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bash - Remove files which not named "" - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange |
Use a negative match (requires shopt -s extglob, but possibly already set):
<code class="language-bash">
rm !(today).md

(you can first use ls instead of rm to check the result).

Lots of power in extglob, you could also do
<code class="language-bash">
rm !(yesterday|today).md

if you wanted to spare two files.
bash  shellscripting  wildcard  globs  filemanagement  tipsandtricks 
november 2018
QuikTrip can shut down card skimmers at the pump in just seconds | Clark Howard |
PumpShield is a silent alarm system on all QT pumps that sends an alert 24 hours a day to headquarters if anyone tries to open the panel doors in an attempt to install a skimmer device. Combined with high-tech security cameras, PumpShield lets QT shut down the ability of skimmer gangs to function cold.
creditcard  security  skimmers  scams  countermeasures 
november 2018
Amazon warning: Beware of deliveries you didn’t order | Clark Howard |
The end goal is for the seller to be able to pose as a verified purchaser and write a glowing review of their own product. Gaming the reviews system in this way pushes their products up higher in Amazon search results — regardless of whether the product is “good” or not.
scams  amazon  security 
november 2018
num-utils homepage |
This is OK, except 'cut -f1 | paste -sd+ | bc -l' does the same thing.
unix  bash  shellscripting  math  utility 
november 2018
Adding size of files using shell script - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange |
Two good solutions:

<code class="language-bash">stat -c "%s" /etc/*.conf|paste -sd+|bc -l</code>

<code>{ stat -c '%s+\' /etc/*.conf ; echo 0 ; } | bc</code>
bash  unix  shellscripting  stat  tipsandtricks  solution 
november 2018
autocomplete - Disable bash tab completion - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange |
Dennis' solution
<code class="language-bash">
bind 'set disable-completion on'

can be done on the fly in Bash as well. You do not need to put it in .bashrc.

Musta's solution (bash --noediting) works but also disables command line editing.

Another way is
<code class="language-bash">
bind -u complete

(unset key binding associated with 'complete'), 4.2 Bash Builtin Commands.
bash  configsetting  configfile  completion  tabcompletion  itsslow  fuckina  solution 
november 2018
How do I compile Readline support into Ruby - Stack Overflow |
This is *NOT* work for me. I ended up using 'libedit' instead, after much exasperation, trials, and tribulations.
ruby  readline  compiler  build  toolchain  fromsource  headache  workaround  solution 
november 2018
Bug #8762: CFLAGS and LDFLAGS are not set properly in Makefile when they are already set as environment variables - Ruby trunk - Ruby Issue Tracking System |
I thought I had this problem, but I think it turned out that the CFLAGS *were* actually being fed to the compiler. They just weren't being reported in the './configure' summary.
ruby  fromsource  compiler  build  toolchain  maybebug  makefile 
november 2018
Re: Compilation options for ncurses static library |
I had this problem when compiling libedit-3.1 against a homebrew ncurses. The error you get looks like:

<code>/usr/bin/ld: path/to/lib/libncurses.a(lib_termcap.o): relocation R_X86_64_32S against `_nc_globals' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
path/to/lib/libncurses.a: could not read symbols: Bad value
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Setting CFLAGS to include '-fPIC' and recompiling solved the problem.
build  toolchain  linker  compiler  errormessage  solution 
november 2018
Editline Library (libedit) - Port of NetBSD Command Line Editor Library |
ncurses is required for libedit (which is required when you can't get Ruby 2.5.something to build with readline).

In order to build libedit successfully, you either need to have your ncurses headers in the $PREFIX/include directory, or explicitly give CFLAGS *and* CPPFLAGS a '-I/path/to/your/include/ncurses', because ncurses itself puts its headers in a 'ncurses' subdirectory.

The 'CPPFLAGS' one was surprise to me, but if you don't you get this error message while './configure' runs:
<code>checking ncurses.h presence... no
configure: WARNING: ncurses.h: accepted by the compiler, rejected by the preprocessor!
configure: WARNING: ncurses.h: proceeding with the compiler's result</code>
build  toolchain  headache  annoyance  workaround  solution  errormessage  lib 
november 2018
Customizing MediaWiki for beginners - MediaWiki |
<code class="language-css">
@import url("|Noto+Serif")

body {font-family: "Noto Sans", sans-serif}
/* changes the default font used for MediaWiki to Noto Sans (does not include headings or monospaced text) */

div#content h1, div#content h2 {font-family: "Noto Serif", serif}
/* changes the default font used for MediaWiki headings to Noto Serif */
mediawiki  webfont  font  customization  webdesign  webmaster  solution 
november 2018
jlebon/textern: A Firefox add-on for editing text in your favourite external editor! |
As of 2019-12-02, I had to modify the 'Makefile' because it flat-out refused to run as a normal user; remove that conditional with '$USER' and just have it say:

<code class="language-Makefile">
PREFIX ?= $(HOME)/.local
MOZILLA_NATIVE ?= $(HOME)/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts

firefox  addon  extension  python  needshelp  alternativeto  itsalltext 
november 2018
Re: Hate Mail |
But really, I don’t block my internet stalker because I’m compelled by my own shame. How much do I need to be liked? I do my best to avoid the black hole of this question: I don’t google myself. I don’t read the comments anymore. I read only the most professional reviews. But once the dark gravity of judgement has me in its grasp, once it’s in my inbox, I can’t look away. Fleetingly, it feels true that I should be tested. That in asking the world to consider my voice, I’ve invited th...
writing  harassment  theinternet  dudes  thelifeofthemind 
november 2018
Doctors Decry Medical Lobby’s Donations to Pro-Gun Politicians
Wintemute noted, they have to preserve relationships with elected officials with whom they work on a range of policies. Wintemute said doctors should privately push elected officials to embrace policies to reduce gun violence, and should change their everyday medical practice by talking about the issue with colleagues and patients.
guns  policy  america 
november 2018
Perl - Subroutine redefined - Stack Overflow |
When I did this, it was because I used Exporter's @EXPORT, and redefined 'read' that some other package had also exported.
errormessage  perl  newbie  packages  devel  sortof  solution 
november 2018
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