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editor - Disabling swap files creation in vim - Stack Overflow
Set the following variables in .vimrc or /etc/vimrc to make vim put swap, backup and undo files in a special location instead of the working directory of the file being edited:

<code class="language-viml">set backupdir=~/.vim/backup//
set directory=~/.vim/swap//
set undodir=~/.vim/undo//</code>

Using double trailing slashes in the path tells vim to enable a feature where it avoids name collisions. For example, if you edit a file in one location and another file in another location and both files have the same name, you don't want a name collision to occur in ~/.vim/swap/. If you specify ~/.vim/swap// with two trailing slashes vim will create swap files using the whole path of the files being edited to avoid collisions (slashes in the file's path will be replaced by percent symbol %).

For example, if you edit /path/one/foobar.txt and /path/two/foobar.txt, then you will see two swap files in ~/.vim/swap/ that are named %path%one%foobar.txt and %path%two%foobar.txt, respectively.
vim  swapfile  backupfile  settings  configfile  dammitbrain 
october 2019
Bash trap on exit from function - Stack Overflow
Sure enough, it was right there in the docs for 'trap' (and 'return').
Yes, you can trap RETURN :
<code class="language-bash">$ function foo() {
> trap "echo finished" RETURN
> echo "doing some things"
> }</code>
unix  linux  bash  shellscripting  til  traps  solution 
october 2019
Corporate Open Source Anti-patterns - YouTube
This is a presentation that I first gave at FISL 2012 and then gave again (with better audio and video) at the Liferay Symposium in October of 2012. Slides f...
opensource  corporations  conference  talk  doingitwrong 
october 2019
Caroline Calloway Isn’t a Scammer - The Atlantic
Her Instagram account reads like Brideshead Revisited meets Twilight meets Vanity Fair magazine circa 1988, when greed was good and having money was a golden superpower.
kidsthesedays  instagram  imagecrafting 
october 2019
Windows Vista: Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs
The problem with the Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs school of thought is that it doesn't work. All those earnest warning dialogs eventually blend together into a giant "click here to get work done" button that nobody bothers to read any more. The operating system cries wolf so much that when a real wolf-- in the form of a virus or malware-- rolls around, you'll mindlessly allow it access to whatever it wants, just out of habit.
vista  uac  security  badux  annoyance 
october 2019
The Myth of 'It's Just Javascript'
*The phrase is often used in its unfinished state and so its meaning is often misconstrued. In full, the phrase reads “A jack of all trades is a master of none but oftentimes better than a master at one.”

Contrary to the commonly-held negative notion of being a generalist (i.e. jack of all trades), the true nature of the phrase reveals that being a generalist is actually not a bad thing at all.
javascript  frontend  webdevel  woes 
october 2019
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