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windows 7 - Setting up VirtualBox guest for PXE boot - Super User |
Solution: make sure the VM is using bridged networking (to the physical host adapter, 'eno1' or whatever) and install the Oracle secret-sauce Extension Pack.

Older releases here:
virtualbox  virtualization  networking  pxe  pxeboot  secretsauce  nonfree  fuckina  solution 
4 days ago • View topic - PXE boot from bridged adaptor |
Lots of good suggestions here, but all that was *really* necessary was to bridge the physical adapter ('eno1' for me) and install the non-free Extension Pack.

The bundled PXE ROM is not sufficient to boot the Windows workstation installation environment.

See also:
pxe  pxeboot  networking  virtualbox  windows  win7  virtualization  sortof  solution 
4 days ago
What is the difference between the Docker Engine and Docker Daemon? - Quora |
Docker Daemon checks the client request and communicates with the Docker components in order to perform a service whereas, Docker Engine or Docker is the base engine installed on your host machine to build and run containers using Docker components and services

But is this right?
docker engine and daemon are the names used interchangeably. It refers to the same entity.
docker  terminology  lingo  containerization  solution 
5 days ago
add a docker configuration file · Issue #937 · moby/moby |
Answer: there apparently is no '/etc/docker/docker.conf'; on Debian-derived distros, there's an /etc/default/docker, where you can set the DOCKER_OPTS environment variable for the daemon, though.
docker  ubuntu  debian  centos  configfile  configuration  reference 
5 days ago
Best way to move docker directory · Issue #3127 · moby/moby |
Good evening, I'm looking for the best way to move docker directory (default /var/lib/docker) to another directory. (Technically other disk partition) I'm using devicemapper, and I think a lot of things are mounted, so it's not as easy a...
docker  configfile  centos  ubuntu  migration  reference 
5 days ago
kragen/xcompose: for sharing .XCompose keybindings |
for sharing .XCompose keybindings. Contribute to kragen/xcompose development by creating an account on GitHub.
linux  x11  dotfile  composekey  specialcharacters  reference 
5 days ago
Vim: enter Unicode characters with 8-digit hex code - Stack Overflow |
Things I know:

The command ga on the character 𝓭 gives me hex:0001d4ed.
I can copy it on the clipboard and paste it via "+p.
I know how to enter Unicode values that have a 4 digit hex code:
<C-v>u for example <C-v>u03b1 gives the α character.
vim  unicode  specialcharacters  textediting  solution 
5 days ago
Is there an alternative to sed that supports unicode? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange |
Just use that syntax:

sed 's/馑//g' file1

Or in the escaped form:

sed "s/$(echo -ne '\u9991')//g" file1

(Note that older versions of Bash and some shells do not understand echo -e '\u9991', so check first.)
sed  unicode  textprocessing  solution 
5 days ago
qvl/sleepto: An alternative to traditional task schedulers |
An alternative to traditional task schedulers. Contribute to qvl/sleepto development by creating an account on GitHub.
unix  sysadmin  cronjob  scheduler  automation  alternativeto  cron 
6 days ago
[Request] Copy and transfer text from Notes app to Simplenote : workflow |
OR I think it can be done using IFTTT, if it has a Simplenote channel. You'd need to add a gmail account on Mac and enable notes, then select all notes and move to gmail from iCloud. Before that, setup IFTTT to trigger on gmail label added "Notes" (check this) copy mail to Simplenote. Notes on Mac and iOS actually uses IMAP mailboxes/labels. This is what makes it possible.
simplenote  ifttt  notetaking  mac  osx  automation  maybesolution 
7 days ago
Tips and tricks: How to change default Google calendar |
The only real solution is to deselect all the other calendars when you're creating events. The top calendar (of the enabled ones) is the default when adding new events.

