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Jessica Kerr "Git Happens" - YouTube
So, 'git rebase -i' allows you to "pick" some commits to have their own commit in the origin's history (possibly out of order) and choose to "squash" other commits (like when I do 'checkpoint' commits, or Jessica's example of 'Going to lunch') so that they don't clutter up the origin repository's history.
git  gitrebase  conference  talk  video  whenthingsgowrong  explained  epiphany 
september 2014
Keynote - Karen Sandler - YouTube
Why free and open source software is the right and true thing.
security  medicaldevices  wireless  bugs  software  testing  se  video  keynote 
september 2014
Steffen Dietz : CSS3 transition to 'auto'-value
To avoid that, simply use max-height and set it to a value bigger than your box will ever be. Look at the example, implying '.transition-box' will never be bigger than 999px:
css  css3  animation  transition  solution 
september 2014
Adding HTML entities using CSS content - Stack Overflow
You have to use the escaped unicode :


.breadcrumbs a:before {
content: '>\0000a0';
css  html  webdevel  specialcharacters  unicode  solution 
september 2014
How to check if a Textarea is empty in Javascript or Jquery? - Stack Overflow
You wanna check if the value is == '', not null

if(document.getElementById("field").value == '')
document.getElementById("field").style.display ="none";
javascript  duh  webdevel  solution 
september 2014
Getting 256 colors to work in tmux - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Here's what I use:

~$ which tmux
tmux: aliased to TERM=xterm-256color tmux

and in in my .tmux.conf:

set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"

Aliasing tmux to "tmux -2" should also do the trick.
tmux  screen  xtermcolors  colorscheme  configfile 
september 2014
MediaWiki tricks 1 – Custom link colors | [[content|comment]]
Sometimes you may want to color a wikilink (for example in order to indicate that two wikilinks are pointing to fundamental different kinds content) with something different than standard blue for existant pages (Monobook).

A minimal wiki code example for turning a wiki link green:

[[ARTICLE|<span style="color:green;">ARTICLE</span>]]
mediawiki  css  tipsandtricks  fuckina  solution 
september 2014
Help:Template - Meta
Making emptiness and undefinedness equivalent

It is often convenient if assigning the empty string to a parameter has the same effect as not assigning any value to it, as the difference is somewhat abstract, and as mentioned, in some cases there is not even the choice. Also, for example "p=" may be put for convenience, to be filled in later, and/or meant to make explicit that the template has a parameter p, but at this time we do not give it a value.

Making emptiness and undefinedness equivalent can for example be achieved by exclusively using {{{p|}}}, not {{{p}}} and not {{{p|q}}} for a non-empty q, or for example using {{#if:{{{p|}}}|..{{{p}}}..|..}} (i.e., using {{{p}}} only in branches of branching functions where it is defined and non-empty).
mediawiki  annoyance  template  syntax  solution  dammitbrain 
september 2014
php - magento : Class 'DOMDocument' not found - Stack Overflow
[Tue Sep 23 13:30:47 2014] [error] PHP Fatal error: Class 'DOMDocument' not found in /var/www/html/w/includes/cache/LocalisationCache.php on line 650

Followed by a `service httpd restart`.
mediawiki  errormessage  webmaster  php  solution  centos 
september 2014
Database error after updating to 1.20.4 - MediaWiki
ALTER TABLE `your_database_name`.`wiki_recentchanges` ADD COLUMN `rc_moved_to_ns` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `rc_type` , ADD COLUMN `rc_moved_to_title` VARBINARY(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' AFTER `rc_moved_to_ns` ;
mediawiki  sql  dba  downgrade  webmaster  solution 
september 2014
Apache Redirect Root URL to Subfolder |
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/$
RewriteRule (.*) /mysubfolder/ [R=301]
apache  mod_rewrite  configfile  redirect  webmaster  dammitbrain  solution 
september 2014
You cannot log on because the logon method you are using is not - Microsoft Community -
The following steps require Administrator credentials.
Use the keys Windows+R or 'Run' from the start menu, and type gpedit.msc.
Navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Look at all 'deny log on' pThe following steps require Administrator credentials.

Use the keys Windows+R or 'Run' from the start menu, and type gpedit.msc.
Navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Look at all 'deny log on' policies to see if your Guest account is listed. Remove the account from the list, and you should be fine to continue using your guest profile.

Good luck.


I found that the Windows 7 navigation was "Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment".
windows  useraccounts  authentication  win7  solution 
september 2014
How to fold/unfold HTML tags with Vim - Stack Overflow
I have found zfat (or, equally, zfit) works well for folding with HTML documents. za will toggle (open or close) an existing fold. zR opens all the folds in the current document, zM effectively re-enables all existing folds marked in the document.

