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Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm | WIRED
Illustration: Steven Wilson The winter sun sets in mid-afternoon in Kolobrzeg, Poland, but the early twilight does not deter people from taking their regular outdoor promenade. Bundled up in parkas with fur-trimmed hoods, strolling hand in mittened hand along the edge of the Baltic Sea, off-season tourists from Germany stop openmouthed when they see a tall, \[…\]
education  learning  memory  psychology  brain  supermemo 
august 2018 by klarck
General Thinking Tools: 9 Mental Models to Solve Difficult Problems
While there are millions of mental models, I find these the most useful in solving difficult problems. These general thinking tools should be taught in every school.
psychology  creativity  thinking  decisionmaking 
may 2018 by klarck
Neuroscientists say multitasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain — Quartz
Does your morning routine consist of checking emails, browsing Facebook, downing coffee, heading to the train while Googling one last idea, checking notifications, more coffee, and going through your work email? The myriad activities crammed into your morning, and the constant switching between them, is likely making you very tired. When we attempt to multitask,...
patientsafety  multitasking  psychology  neuroscience 
july 2016 by klarck

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