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bcm / bcm-public · GitLab (NexMon)
NexMon is a firmware patching framework for the BCM4339 WiFi firmware of Nexus 5 smartphones. It's main intension was to enable monitor mode and frame injection, which is already working quite well. Nevertheless, we also publish many example patches that allow to dive into firmware reverse engineering and firmware patching. Especially, the ability to write firmware patches in C makes it easy to use, also for beginners.
nexus.5  wifi  hacks  monitoring 
september 2016 by kkennedy
R2-d2 Server Monitor: R2-D2's In Ur Serverz, Monitoring Ur Packetz
Follow your geekdom, folks. Embrace your nerditude. These guys did, and it's AWESOME.
funny  geek  hacks  hardware  monitoring  starwars 
july 2008 by kkennedy
Flickr Developer Blog » Slides: Capacity Planning for Web Operations
Good links to some nice-looking tools (Flickr uses They monitor alot, but try to keep it simple. I like it.
flickr  monitoring  webops  techops 
june 2008 by kkennedy

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