googlecalendar  calendar  tipsandtricks  annoyance  sortof  solution 
7 days ago
lab-workshops/intro-to-d3 at master · YaleDHLab/lab-workshops |
Materials for workshops on text mining, machine learning, and data visualization - YaleDHLab/lab-workshops
d3.js  dataviz  visualization  javascript  workshop  howto  reference 
8 days ago
Ensuring the Longevity of Digital Information
archive  digitization  archival  datastorage  permanence  tipsandtricks  science  article 
8 days ago
how am i supposed to remember ipv6 addresses? - Open Forum | DSLReports Forums |
Short answer: local name servers or /etc/hosts. Or copy-paste.
On a broader note, I am always amazed at the comment 'How can I remember' when dealing with computers. Excuse me but isn't that what computers are for? Is the concept of making a file and then copy/paste foreign to most people? I don't have to remember anything not that I could remember my 32 digit login's and passwords, as an example. As for IPV6, for the vast majority of home users, it's irrelevant.
ipv6  ip  internet  homenetworking  networking  sysadmin  butwhy  answered 
12 days ago
networking - Is there any benefit to using IPv6 on my home network? - Super User |
Just about sums it up:
But with IPv4 you can't give all of your kitchen appliances billions of IP addresses!
ipv6  homenetworking  networking  butwhy 
12 days ago
jwz: Palm's App Catalog, part 2 |
Echoes of the App Store?
We still really have no idea what this second-class-citizen app catalog will look like, since they say it won't exist for two to three months. That means it doesn't help those of us who have working apps today that we would like to get into the hands of our users today, but it's a step in the right direction, assuming that getting things into the second-class-citizen catalog is a whole lot easier than getting it into the "real" catalog has been so far. (It won't surprise you to learn that based on their past behavior, I don't think that's a particularly likely assumption. But we'll see.)

But this is all needlessly complicated.

Here's what I want:

A developer makes the executable of their application available on their own web site.
A user visits the developer's web site via the web browser on their phone, and clicks on the link.
A dialog box asks, "Are you sure you want to do this crazy thing?"
The application installs. Done.

That's how it worked on PalmOS. That's how it works on desktop computers! Anything more complicated than that is just stupid.
appstore  palmpre  thewaythingswere  opensource  distribution 
14 days ago
jwz: Altered Carbon |
"Ok, so you've been asleep for three hundred years, you wake up, and literally the only thing that has changed is that you need to update your ad blocker settings!"
whatsoldisnewagain  bladerunner  scifi 
14 days ago
The CADT Model |
This is, I think, the most common way for my bug reports to open source software projects to ever become closed. I report bugs; they go unread for a year, sometimes two; and then (surprise!) that module is rewritten from scratch -- and the new maintainer can't be bothered to check whether his new version has actually solved any of the known problems that existed in the previous version.

I'm so totally impressed at this Way New Development Paradigm. Let's call it the "Cascade of Attention-Deficit Teenagers" model, or "CADT" for short.
foss  opensource  software  devel  annoyance  rewrites 
14 days ago
Compiz Reloaded |
The official GitHub mirror of Compiz Reloaded. Compiz Reloaded has 16 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
compiz  compositing  windowmanager  x11 
14 days ago
Dispatch in Two Parts: The Arab Body Writes Itself In | Boston Review |
In a recent Guardian interview the Libyan-British writer Hisham Matar says, “International literature remains hugely underrated and, as a side effect, English books are often overrated. About 1.5% of books published in the UK and 3% of those published in the USA are works in translation. And the sales are often dismally modest. This impoverishes culture and nourishes narcissism. Put very simply, it is boring and dangerous.” Narcissim here can also be read as imperialism.
perspective  culture  colonialism  translation  language  poetry 
15 days ago
bed to bigBed conversion |
<code class="language-bash">
$ wget
$ wget
$ chmod +x ./bedToBigBed ./fetchChromSizes
$ ./fetchChromSizes hg38 > hg38.chrom.sizes
$ sort-bed regions.unsorted.bed > regions.bed
$ ./bedToBigBed regions.bed hg38.chrom.sizes
ucsc  genomebrowser  bigbed  bioinformatics  solution 
15 days ago
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