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How to possibly fix a PC that will turn on but will not beep and will not display anything on screen - YouTube
Do what the video shows: Disconnect the power cable, remove the CMOS battery, short the CMOS jumper pins for 9 seconds then return the jumper cap to its initial position (only if you can find these jumper pins; if not, skip this step), press your PC's chassis power button switch (to discharge any remaining power circulating in the system), leave the PC unplugged and in this state overnight, then the next day return the CMOS battery to its socket, power up the PC, and if no beep, then disconnect the power cable, press your PC's chassis power button switch (to discharge any remaining power circulating in the system), remove one component, power up the PC, and if no beep then repeat (each time unplugging the PC, pressing the power switch to discharge remaining power, removing a remaining component, and then powering up, and this until the PC beeps at boot).If it never beeps, even when you are down to just motherboard, power supply & CPU+fan, one of these remaining components may be bad
awardbios  posttest  pc  hardware  troubleshooting  video 
october 2019
github - Relative Link to Repo's Root from Markdown file - Stack Overflow
On GitLab, it seems to be '/../tree/whatever'.
after some research I've found such solution:

[the real relative root of any fork](/../../)
github  gitlab  gfm  markdown  relativelinks  maybesolution 
october 2019
joe is broken · Issue #99 · karan/joe
is solved the update issue by going into the .joe-data directory and manually checking out the master branch. After checking out the branch, joe recognizes the .gitignore files.
joe  python  gitignore  bug  errormessage  needshelp 
october 2019
PEP 440 -- Version Identification and Dependency Specification |
For a given release identifier V.N, the compatible release clause is approximately equivalent to the pair of comparison clauses:

>= V.N, == V.*

This operator MUST NOT be used with a single segment version number such as ~=1.

For example, the following groups of version clauses are equivalent:

~= 2.2
>= 2.2, == 2.*

~= 1.4.5
>= 1.4.5, == 1.4.*
python  pip  semver  packaging  versionpinning  pinning  versioning  dependency  reference  dammitbrain 
october 2019
Getting Started With setuptools and — an_example_pypi_project v0.0.5 documentation
<code class="language-python">import os
from setuptools import setup

# Utility function to read the README file.
# Used for the long_description. It's nice, because now 1) we have a top level
# README file and 2) it's easier to type in the README file than to put a raw
# string in below ...
def read(fname):
return open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), fname)).read()

name = "an_example_pypi_project",
version = "0.0.4",
author = "Andrew Carter",
author_email = "",
description = ("An demonstration of how to create, document, and publish "
"to the cheese shop a5"),
license = "BSD",
keywords = "example documentation tutorial",
url = "",
packages=['an_example_pypi_project', 'tests'],
"Development Status :: 3 - Alpha",
"Topic :: Utilities",
"License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License",
python  install  setuptools  packaging  template  dammitbrain 
october 2019
python - How can I simulate input to stdin for pyunit? - Stack Overflow
As of Python 3.5 "If you are patching builtins in a module then you don’t need to pass create=True, it will be added by default."

<code class="language-python">
@patch.object(module_under_test, "raw_input", create=True)
def test_using_decorator(self, raw_input):
raw_input.return_value = input_data = "123"
expected = int(input_data)

actual = module_under_test.function()

self.assertEqual(expected, actual)</code>
python  mock  monkeypatching  testing  unittest  solution 
october 2019
Evidlo/redrum: Reddit wallpaper changer. Does math to rank images.
<code class="language-ini">
## search these subreddits
subreddits = winterporn
python  reddit  wallpaper  downloader  eyecandy  samplecode 
october 2019
Scrapy - xpath return parent node with content based on regex match - Stack Overflow
Not the solution I was looking for, but has a useful example of how to lower-case a text string (good idea for sorting case-insensitively).

<code class="language-python">def parse(self, response):
for href in response.xpath('//a[contains(translate(@href,"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ","abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"),"keyword")]/@href'):
full_url = response.urljoin(href.extract())
yield { 'url': full_url, }</code>

Note that XPath 2.0 seems to have 'upper-case' and 'lower-case' functions which simplify this process. Also note that (as of this writing, 2019-10-23) XmlStarlet does not support this function.
xml  xsl  xpath  python  scrapy  examplecode  textprocessing 
october 2019
Siskel & Ebert - "The Terminator" - YouTube
Byron Easley
4 years ago
Everyone is missing the point of this review. Siskel sneaks outside food and beverages in.

For shame Siskel. For shame.
film  review  video  forthecomments 
october 2019
American Psycho -Business Card Scene - YouTube
3 years ago
What white folks have instead of rap battles.
film  forthecomments 
october 2019
editor - Disabling swap files creation in vim - Stack Overflow
Set the following variables in .vimrc or /etc/vimrc to make vim put swap, backup and undo files in a special location instead of the working directory of the file being edited:

<code class="language-viml">set backupdir=~/.vim/backup//
set directory=~/.vim/swap//
set undodir=~/.vim/undo//</code>

Using double trailing slashes in the path tells vim to enable a feature where it avoids name collisions. For example, if you edit a file in one location and another file in another location and both files have the same name, you don't want a name collision to occur in ~/.vim/swap/. If you specify ~/.vim/swap// with two trailing slashes vim will create swap files using the whole path of the files being edited to avoid collisions (slashes in the file's path will be replaced by percent symbol %).

For example, if you edit /path/one/foobar.txt and /path/two/foobar.txt, then you will see two swap files in ~/.vim/swap/ that are named %path%one%foobar.txt and %path%two%foobar.txt, respectively.
vim  swapfile  backupfile  settings  configfile  dammitbrain 
october 2019
Bash trap on exit from function - Stack Overflow
Sure enough, it was right there in the docs for 'trap' (and 'return').
Yes, you can trap RETURN :
<code class="language-bash">$ function foo() {
> trap "echo finished" RETURN
> echo "doing some things"
> }</code>
unix  linux  bash  shellscripting  til  traps  solution 
october 2019
Corporate Open Source Anti-patterns - YouTube
This is a presentation that I first gave at FISL 2012 and then gave again (with better audio and video) at the Liferay Symposium in October of 2012. Slides f...
opensource  corporations  conference  talk  doingitwrong 
october 2019
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