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Tor VM - Tor in a virtual machine.
Tor VM is a small virtual machine that acts as a router and redirects your TCP traffic and DNS request through Tor while filtering out protocols that could jeopardize your anonymity. Tor VM is built using all open source software and is free.

There are many advantages to running Tor in a virtual machine. Any application on any operating system that uses TCP for communication is routed over Tor. By using a small virtual machine that acts as a router, protocols such as UDP and ICMP are filtered, preventing a compromise of your anonymity. Placing Tor in a virtual machine separates Tor from potentially insecure applications that could compromises Tor's integrity and your security.
security  privacy  tool  p2p 
november 2008 by kkennedy
compare prices, customer ratings, and more, from any mobile phone
hacks  phone  tool 
march 2006 by kkennedy
Welcome to! -
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october 2005 by kkennedy
TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor
Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor by Moxiecode Systems AB
html  webdesign  tool  webdev 
september 2005 by kkennedy

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