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Thali - Related Efforts
Mapping the redecentralization movement
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april 2015 by kkennedy – the Blog · Mapreduce Bash Script
FTA: 'One night at the pub we discussed whether one could replace Hadoop (a massive and comprehensive implementation of Mapreduce) with a single bash script, an awk command, sort, and a sprinkling of netcat.' -- LOL!!!
followup  distributed  hadoop 
april 2009 by kkennedy
Project Voldemort
Voldemort is a distributed key-value storage system...It is used at LinkedIn for certain high-scalability storage problems where simple functional partitioning is not sufficient. It is still a new system which has rough edges, bad error messages, and probably plenty of uncaught bugs. Let us know if you find one of these, so we can fix it. (Apache 2.0 license)
database  db  distributed  opensource  schemaless 
january 2009 by kkennedy · Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services
The Franklin Street Statement takes on new relevance with the shuttering of I Want Sandy: 'The current generation of network services or Software as a Service can provide advantages over traditional, locally installed software in ease of deployment, collaboration, and data aggregation. Many users have begun to rely on such services in preference to software provisioned by themselves or their organizations. This move toward centralization has powerful effects on software freedom and user autonomy.'
autonomy  freedom  fsf  foss  saas  distributed 
november 2008 by kkennedy
The Virtual Company Project
The net has enabled the creation of markets (eBay) and altruistic community production (wikipedia). But it hasn't yet made it easy for a group of individuals, located around the globe, to create a persistent legal entity that has the ability to own property, open a bank account and enter into contracts with third parties. State limited liability company acts can be modestly amended to provide the flexibility necessary for transient online groups to enjoy limited liability, group-based decision-making and, collectively, legal personhood.
collaboration  distributed  management  legal 
november 2008 by kkennedy
Amazon EBS - Elastic Block Store has launched
Holy frack, Werner Vogels is one long-term thinking, smart dude.
aws  distributed  amazon  s3  ebs 
august 2008 by kkennedy
OAuth -- secure API authentication
An open protocol to allow secure API authentication in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.
authentication  webservices  distributed  identity  foss 
october 2007 by kkennedy

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