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Copies of selected US Gov't archives

1) the SEC's EDGAR database (xml only)
2) Commerce Business Daily
3) Copyright Registrations
4) Patent Full Text
5) Trademark Registrations
6) Federal Communications Commission
publicdata  xml 
august 2007 by kkennedy
REST and WS-*
Joe Gregorio | BitWorking |
webservices  xml  webdev  rest 
march 2007 by kkennedy
alphaWorks Services | | Overview
webdesign  hacks  xml 
february 2007 by kkennedy
Simon Willison's Weblog
PHP, Python, CSS, XML and general web development
blog  django  geek  python  webdev  ajax  xml 
march 2006 by kkennedy
Seattle Movie Finder An AJAX- and REST-Powered Virtual Earth Mashup
xml  webdev  followup 
march 2006 by kkennedy
ACM Queue - A Conversation with Adam Bosworth
"we're moving away from a data-centric world to a message-centric world"
xml  webdev 
january 2005 by kkennedy

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