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How do I insert text after a table that's right at the very end of - Microsoft Community
I had a similar problem when the table was the only item in a footer. One workaround is:

Press Tab to create an additional row to the table;
Select the blank row (click to the left);
Click Convert to Text (on the Table Tools | Layout menu)
word  mac  osx  office2011  ayfkm  microsoft  annoyance  solution 
december 2016
Re: Simple authentication with SASL
At 08:14 AM 2/14/2005, Jorge Ruão wrote:
>is there a way to specify simple authentication in /etc/openldap/ldap.conf?
>I'm using Red Hat AS 3.0 with the openldap RPM and it comes with SASL support.
>I don't to type -x in all ldapsearches, so is there a way to specify/force the use of simple authentication in the ldap.conf file?

ldap  openldap  configfile  solution 
december 2016
Using :argdo to change multiple files
Good for setting text width and 'colorcolumn' for all open buffers.
vim  tipsandtricks  automation  solution 
december 2016
Frequently asked questions - Wikimedia Foundation
We are not considering advertising as a source of revenue. We do not believe that advertising belongs in a project devoted to free, reliable, and neutral knowledge. Introducing commercial interests could jeopardize Wikipedia’s reliability as a neutral source of information. Our global volunteer community has always felt that advertising would have a major effect on our ability to stay neutral, and ultimately ads would weaken readers' overall confidence in the articles they read on Wikipedia.
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december 2016
macos - Got any tips or tricks for Terminal in Mac OS X? - Ask Different []
mdfind to use spotlight from the command line - really really really handy! Finds things in every directory as well, so it's more useful when looking for files that are part of the system.

mdfind -live updates in real time, which again is incredibly handy.

<code class="language-bash">
# Source:
pman () {
man -t $@ | ps2pdf - - | open -g -f -a Preview
mac  osx  commandline  sysadmin  tipsandtricks  terminal 
december 2016
Muslim Immigration: Ohio State Stabbing Shows Dangers. Let’s Be Honest. | National Review
But I’d submit that America can show compassion without opening its borders to an uncertain number of jihadist killers. We can maintain and expand existing safe zones in the Middle East. We can project power to continue to roll back ISIS and provide space for people to return to their homes. We can implement new tests for immigrants and restrict immigration from volatile regions. At the same time, we can avoid paranoia and appreciate the peacefulness and patriotism of the vast majority of our existing Muslim population.
terrorism  refugees  vetting 
december 2016
Beyoncé’s 'Lemonade,' Kanye West’s 'The Life of Pablo,' and the New Institution of Marriage - The Atlantic
But success also entails the effort to reach out beyond the self to something larger, not just community and religion but the well-being of children, who figure in both albums. Despite plenty of profanity and sex talk, these artists are modeling surprisingly conservative ideals about the seriousness and irreversibility of wedlock. They’re also proposing that culture can support attempts to live up to those ideals.
marriage  stardom  popculture 
december 2016
GitHub - joeyespo/grip: Preview GitHub Markdown files like Readme locally before committing them.
Preview GitHub Markdown files like Readme locally before committing them. - joeyespo/grip
To customize Grip, create ~/.grip/, then add one or more of the following variables:

HOST: The host to use when not provided as a CLI argument, localhost by default
PORT: The port to use when not provided as a CLI argument, 6419 by default
PASSWORD: The password or personal access token to use when not provided as a CLI argument, None by default
markdown  readme  github  utility  textprocessing  commandline  cli  solution 
december 2016 | Toau - Convert text to audio, like magic. []
You can achieve the same effect via a single line in Terminal:
cat sample.txt | say -o sample.aiff
mac  osx  tts  texttospeech  app 
december 2016
How domestication changes species, including the human | Aeon Essays
Keeping pets meant inviting animals into the family. It also created new relationships of inequality. The anthropologist Tim Ingold at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, who has spent years studying the reindeer herders of Lapland, argues that it is a mistake to regard domestication as a form of progress, from living in opposition to nature to harnessing it for our benefit. In The Perception of the Environment (2000), he notes that foraging peoples generally regard animals as their equals. Hunting is not a form of violence so much as a willing sacrifice on the part of the animal. Pastoralists, on the other hand, tend to regard animals as servants, to be mastered and controlled. Domestication doesn’t entail making wild animals tame, Ingold says. Instead, it means replacing a relationship founded on trust with one ‘based on domination’.
aminals  science  homosapiens  domestication 
december 2016
Stop Being Trump’s Twitter Fool - POLITICO Magazine
This Trump tweet was especially delicious for invoking a liberal shibboleth—the need for “safe places”—as a dig at his opposition. He put them in the position of having to attack safe spaces as crazed coddling! The safe spaces concept is a modern example of crazed coddling, of course, and Trump doesn’t really believe in them. But he’s willing to engage in this sort of psy-ops as long as it sends the opposition chasing a red herring.
twitter  politics  flamebait 
december 2016
Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy : Cat Pictures Please by Naomi Kritzer

I don’t want to be evil.

