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Early years support sets a child up for life. It should be a national priority
This is a sector that is woefully undervalued: pay is so low that almost half of the early-years workforce receive benefits. Early-years workers are themselves often stressed, with a quarter saying they are considering leaving the sector.
guardian  politics 
8 weeks ago by kmara
Now we have proof: the government used your money to lie about poor people
When are Tory voting working class and middle class people who are just about holding their heads above water say “You know what? I don’t think the Tories do actually care about me or anyone that I relate to?”
politics  guardian 
november 2019 by kmara
Britain is run by a self-serving clique. That’s why it’s in crisis
Those who make the laws in government, oversee the civil service that will implement them, adjudicate on them in court or assess them in newspapers, are drawn from such a narrow social layer that they might as well be the same person
politics  guardian 
july 2019 by kmara
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