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The Notre Dame Fire and the Invisible Tragedy of the Everyday
In the modern world, hunger, homelessness, lack of proper healthcare, and lack of access to education are all political decisions as well. The simple truth is that we can take care of everyone on Earth, but we choose not to.
capitalism  economics  health 
may 2019 by kkennedy
interfluidity » The opportunity cost of firm payouts
The last time we had a 70% top marginal tax rate in the U.S. it generated very little revenue. That doesn’t mean it failed, that means it was doing it’s job...
economics  taxpol 
february 2019 by kkennedy
How This All Happened · Collaborative Fund
This is a short story about what happened to the U.S. economy since the end of World War II.
economics  economy  history 
january 2019 by kkennedy
Tyler Cowen - Wikipedia
Tyler Cowen (/ˈkaʊən/; born January 21, 1962) is an American economist, who is an economics professor at George Mason University, where he holds the Holbert C. Harris chair in the economics department.[2] He hosts the economics blog, Marginal Revolution, together with co-author Alex Tabarrok. Cowen and Tabarrok also maintain the website Marginal Revolution University, a venture in online education.
economics  politics 
november 2018 by kkennedy
The Great Man-Machine Debate
By Philip E. Auerswald
Author and Associate Professor at the School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs
George Mason University
economics  future 
august 2017 by kkennedy
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