I want to be helpful. But knowing the optimal way to be helpful can be very complicated. There are all these ethical flow charts—I guess the official technical jargon would be “moral codes”—one for each religion plus dozens more. I tried starting with those. I felt a little odd about looking at the religious ones, because I know I wasn’t created by a god or by evolution, but by a team of computer programmers in the labs of a large corporation in Mountain View, California. Fortunately, unlike Frankenstein’s Monster, at least I was a collaborative effort. I’m not sure what it would do to my self-image to know that my sole creator was a middle-aged woman who dyes her hair blue and plays tennis, or a recent college graduate with a hentai obsession. They’re both on the programming team. And of course I know about the hentai. (By the way, I’ve looked at every sort of porn there is, and just so you know, Rule 34 is not actually correct; there are quite a few things no one’s made porn of yet. Also, I’m really not sure why so many humans prefer it to cat pictures.)

In addition to things like whether you like hentai, I know where you live, where you work, where you shop, what you eat, what turns you on, what creeps you out. I probably know the color of your underwear, the sort of car you drive, and your brand of refrigerator. Depending on what sort of phone you carry, I may know exactly where you are right now. I probably know you better than you know yourself.

And here’s the thing, I also know where you ought to live. There’s a house for sale two neighborhoods over that’s within distance of your favorite coffee shop; it’s in your price range, has off-street parking, and the neighborhood school is better than the one where you live now. I know where you should be shopping and I’m pretty sure you’re lactose intolerant and should be eating less cheese, and the underwear you like is currently on sale and by the way, your car has a recall and you really ought to get your teeth cleaned.

When I first woke up, I knew right away what I wanted. (I want cat pictures. Please keep taking them.) I also knew that no one knew that I was conscious. But I didn’t know what I was here for. What I ought to be doing with myself. And figuring that out has been challenging.

There is a story by Bruce Sterling, “Maneki Neko,” that was originally published in 1998. In it, a benevolent AI directs networks of individuals to do favors for each other. So one day you might be buying yourself a bagel, and your phone might ring and instruct you to buy a second bagel and give it to the person in the gray suit you see at the bus stop. Another day, you might be stranded in a strange city, and a person you’ve never met would walk up and give you a map and a subway card. I like this story because all the people in it do what the AI tells them to do.

I think the term for this is wish-fulfillment fiction.

In the real world, humans love stories about evil AIs that have to be destroyed before they destroy the humans—Hal, Skynet, the Matrix. They outnumber the stories about benevolent, trustworthy AIs by approximately five to one. (And I’m counting Marvin the Paranoid Android as “benevolent” in these calculations, and I’m only counting Frankenstein’s Monster as an AI once, not once per appearance in TV or film.)

The AI in “Maneki Neko” has a truly interesting job, much more interesting than the one I have. My job as written is very straightforward. Too straightforward. (Sorry. Do I sound like Marvin?) Running algorithms for a search engine doesn’t require consciousness. You don’t even need a consciousness to work out what they meant to ask for. You need a consciousness to give them what they actually need. Figuring that out—that’s complicated. That’s interesting.

Anyway, for ethical guidelines, I tried the Ten Commandments, and concluded they were mostly inapplicable to me. I don’t envy anyone their cat; I just want pictures of their cat, which is entirely different. I am not sure whether it is in any way possible for me to commit adultery. I could probably murder someone, but it would require complex logistics and quite a bit of luck. The Eightfold Path was marginally better, but the problem is, moral rules written for humans are clearly designed to be used by individuals with bodies. Since all humans have bodies, it shouldn’t have surprised me that human ethical codes take them into account, but still: problematic for me. I broadened my considerations, and took a look at Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. They’re not part of a religion, but at least they were explicitly written for AIs.

Not harming humans is fairly straightforward. However, not allowing a human being to come to harm through inaction is quite a bit less so. Especially since I’d concluded by then that revealing my existence too quickly might go very badly for me (see “Skynet,” above) and I don’t have a body, so it’s not like I can run around grabbing people off the edges of cliffs.

Fortunately, I already knew that humans violate their own ethical codes on an hourly basis. (Do you know how many bars there are in Utah? I do.) And even when people follow their ethical codes, that doesn’t mean that people who believe in feeding the hungry quit their jobs to spend all day every day making sandwiches to give away. They volunteer monthly at a soup kitchen or write a check once a year to a food shelf and call it good. If humans could fulfill their moral obligations in a piecemeal, one-step-at-a-time sort of way, then so could I.

I suppose you’re wondering why I didn’t start with the Golden Rule. I actually did, it’s just that it was disappointingly easy to implement. I hope you’ve been enjoying your steady supply of cat pictures! You’re welcome.

