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Scripting News: Friday, September 22, 2017
People who say Jimmy Kimmel should "stay in his lane" don't understand self-government. It's his responsibility to be involved in policy.#
october 2017 by kkennedy
Fact Check: Is Congress Exempt From the G.O.P. Health Bill? - The New York Times
It is true that the bill exempted lawmakers from its provisions. But a subsequent piece of legislation, which the House approved, eliminated the exemption, effectively nullifying that claim. The Senate now will consider both bills.
healthpolicy  trumpcare 
may 2017 by kkennedy
The Impact of High Deductibles on Health Care Spending
Implementation of the deductible reduced employee health care spending by 12 to 14 percent, nearly all from reduc-tion in demand for services.

After years of providing completely free medical care to its employees, a large company switched to a high-deductible insurance plan that, in its first year, covered 78 percent of expenditures. The subsequent change in the spending patterns of employees suggest that textbook models of rational consumer behavior do not apply to demand for health care.
healthcare  healthpolicy 
may 2016 by kkennedy
OP-ED: The price if health care is overturned - York Dispatch
FTA: "When people talk about out-of-control government spending, they're really talking about rising medical costs that far outpace any conceivable rate of economic growth. The conservative solution -- shift those costs to the consumer -- is no solution at all. ... If the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, a single-payer system will go from being politically impossible to being, in the long run, fiscally inevitable."
scotus  healthmandate  healthpolicy  economics 
march 2012 by kkennedy
Read the Healthcare Bill Summary!
FTA: "You can read and comment on the full House health care bill here on OpenCongress, but in case you don’t have the time, I wanted to point out these two extremely helpful summaries that have been made available by the House Energy and Commerce Committee:"
2009healthvote  healthpolicy  4ff 
november 2009 by kkennedy
Health Critic Brings a Past and a Wallet
Interesting. FTA: 'Mr. Scott’s emergence this spring as the most visible conservative opponent to Mr. Obama’s not-fully-defined health care effort has former friends and foes alike doing double takes, given Mr. Scott’s history.

Once lauded for building Columbia/HCA into the largest health care company in the world, Mr. Scott was ousted by his own board of directors in 1997 amid the nation’s biggest health care fraud scandal.'
nyt  healthcare  healthpolicy  economics  politics 
april 2009 by kkennedy
Two Girls, Two Countries, One Cancer
FTA: 'David Whelan has an interesting article at following two girls through the same serious cancer diagnosis here (US) and in Britain.' Link to article:
health  healthpolicy 
november 2008 by kkennedy
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