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Gregor Jasny - Google+ - How to set up permanent NFS mounts with #mountainlion …
How to set up permanent NFS mounts with #mountainlion

Starting with Disk Utility 13 from Mountain Lion, the menu option to manage NFS mounts is gone. One has to use the following commands to create a permanent NFS mount:

# create
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo VFSLinkDir /Volumes/share
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo VFSOpts resvport ro nosuid
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo VFSType nfs
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo RecordName

# verify
sudo dscl . -list /Mounts
sudo dscl . -read /Mounts/

I learned that there is a graphical tool called "Directory Editor". It can be launched via

open /System/Library/CoreServices/Directory\

So this solves the mystery of where the 'static' autofs mounts were coming from--directory services. Just fire up the (now cleverly hidden) Directory Utility and click on the "Directory Editor" toolbar button, then choose Viewing -> "Mounts" in node -> "/Local/Default."
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january 2014 by kme
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