line-in + powered mic
what am i doing wrong? [Archive] - Forums
diy  audio 
november 2006 by kkennedy
Novel Intervallic Network Jamming Architecture for Music - Main
audio  music  software  collaboration 
may 2006 by kkennedy

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