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Drop Zone movie review & film summary (1994) | Roger Ebert
Logic, that tiresome specter at the feast of fantasy, here raises its skeletal hand and asks a few questions, like (1) Why does the computer whiz need to be in the building to crack the computers? Hasn't he ever heard of a modem? And (2) wouldn't people in central Washington be likely to notice skydivers parachuting into a semi driving down a major street? "Drop Zone" shrugs off those and all other questions as it hurtles to a conclusion.
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november 2019 by kme
The Auranaut - People Want To Be Needed (Original Mix) |Barracuda| 1999 - YouTube
"You can't avoid pain by fencing yourself off, sometimes you need the help of other people more than anything else.....but you have to let them get close enough to help.....people want to be needed, I found that out too"

--> "Sinking the Bismark" (
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november 2019 by kme

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