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The Notre Dame Fire and the Invisible Tragedy of the Everyday
In the modern world, hunger, homelessness, lack of proper healthcare, and lack of access to education are all political decisions as well. The simple truth is that we can take care of everyone on Earth, but we choose not to.
capitalism  economics  health 
may 2019 by kkennedy
Full text: T Bone Burnett rips Big Tech “surveillance capitalists” in blistering SXSW keynote
Music industry veteran T Bone Burnett has no big love for Big Tech. In a scorching keynote speech this week at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, the Grammy- and Oscar-winning musician/producer spoke out against the growing power of Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook while affirming the importance of artists’ rights. “Artists create conscience,” the O Brother, Where Art Thou? producer said. “The artists are our only hope.”
capitalism  philosophy 
march 2019 by kkennedy
Invaders from Mars - Charlie's Diary
We are now living in a global state that has been structured for the benefit of non-human entities with non-human goals.
capitalism  economics  politics  history 
october 2014 by kkennedy
Michelle Singletary - Revealing the Hidden Cost Of Credit Cards
FTA: ' Effectively, the most financially vulnerable consumers have subsidized the low interest rates and rewards programs that the more financially secure enjoy.

I know what some of you may be thinking: "Good for me; too bad for them. That's how capitalism works."

Right you are. That is how capitalism works. And at times it's a selfish system.

We live in a society where many people who do well can't sympathize with those who don't. We've created a culture in which people live by "I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps" or "I got mine; it's up to you to get yours." '
credit  politics  legal  finance  2008crash  capitalism  capitalism.abuses  greedisnotgood 
may 2009 by kkennedy

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