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Betrusted is a cryptoprocessor with a dedicated display and keyboard. It’s a protected place for your private matters.
hardware  security  crypto  bunnie.huang 
9 days ago by kkennedy
Welcome to Chibitronics
Chibitronics makes circuit stickers and other tools for paper circuits, which blends circuit building and programming with arts and crafts.  It’s a friendly way to learn, design and create your own electronics.
diy  education  electronics  hardware 
9 days ago by kkennedy
Homepage | DrZzs
A few years ago I attended my first Maker Faire. I realized right away that I had found My People! It was exciting to see so many other people who shared my passion for making ALL KINDS of things! At long last, I had found my purpose, the reason I was sent here by the mother ship. I’m a Maker.
hardware  iot  maker 
august 2018 by kkennedy
ForEx display •
The idea of the ForEx display is to have a simple display for the mayor foreign exchange rates on your desk as you have a calendar or perhaps a clock on your desk. Along the rates also the actual time of different places as the local time and date is displayed. As everything is kept on actual by updating via Internet, no button or switch is req
hardware  hacks  hackaday 
april 2016 by kkennedy
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