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autofsd: /usr/sbin/automount terminated...: Apple Support Communities
Beautiful, thanks for the source info.

Looks like the automount arg processing is weak. An option arg append length check was failing.

Forgoing the automounter was the simplest option.

Sticking all the mounts in a script to be run as needed solved the problem:


sudo mount -o $NFS_OPTS server:/path /local/path


as needed.

In my case it was using Disk Utility to create a static NFS mount, while trying to pass it '-o browse' (as opposed to its default, which looks like
"map -static on /Volumes/sulaco_share (autofs, automounted, nobrowse)"). The resulting error message when invoking 'sudo automount -vc' was:
Assertion failed: (strlcat((mntops_out), (","), (optlen)) < (optlen)), function process_fstab_mntopts, file /SourceCache/autofs/autofs-207.1/automountlib/ns_fstab.c, line 171.

NB: The 'static' automounts created by Disk Utility (in 10.7 maybe down to 10.5) are created through directory services. That's why you don't see anything in /etc/fstab. See for the detailed info that led to this epiphany.
mac  osx  sysadmin  nfs  automount  autofs  diskutility  errrormessage  solution 
january 2014 by kme
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