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Corporate Open Source Anti-patterns - YouTube
This is a presentation that I first gave at FISL 2012 and then gave again (with better audio and video) at the Liferay Symposium in October of 2012. Slides f...
opensource  corporations  conference  talk  doingitwrong 
october 2019
Caroline Calloway Isn’t a Scammer - The Atlantic
Her Instagram account reads like Brideshead Revisited meets Twilight meets Vanity Fair magazine circa 1988, when greed was good and having money was a golden superpower.
kidsthesedays  instagram  imagecrafting 
october 2019
Windows Vista: Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs
The problem with the Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs school of thought is that it doesn't work. All those earnest warning dialogs eventually blend together into a giant "click here to get work done" button that nobody bothers to read any more. The operating system cries wolf so much that when a real wolf-- in the form of a virus or malware-- rolls around, you'll mindlessly allow it access to whatever it wants, just out of habit.
vista  uac  security  badux  annoyance 
october 2019
The Myth of 'It's Just Javascript'
*The phrase is often used in its unfinished state and so its meaning is often misconstrued. In full, the phrase reads “A jack of all trades is a master of none but oftentimes better than a master at one.”

Contrary to the commonly-held negative notion of being a generalist (i.e. jack of all trades), the true nature of the phrase reveals that being a generalist is actually not a bad thing at all.
javascript  frontend  webdevel  woes 
october 2019
CPAC: Tucker Carlson Tries to Defend the New York Times, Gets Booed [] - YouTube
(An earlier iteration of Tucker Carlson...)
Tucker Carlson attempts to convince the audience at CPAC that the New York Times actually cares about the accuracy of its news, but the audience isn't buying it. He also says that the conservative movement needs its own news gathering organizations who will create news that reflects its values and wishes there were twenty-five outlets like the Fox News Channel.
rightwingmedia  video 
october 2019
Sofia Coppola: ‘I never felt I had to fit into the majority view’

Grand Guignol - a dramatic entertainment of a sensational or horrific nature, originally a sequence of short pieces as performed at the Grand Guignol theater in Paris.
october 2019
Substack’s first media company is The Dispatch, a center-right site founded by former Weekly Standard and National Review editors » Nieman Journalism Lab
On the conservative side, more attention was paid to pro-Trump, highly partisan media outlets. On the liberal side, by contrast, the center of gravity was made up largely of long-standing media organizations steeped in the traditions and practices of objective journalism…Prominent media on the left are well distributed across the center, center-left, and left. On the right, prominent media are highly partisan…

Interesting that they linked to this video—("an earlier iteration of") Tucker Carlson urging a bunch of conservatives at a CPAC meeting to prioritise more high-quality fact-based journalism (like the NYT), and getting booed.

From their newsletter welcome email:
We aim to make The Dispatch a place that thoughtful readers can come for fact-based news and commentary from a conservative perspective that doesn’t come either through the filter of the mainstream media or the increasingly boosterish media on the right. Importantly, we want to build a genuine community, with regular engagement between those of us who work here and those of you who pay our salaries.
conservative  news  factbased  newsletter  politics 
october 2019
Alternatives to Amazon? They exist. - Bibliology
Try these independent companies:

Marketplaces: Biblio (of course), Antiqbook, Livre Rare Book, Maremagnum, Powell’s Books,*, Tomfolio*, and*

Meta Searches: AddALL, viaLibri, Marelibri, 2017 update: BookGilt

Inventory Software: BookHound, BookTrakker

Website Providers: Bibliopolis

Book Order Management: Art of Books, Indaba
books  usedbooks  retailers  onlinestores  shopping  alternativeto  amazon 
october 2019
Tom Waits: Mule Variations Album Review | Pitchfork
The album- closing bittersweet mid- tempo rocker tradition has never seen a better entry than "Come On Up to the House," and the strange, out- of- phase falsetto backing vocals on "Black Market Baby" are alone worth the price of admission.
music  album  review  tomwaits 
october 2019
Use Vim Inside A Unix Pipe Like Sed Or AWK
<code class="language-bash">
# source:
function vimify() {
(vim - -esbnN -c $@ -c 'w!/dev/fd/3|q!' >/dev/null) 3>&1
vim  pipe  textprocessing  solution 
october 2019
Use Vim Inside a Unix Pipe Like Sed or AWK | Hacker News
Good point.This argument that domestication lowers intelligence (among other powerful abilities) and that we are unquestionably domesticating ourselves is pretty damn solid. The only argument against it seems to be "... but my ego!".

Obviously there is some interplay with the fact that we develop new mental models and thinking tools to augment intelligence.

Also immersion as children in highly abstract ways of thinking further augments/multiplies raw intelligence (most convincing explanation to the Flynn effect imo).

I've lost the link, but there was an excellent article I read related to the amazing Otzi discovery ( describing how adults of that era (modern humans, primitive societies) would likely have been terrifying to us now in just how much they outclassed us in raw strength, intelligence and stamina. We would be relying a lot on the benefits of childhood nutrition and education to feel superior. This isn't completely convincing, there are a lot of factors in play, but those levels of brutal competition and danger would have a profound effect, especially epigenetically.
vim  texteditors  anthropology  history  forthecomments 
october 2019
16 iOS Keyboard Shortcuts for iPhone » WebNots
5. Typing Single Numbers and Symbols Quickly

To enter a single number, you can tap the number icon on the keyboard to switch to the numeric keyboard with punctuation symbols. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can save some time by pressing and holding the 123 key and swiping to the number you wish to type. After the number is inserted the keyboard will then automatically switch back to the alphabet keyboard saving your time. The same trick works for typing capital letters using shift (up arrow) key and typing symbols using #+= key.
til  ios  iphone  ipad  keyboard  shortcuts  tipsandtricks  reference 
october 2019
Granny Joan's Hitek Lady Blog: Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts That Work with iPad/iPhone Devices
⌘+space and ⌘+H seem to work. ⌘+Tab to switch apps doesn't (as of iOS 12.something) work on iPhone.
ios  iphone  bluetooth  keyboard  shortcuts  hotkeys 
october 2019
The Handleband - phones, bikes, and open bottles by Daniel Haarburger — Kickstarter
I never realized why there was a gap in the band... until I watched the video. Brilliant!
cycling  accessories  tools  kickstarted 
october 2019
how do I move close,max,min buttons location | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support
<code class="language-css">
@namespace url("");

#titlebar-max {
-moz-box-ordinal-group: 0;

#titlebar-content {
direction: rtl;

#TabsToolbar {
direction: rtl;

#tabbrowser-tabs {
direction: ltr;
firefox  elementary  windowcontrols  userchrome  customization  csd  solution 
october 2019
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