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Why Hologram | Hologram
Powering thousands of IoT deployments
Hologram’s platform gives IoT products a competitive advantage to connect simpler, and scale faster.
iot  mobiledev 
6 days ago by kkennedy
AWS Greengrass Pro Tips – A Cloud Guru
AWS Greengrass is a fantastic technology: it extends AWS cloud to the edge and let us build serverless solutions that span cloud, edge, and on-prem compute.

But as any new tech — it’s still a bit rough around some edges and far from being easy to use. While our AWS friends are working hard to make it more civilized, here are 10 tips to help you get the best out of AWS Greengrass right now.
aws  iot 
march 2019 by kkennedy
Homepage | DrZzs
A few years ago I attended my first Maker Faire. I realized right away that I had found My People! It was exciting to see so many other people who shared my passion for making ALL KINDS of things! At long last, I had found my purpose, the reason I was sent here by the mother ship. I’m a Maker.
hardware  iot  maker 
august 2018 by kkennedy
PubSpeak/ at master · sammachin/PubSpeak
a little app which could run on the same Pi and listens for events on a PubNunb channel then plays that text out using the Ivona text to speech engine from Amazon
python  audio  iot 
may 2016 by kkennedy

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