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kkennedy : crypto   51 | A security enclave for humans
Betrusted is a cryptoprocessor with a dedicated display and keyboard. It’s a protected place for your private matters.
hardware  security  crypto  bunnie.huang 
15 days ago by kkennedy
Keybase: Getting your service on Keybase
a.k.a. Keybase's brand new Proof Integration Guide
The most basic idea behind Keybase is that it's a protocol and directory for connecting people's identities and keys together. For example, it is cryptographically proven that Keybase user tammy is all of these identities:
identity  crypto  keybase 
april 2019 by kkennedy
Improvements on Conventional PKI Wisdom
Carl Ellison, Intel Labs: 1st Annual PKI Research Workshop
crypto  privacy 
august 2006 by kkennedy
pypwsafe 0.0.2 (with
Over It. (a Weblog by Jason Diamond) »
crypto  python 
may 2006 by kkennedy

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