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Best comic books?
– Sandman – the classic Neil Gaiman books that make it “okay” to be a comic book fan for me.
– Transmetropolitan – a gonzo journalist in a 21st century Gibson-esque world.
– Powers – about how police and the rest of the world might deal with people with superpowers.
– Fables – wonderful graphic novels about a world where fairy tales bump up against our world.
– Lucifer – originally a spinoff from Sandman, but satisfying in its own right. It’s about the devil.
november 2014 by kkennedy
Marvel Digital Comics, not perfect, but worth the money!
Damn...just $60/year (billed annually...or $10/month), and at first glance, it looks to be quite a hunk of the Marvel catalog. I need to peruse the available comics more closely, but this might acually be worth thinking about.
comics  media  digitalmedia 
july 2008 by kkennedy
Penny Arcade! - Grace In Defeat
Oh, when they're good, they're GOOD.
comics  funny 
june 2008 by kkennedy

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