If you find yourself using folds extensively, you could make some handy keybindings for yourself in your .vimrc.
vim  folding  programming  html  markup  solution 
september 2014
How do I remove a Git submodule? - Stack Overflow
Here's how it works prior to 1.8.3-ish:
To remove a submodule you need to:

Delete the relevant section from the .gitmodules file.
Stage the .gitmodules changes git add .gitmodules
Delete the relevant section from .git/config.
Run git rm --cached path_to_submodule (no trailing slash).
Run rm -rf .git/modules/path_to_submodule
Commit git commit -m "Removed submodule <name>"
Delete the now untracked submodule files
rm -rf path_to_submodule
git  solution  submodule 
september 2014
Urban Dictionary: Human
Bipedal creature found on Earth. First creature in the biosphere to succesfully refine abstract thought into more than the ability to lie and/or delude itself, humans developed the technique of picturing the way things might be and then planning ways to make reality fit the pattern.

This faculty turns in upon itself, however, when the attempt fails, leading to such emotional conflicts as self-loathing, bias against more succesful others, self-worship, or sublimation of individualism into a group mind.

Humans have borrowed many traits from other species such as hunting for pleasure ( from cats and squids ), enslaving other species ( from ants ), protecting and nurturing other species to gather products from them ( from ants ), spoiling other creatures habitats by their own constructs ( from beavers ), and creating and sharing habitats with other creatures ( from corals, rodents and birds ). Humans have invented several concepts for themselves, such as artistic endevour for its own sake, resource gathering and stockpiling for its own sake, ignorance and self-delusion as a natural right, love and attraction not solely for the purpose of reproduction, worship of the different, lack of diversity as a positive, and worship of the identical.

Humans are capable of percieving that they are less than what they imagine themselves to be. This is not only their major problem, it is also their major strength.
" Some say modern humans are smarter than cavemen, some say we are less. I think we are exactly as smart as cavemen, and that is pretty smart indeed".
humans  hahaonlyserious 
september 2014
Shipping Solves Everything - Marc Hedlund's Blog
Sorry to hear about all this. I would suggest working with people you like and who encourage you, even if not on a startup project, and doing some small form of “shipping” that could lead to positive feedback.

After the last failure, when I was in the same mode you’re describing, I took a job at O’Reilly Media. Tim O’Reilly has always been extremely encouraging of me and many of the other people at O’Reilly are similarly encouraging. During that time a did a lot of speaking at O’Reilly conferences and wrote quite a bit for Both of those things got me some positive feedback, and with the encouragement of the people around me I was able to start making progress on what became Wesabe. Positive feedback snowballed for me, and pushed me out of my funk.

I’ve always found that shipping something, anything, is the biggest help. Even just shipping a blog post.
failure  advice  shipping 
september 2014
Why Wesabe Lost to Mint - Marc Hedlund's Blog
I am, of course, enormously sad that Wesabe lost and the company closed. I don’t agree with those who say you should learn from your successes and mostly ignore your failures; nor do I agree with those who obsess over failures for years after (as I have done in the past). I’m hoping that by writing this all out I can offload it from my head and hopefully help inform other people who try to start companies in the future.

You’ll hear a lot about why company A won and company B lost in any market, and in my experience, a lot of the theories thrown about – even or especially by the participants – are utter crap. A domain name doesn’t win you a market; launching second or fifth or tenth doesn’t lose you a market. You can’t blame your competitors or your board or the lack of or excess of investment. Focus on what really matters: making users happy with your product as quickly as you can, and helping them as much as you can after that. If you do those better than anyone else out there you’ll win.
failure  devel  financial  webapp  postmortem  happyusers 
september 2014
The Six Stages of systemd [ 2014] - YouTube
Knuth is right: computer programming is not a science, but an art. System administration is an art too, and a black one at that. —Adam J. Thornton

There's nothing so much I personally enjoy as spending five minutes working out whether the complaint about it won't start because there's a lockfile means that I'm /actually/ stupidly trying to start up two instances of the same process *or* that the old one shat the bed and I'm on laundry duty again.

I work for a bank, so I have to work with "enterprise" software, which tends not to come packaged or with init scripts, because heaven only knows when you're paying $50,000 a CPU for something it's TOTALLY unreasonable to expect the vendor to put /any/ effort into customizing it for your platform. At the other end of the spectrum, because we have a horde of children doing web development with whatever exciting web framework they just read about on Hacker News this week, we're deploying Rails or Node.js or whatever pops up, and they're not really interested in doing any of the boring, un-sexy systems stuff either.
sysadmin  systemd  change  fivestages  video  talk 
september 2014
Junos Pulse Automatically Opens at Startup. | Apple Support Communities
launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchAgents/

Possible source:

Here's how to load/unload the PulseTray service on-demand (I put this in an Automator app):
-- Source:
property checkInterval : 30 -- interval to check process

on run
do shell script "launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchAgents/ &>/dev/null &"
-- What this actually runs is "/Applications/Junos"
delay checkInterval
tell application "Junos Pulse" to activate -- start it up
delay checkInterval -- initial delay before idle
end run

on idle
tell application "System Events"
if (exists application process "Junos Pulse") then return checkInterval -- check again later
end tell
-- application is not running, so run script here
do shell script "launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchAgents/ &>/dev/null &"
end idle

And here's how to load just the tray application (which is basically all the launch service does anyway):
open -a '/Applications/Junos'
juniper  junos  junospulse  vpn  mac  osx  menuextra  trayicon  annoyance  solution 
september 2014
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