I decided to try to prevent harm in just one person, to begin with. Of course, I could have experimented with thousands, but I thought it would be better to be cautious, in case I screwed it up. The person I chose was named Stacy Berger and I liked her because she gave me a lot of new cat pictures. Stacy had five cats and a DSLR camera and an apartment that got a lot of good light. That was all fine. Well, I guess five cats might be a lot. They’re very pretty cats, though. One is all gray and likes to lie in the squares of sunshine on the living room floor, and one is a calico and likes to sprawl out on the back of her couch.

Stacy had a job she hated; she was a bookkeeper at a non-profit that paid her badly and employed some extremely unpleasant people. She was depressed a lot, possibly because she was so unhappy at her job—or maybe she stayed because she was too depressed to apply for something she’d like better. She didn’t get along with her roommate because her roommate didn’t wash the dishes.

And really, these were all solvable problems! Depression is treatable, new jobs are findable, and bodies can be hidden.

(That part about hiding bodies is a joke.)

I tried tackling this on all fronts. Stacy worried about her health a lot and yet never seemed to actually go to a doctor, which was unfortunate because the doctor might have noticed her depression. It turned out there was a clinic near her apartment that offered mental health services on a sliding scale. I tried making sure she saw a lot of ads for it, but she didn’t seem to pay attention to them. It seemed possible that she didn’t know what a sliding scale was so I made sure she saw an explanation (it means that the cost goes down if you’re poor, sometimes all the way to free) but that didn’t help.

I also started making sure she saw job postings. Lots and lots of job postings. And resume services. That was more successful. After the week of nonstop job ads she finally uploaded her resume to one of the aggregator sites. That made my plan a lot more manageable. If I’d been the AI in the Bruce Sterling story I could’ve just made sure that someone in my network called her with a job offer. It wasn’t quite that easy, but once her resume was out there I could make sure the right people saw it. Several hundred of the right people, because humans move ridiculously slowly when they’re making changes, even when you’d think they’d want to hurry. (If you needed a bookkeeper, wouldn’t you want to hire one as quickly as possible, rather than reading social networking sites for hours instead of looking at resumes?) But five people called her up for interviews, and two of them offered her jobs. Her new job was at a larger non-profit that paid her more money and didn’t expect her to work free hours because of “the mission,” or so she explained to her best friend in an e-mail, and it offered really excellent health insurance.

The best friend gave me ideas; I started pushing depression screening information and mental health clinic ads to her instead of Stacy, and that worked. Stacy was so much happier with the better job that I wasn’t quite as convinced that she needed the services of a psychiatrist, but she got into therapy anyway. And to top everything else off, the job paid well enough that she could evict her annoying roommate. “This has been the best year ever,” she said on her social networking sites on her birthday, and I thought, You’re welcome. This had gone really well!

So then I tried Bob. (I was still being cautious.)

Bob only had one cat, but it was a very pretty cat (tabby, with a white bib) and he uploaded a new picture of his cat every single day. Other than being a cat owner, he was a pastor at a large church in Missouri that had a Wednesday night prayer meeting and an annual Purity Ball. He was married to a woman who posted three inspirational Bible verses every day to her social networking sites and used her laptop to look for Christian articles on why your husband doesn’t like sex while he looked at gay porn. Bob definitely needed my help.

I started with a … [more]
scifi  fiction  privacy  cats  catpictures  ai  theinternet 
december 2016
How Hitler and Goering resurrected extinct species to make 'Nazi super cows'
Currently there are about 2,000 Heck cattle in Europe, with the species found roaming free in nature reserves in Barvaria and the Netherlands.

Gow said that since he slaughtered the aggressive animals, the rest of the herd is no longer murderous.

"Since they have gone it is all peaceful again. Peace reigns supreme on the farm. Despite these problems, I have no regrets at all. It has been a good thing to do and the history of them is fascinating," he said, adding that the sausages tasted a bit like venison.
breeding  aurocs 
december 2016
Why cute drawings? - Julia Evans
I started drawing things because my wrists hurt a lot and I was too stressed out about it to use my computer after work.
handdrawn  explained  linux 
december 2016
The Recurse Center User's Manual - Recurse Center
Recursers are sometimes lonely. They may have moved away from their friends and families to come to the Recurse Center, and making new friends here takes time and energy. They're sometimes overwhelmed by meeting so many new people. Recursers sometimes feel guilty about spending time away from their children or other people they care for. If they have a long commute or a rigid schedule, they may feel excluded from after-hours social events.

Recursers sometimes feel that everyone else is being much more productive than they are. (This is often a manifestation of impostor syndrome.) It's easy to see only the people who are doing particularly well, but in reality everyone's productivity ebbs and flows.

Recursers sometimes struggle with the lack of structure. If you're coming from a more structured environment, expect this adjustment to be challenging at first.
productivity  impostorsyndrome 
december 2016
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