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Welcome to Chibitronics
Chibitronics makes circuit stickers and other tools for paper circuits, which blends circuit building and programming with arts and crafts.  It’s a friendly way to learn, design and create your own electronics.
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5 weeks ago by kkennedy
Vouchers don’t do much for students - Stephanie Simon -
I note that Jindal uses the "means" argument to argue for school choice. How about for health care? Check his stance.
politics  education 
october 2013 by kkennedy Our Disinformed Electorate
Notable, but disheartening. FTA: "We humans all have a basic disposition to embrace our side's arguments and reject or ignore those offered by an opponent. Our polling reflects that. [...] Voters aren’t highly knowledgeable about government to begin with. [...] And voters, once deceived, tend to stay that way despite all evidence [...] None of this bodes well for the future, in our view. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars on campaigns that systematically disinform the public can only make the task of governing harder for the eventual winner."
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december 2008 by kkennedy
Quotes That Catch My Fancy | Redstate
I make note of this b/c I find it amusing that the point made about the quote is that it is "The Economist" But the post that it comes from is part of an internal debate between Economist bloggers, and the one taking the other side has a better arg, IMO
education  economics 
november 2007 by kkennedy

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